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As announced on Friday – welcome to the first official Tuesday Training posts! My training for the 2017 Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon kicked off last week. In short recap: Tuesday was 30 mins on the elliptical in Toronto, Thursday 30 mins of pavement running, and Saturday was a 4.01K (which worked out to 2.6 miles on my Garmin) at the Prudential 4.01K Race!


I loved kicking off my first “long run” of this training season with a short, free race that started at 10am! The race was held at the Pasadena Rose Bowl so after a Friday night at Halloween Horror Nights, I spent the night with Juli since she lives closer to the start. I woke up at a leisurely 7:30am, we hung out and chatted, got dressed, and picked up a PSL at Starbucks before making our way to the Rose Bowl at 9am.

I have to say this race organization was on par with runDisney and Rock N Roll race series. They had plenty of staff volunteers who knew exactly what was going on! There was swag, plenty of water, tons or pre and post race entertainment and RUDY, our favorite race announcer! Parking was easy, as was our check in! They had 12,000 people registered for this free race!



It was a short race around the Rose Bowl so it was naturally inclined to a lot of walkers but I found my groove and settled into a nice pace. I was happy to see they had a water stop half way through. I finished up quickly and met up with Juli to play some games centered around why it is important to invest in you retirement – hence the 401K theme!

So week one of training was a full success! Ready to report back for week 2 next week!


As you might have seen on social media (or have just guessed) I am once again running the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon which takes place in January. I am taking on the Rebel Challenge for the third time which includes a 10K on Saturday followed by a Half-Marathon on Sunday.

Star Wars Half Running

I obviously run in between my races but I have not followed a stringent training plan in a few years. I felt like it was time to hit the reset button and re-train for the Rebel Challenge from the ground up all of which kicked off last Tuesday while I was still in Toronto. So far I have the two weekday training runs under my belt and my first “long run” this weekend. I am following the Jeff Galloway training plan designed for the race.

My point for training is not as much to work on my physical fitness but the crucial mental aspect of training as well. While it will be great to be in top shape for my upcoming races, I am excited to re-learn the commitment aspect of full on training.

Live Joyfully - Bad Wolf Brunch

My job requires that I travel for long periods of time (up to 2.5 weeks) and I have never been good about prioritizing my training during these times. While I need to be realistic in my training while work takes priority, it does not mean that running and training is non-existent.

I am great at training when I have loads of time on my hands, but as soon as I hit a busy work week (for example Film Festivals) my training has always taken the backseat. I am convinced that I can do both – and do both well!

We all know training is about prioritizing and sometimes sacrificing some of your time to your training plan. My goal for the festival was to get one run in… I packed my running shoes, knew it was a day I could complete it and I DID. Each week I am planning on giving a training update on Tuesdays – so you can follow along, find inspiration or give me encouragement… or a swift kick in the butt.


So here I am world, putting it out there – holding myself accountable in my training. Let’s see what happens.

Bad Wolf Brunch Racing Schedule

Hey Brunchers! So this month I am recommitting to my blogging effort. Trust me being away from the blog as basically worn on me – for me my blog is an outlet to express a different kind of creativity that the my work. For March I am going to really try to stick to 2 posts a week!

I promise Bad Wolf Brunch isn’t becoming a full time running blog – but ’tis the running season… Have no fear March will be filled with some nerdy goodness but for now another running post.

BWB RacesI have big plans for 2016/2017 running and I wanted to share them with you… My big announcement will come later this year (if I get enough courage to actually do it) but for now here is my racing schedule for the next couple months.

March 6 – Coaster Run 10K

March 12 – Race for the Cure 5K with the Force for the Cure Team

April 9 – Santa Anita Derby Day 5K

April 17 – Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

June 5 – San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon

September 3 – Disneyland 10K

FIT GEEK FRIDAY // 13 Songs for 13.1

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Training Officially Starts Now!

Well brunchers – my training for race season officially starts today!

What am I training for? Well a few things…

First off – uh bikini season. Yes I know we are here but I have a cruise in July that I want to look super confident for!
Second – we are officially in marathon training pre-training. Yes thats a thing, or at least I am making it one! I want to go into my official marathon training strong, healthy and performance ready. I really want to own this marathon this year!!
Then we have runDisney! Avengers Half and Princess Half – let’s do this thing!

The Plan:
First off lets talk food! I am following the Personal Trainer Food program for 28 days.
I will report on this further into the program. My plan is to be 30 pounds lighter come marathon day!

Then there is that physical running thing – Well gang I have joined a run club.
My heart still lies with my virtual run club – Team runDisney, but I found running my first marathon that having that team support on the course and on the side lines is vital. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and improving my running.

So on Saturdays all my long runs will be with run club. We are starting off with a couch to 5k plan, then head into marathon training. Let’s just say this may be my best trained Princess Half ever!

Also I am going to be realistic and start slow. Yes I am a runner, but I have had a rough 6 months life wise and my first instinct is to throw myself into this head first. 
Run 3x a week at 6am for 45 mins – please…

I am being realistic and starting with promising to walk 20-30 mins a day purposefully.
That means I have to intentionally carve time out of my day to thank my body with some extra exercise. Today I got it done in the morning – go me! But no promises of when just that it has to get done… every damn day!

My hope is I can concur this morning work out routine and by the time marathon season come around a 30 min jog in the morning will seem natural.

I will report in here and there and let you all keep me accountable and let you know where I am at!

da mo 1219 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Sitting Out of runDisney Fun

Sitting out of any runDisney race is no fun – especially when your friends and family are running and you are not… but here I am, sitting out of two races. This year I will not be at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and the WDW Marathon Weekend – and frankly I think it is fine.

Last year I ran the Disneyland Half and it was MISERABLE. I mean the worst race of my life. The sad part was I was actually fairly trained for it. See my job had me leaving the country the next day to head to the Toronto Film Festival. I was stressed beyond belief, literally checking emails on the course, and had my laptop with me the whole weekend. It was no fun. Oh – and it was hot.

I decided then and there that as long as Toronto was on the docket I would not run this race and I am fine with it. I have done it and will probably do it again… eventually. But sometimes in a work-life balance, work does win.

Now – this year I had a big struggle over whether to Goofy Challenge it or not. I sat down with my mom and made a pro and con list. Ultimately I decided to wait. 

I am going to be partaking in a run club specifically focused on the LA Marathon and really want to give that race my best shot. I would love to have a really great LA Marathon under my belt before taking on the Goofy Challenge. I will have better stamina, more confidence in the distance, and more time to save money. 

The other reason is I adore the PRINCESS HALF MARATHON!
If I had to only run one race the rest of my life it would be this one. Flying across the country, getting a hotel for 5+ days, tickets, and race fees all add up and currently it is well worth it for Princess and that is my priority. It also helps that it is always after a film festival during our down time in the office. Plus with my LA Marathon training I will be in excellent form to run the half!

All in all I made a choice to prioritize what is important to me in my late 2014/2015 running/training schedule.

So while I am missing out on Disneyland Half and Marathon Weekend – I will be enjoying to the fullest the Avengers Half Marathon, Princess Half Marathon, and my second LA Marathon!