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WONDERCON 2016 Recap

WONDERCON HEADERHello brunchers! Another Wondercon has come and gone. This year Wondercon was held in Los Angeles over its usual home of Anaheim while the Anaheim Convention Center is under renovation.

I think all the veteran attendees have different feeling for what the change in location meant and how it effected our Con going experience.  Personally this year Wondercon was right in my backyard – well a backyard with traffic. Traditionally, I attend two full days of WonderCon when it was located in Anaheim, but this year I only made it down to the con on Saturday. I did think the panel schedule was a little lack luster compared to previous years, so this year I spent most of my time on the exhibit hall.

One thing I am learning currently is how to balance my 501st activity with my usual favorite things to do while attending a con. I have absolutely loved my experiences with the 501st and constantly want to be helping out and involved but I think I learned that for SDCC I really need to schedule myself to experience everything I want to see. But I mean how badass do we look…

501st Shoot - Con Woman Photography

So onto Wondercon… I had to get there early for our official 501st photo & legion parade. My mom did not have a badge this year so she came to see the shoot and all the activity going on in the lobby. After this her and I went to brunch at LA Live then I went back to the con on my own.

I hung out at the 501st booth for a while then when nerdy girl shopping with my fellow female 501st girls. Michelle came by and said hi – you should check out her amazing Nerd Out app for all your nerdy events!!

After my long day at the con we had a wonderful Geek Girl Brunch at Rosas Mexicano. This was our one year anniversary of the LA Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch and we had an amazing turn out. I got to meet some amazing new people and hang out with old friends as well – oh and margaritas were involved.


Needless to say I am ready for SDCC – big panels on my favorite shows and movies, more amazing times with friends, and the build up to all of it. What are you looking forward too?

Wondercon 2015

Hey there my favorite brunching ladies! Last weekend I travelled down to Anaheim for Wondercon.

Wondercon is a rather large con, probably the second largest I go to only surpassed by their parent con SDCC.  I did feel like the this year was a bit smaller, especially the panels. You can read all the amazing things I saw last year here. Sadly my shows were not present.

On Friday we shopped the exhibit hall and I decided to pay tribute to my blog name roots and rock some Rose Tyler (aka Bad Wolf). I was so excited to find a T.A.R.D.I.S. and knew Rose had to step into her favorite big blue box. My Union Jack tee was a Christmas present from my mom, so I was pretty excited to finally wear it!

On Saturday I was so happy to meet several of the bloggers that I have followed at the first ever LA chapter Geek Girl Brunch! The theme of the brunch was everyday cosplay so I went as my favorite blonde kick ass super hero Ms. Marvel. I wore the recently debuted We Love Fine Ms Marvel tank top (complete with built in sash), along with my favorite Black Milk matte leggings, and some matching gold Old Navy slides to channel Carol Danvers.
I am always so amazed by the amazing, smart, and gorgeous women in our little geeky blogging community! Rock on ladies!! In the words of Queen Beyonce – who will run the world, girls!

I was so happy to go to the Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel where we got a sneak peak at the new Avengers collection for Her Universe and Hot Topic. Lets say I desperately want the Black Widow jacket and awesome Loki dress! She also announced that the Her Universe Fashion Show would be coming back to San Diego Comic Con! I am so excited to see another year of amazing geek couture!

Photo Credit: Style By Marvel


APRIL // Its All Going Down

Well Brunchers!

It is officially April and this month is going to be a bit nuts and super fun for this bad wolf!

Literally tonight I am heading down south to Anaheim for Wondercon. My favorite Biker Scout (@cpc35), my momma, and I are all spending the weekend taking in all the gloriousness. I am super excited to be attending the first ever Geek Girl Brunch LA!

The next weekend I am heading off to one of my favorite events of the year: The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This is an amazing ren fest and is so much fun! The weekend we are going is pirates weekend – so I may need to pick up a hat from Disneyland!

The third weekend of April is the big one: STAR WARS CELEBRATION!! I am beyond excited for this amazing weekend  celebrating my love for all things Star Wars! Mara Jade will be out in full force (hehe the force)!!

As a bonus – Harry Potter Skate Night ends the month!

I cannot wait to share all these super fun, amazingly geeky and all around good times with you! Don’t you wish you lived in SoCal and if you do I hope to see you at one of these events!

So I Went to Wondercon 2014

So last weekend I ventured to Wondercon 2014 and I have to say I had fun!

This was my first time to head to Wondercon which is held in Anaheim. I am a professional for Comic Con and when Wondercon offered me a free badge I said – sure why not!

Now for those of you who do not know Wondercon is a convention put on by the Comic Con International folks. So basically it is well run and celebrates pop culture and fandoms.
There are not as many studios or tv shows at Wondercon as the “movie madi gras” held in July but I still had fun and saw some cool stuff.

On Friday (Day 1) we went and picked up our badges and walked the exhibit floor. 
The floor was actually pretty well stocked with great merchandise and a few key players.
DC Comics and Nerdist had good set ups and my new film coming out Friday THE QUIET ONES had a fun booth set up as well.

Saturday was our main day at Wondercon. Mom and I (oh and service poodle Chloe) went to room 300 for panels and my friend Chris went to the arena. I guess we were in Comic Con mode which is get there early and stay. Mainly I wanted to see the Once Upon A Time Panel and the Star Wars Rebels panel – so of course we sat through the Falling Skies and The 100 panels. Highlight of the falling skies panel was I got to meet Billy from Hocus Pocus! 

We got to see the Once Upon A Time Panel where we watched the full new episode and Josh Dallas (aka Charming) and Zelena were on the panel to talk about what we had coming for us as the season finished out.

The Star Wars Rebels panel was the highlight of my Wondercon. We got to hear that the Clone Wars team is reuniting for the new Disney Star Wars Rebels. It sounds like this show will feel truer to the original films and it will have a smoother animation style. I will definitely be checking it out!
All in all it was a fun day and I am EXTREMELY ready for Comic Con in July!