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Where to Pre-Order Star Wars The Force Awakens


Ok brunchers – STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS comes on out DVD/Blu-Ray on April 5th. There are a variety of different exclusives available with different pre-orders so while I did my research I thought you might enjoy it as well. I have also included the E*Bates cash back rewards because every penny counts. If you are new to E*Bates sign up here and start saving money!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.12.52 PM

$24.95 – This pre-order comes with three limited edition posters. This offer is also available at Walmart, Best Buy for the digital version and other locations. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Target and Best Buy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.22.59 PM

Additionally Target has an exclusive cover version with 20 minutes of exclusive bonus content, including a never-before-seen interview with Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) and a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors trained for their incredible stunts and fight scenes, interactions between the new and veteran cast members, a closer look at how the props team designed and produced some of the film’s new weapons, and lots more. The combo pack also comes in an exclusive collectible package that folds out to show detailed character art. Also $24.99

THE DISNEY STOREScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.27.46 PM

$24.95 – Pre-Order the Blu-ray Combo Pack by April 4 and you will receive an Exclusive Lithograph set and get $10 off a future online purchase of $40.00 or more. The lithographs are exclusive to the Disney store. Ebates is currently offering 3% cash back at Disney Store.



$29.99 – The Steelbook edision of TFA is exclusive to Best Buy. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Best Buy.


The digital version available through Amazon Video will be available 4 days early to those who pre-order for $17.99 on April 1st and comes complete with deleted scenes and bonus featureless.

iTunes will offer the same early release and is currently available for pre-order


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.43.52 PMHot Topic has the super cool limited edition vinyl available for pre-sale now for $34.50. They were selling this same set at Wondercon for $50 (so glad I did not cave). Ebates is currently offering 4% cash back at Hot Topic.

Personally – I think I am going to be getting the Disney Store pre-order and the Hot Topic vinyl? What about you?


Hey Brunch Babes! I am continuing on with my journey through the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend – to the 10K and the rest of Saturday. Be sure to read Part 1 of my recap covering the 5K and Expo.

10k Header

Have you felt it? There has been an awakening? Well our alarms were set for 3:50am again for our Saturday morning 10K. Once again all of our gear had been laid out the night before and our bags were packed. We had the most runner from my crew in this race – Juli, Chris, my mom, Devin, Brian, and I were all running. Since the inagural Star Wars Half Weekend our group has been Ewoks for the 10K and while we love our Stormtrooper Crew – we weren’t not leaving tradition behind. We shall hence forth be known as the #OGEwokCrew – oh yeah we have a hashtag!


Once again we were on the shuttle at 4:15am and got to Disneyland to meet up by 4:45am.

For the 10K we were a bit scattered corral wise between A,B,D and E but the crew spirit held strong. I was on my own, representing the solid middle of the pack runner of the OG Ewok Crew, but it was all good. Juli was texting me where characters were located since she was ahead of me in corral A. I ran hard at the beginning and ran to the first one Boba Fett. I missed his last year, but not this year… I waited 15 mins for Boba Fett (including a rather long character change out) but got my picture! By the time I got out of the line I was 6 mins ahead of pace – so it was time to run!

STAR WARS 10k Boba Fett

I ran on and tried to get to BB-8 but the line was closed by the time I got there. Sad ewok…
I was able to grab a selfie with R2D2 after C-3PO left, which was pretty cool. Overall, I thought the course was really crowded. I found one of my 501st friends in California Adventure and ran with him for about a mile. Once I got to Bugs Land I was 14 minutes ahead of pace and knew I had made up the time from my photos.

R2D2 10K Selfie

I finished the 10K with a smile on my face and found more of my 501st friends for a picture. Totally the only one running in costume – but hey thats me! I waited for Chris to finish and then we went to grab a quick breakfast from White Water Snack at the Grand Californian Hotel.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel to shower and rest. I didn’t take a nap this day. We all met up at Cove Bar (which you know I love) when it opened for some delicious Lobster Nachos and cocktails.

Juli and I went to the #WeRunSocial meet up, which was a highlight of my weekend. It was so great meeting so many of the runners that I chat with online and on instagram. We both won some awesome giveaways including a Sparkly Sole headband and KT Tape.

we run social

We finished the rest of the day in California Adventure and had an early dinner at Carthay Circle to carb load. We rode Tower of Terror and then it was time to go home and get ready for the main event… the half marathon!

Stay tuned for the grand finale – my half marathon recap!

#NERDGIRLSONTHERUN be sure and link up with us Wednesday, January 27th for our first blog link up! Share your race recap, what you are training for, or just introduce yourself!

STAR WARS HALF – Best Post Race Cocktails

STAR WARS HALF Best Post Race Cocktails

Cheers Brunchers and welcome to my post for the Virtual Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Blog Hop. For my new readers here at Bad Wolf Brunch we know cocktails and we know Disneyland so if you are looking for the best place to cheers your accomplishments… you have come to the right place.

A little more info about me. This Star Wars Half race will “mark” my 5 year running anniversary. My first half was the inaugural Tinkerbell Half. Check out more of my runDisney posts here. This year I am taking part in the Rebel Challenge and earning my Kessel Runner medal when I take on the Dark Side in April.

Now onto the good stuff – where to find your post race cocktails.
First off – there is no alcohol served inside Disneyland (unless you scored a reservation at Club 33), but California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the Disneyland hotels will supply tons of places to toast your accomplishment.

Lets start in California Adventure.

DCA Post Race Cocktails

Cove Bar
Cove Bar has become a favorite of mine as well as many others in Disney’s California Adventure (DCA), so much so that they recently expanded it! I consider this to be the local waterhole for passholders. You have to try the Lobster Nachos if you are looking for a snack, but of course, Cove Bar is known for their drinks.
The award for most instagram worthy drink goes to the Fun Wheel cocktail (below), but to get even more adventurous try ordering off the secret menu… my favorite is the Black Pearl.

 photo Cove Bar Fun Wheel_zpsv5rooaqt.jpg

Pro Tip: Get here early to avoid the long line! Cove Bar opens at 11am.

Carthay Lounge
The Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge is a centerpiece of DCA. I love the old world feel and the classic cocktails that are served up the way Walt would want them. I recommend the Sparkling Mare for a lighter drink and the Carthay Manhattan if you want something on the stronger side.

Alfresco Tasting Terrace

 photo Alfresco Tasting Terrace_zps1ckiidmg.jpg

The Alfresco Tasting Terrace is actually so amazing I considered keeping this gem all to myself. I love this tiny escape from park where you feel like you have been transported to the California Wine Country. Located above Wine Country Trattoria you can grab excellent glasses of wine, Disney family wine flights, and an amazing charcuterie board. You can likely find me here drinking a glass of chardonnay. If the terrace is full grab a glass at the Mendocino Bar right below it.

 photo Mendocino Terrace_zpsbksergt5.jpg

Mad Tea Party
If you are looking for a party to celebrate your race, well Mad Tea Party is the place and with the 60th Anniversary in swing the Mad Tea Party band is ready to celebrate. They offer drinks here from the bar, but in all honesty the new menu for the 60th drinks are not the best. They are very sweet but still festive if that is what you are going for. But hey a beer is a beer.

Downtown Disney 

Post Half Cocktails Downtown Disney

Tortilla Joes
Amazing margaritas, fresh made guacamole, and a separate bar from the restaurant makes Tortilla Joes an automatic go-to for my runDisney crew.

Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen 
Ralph Brennans is my favorite brunch in the Downtown Disney area. Its got soul and an amazing Bloody Mary. This is a great place to make an ADR (advanced dining reservation) for your post race meal.

Uva Bar
The central location of Uva bar in the middle of Downtown Disney makes this an easy spot to gather and toast. It offers a full bar and lots of seating. The bar is fully outside so be mindful of the weather.


Post Half Cocktails Hotels

Trader Sams
You cannot think of drinking and Disneyland without thinking of Trader Sams. This tiki bar is almost a theme park in it’s own right. Cozy up to the bar and order yourself an Uh Oa and you will see what I mean. You cannot help but feel festive and full of Disney magic at this bar. But like many of the popular places mentioned this place will fill up so try to go during non-peak times.

Hearthtone Lounge
This place is one of the lesser known locations for getting a quick cocktail of glass of wine and perfect if you are short on time. Located in the back of the Grand Californian Hotel lobby I have yet to experience a wait here. It carries the standard Disney bar and wine list but gets the job done when you want a quick fix.

Napa Rose Lounge
Another one of my favorites and secret hide aways… The Napa Rose lounge is a wine lovers dream where the wine list is extensive and the servers (and sommeliers) are extremely knowledgeable. You can also eat from the full menu in the lounge if you did not score an ADR for Napa Rose. This is the height of luxury for the Disneyland resort, so if you are in the mood for the finer things in life, this would be your spot. Napa Rose and it’s lounge open at 5pm.

I am so excited for the Star Wars Half marathon and hope you are as well. If you want to learn more about all the amazing Star Wars happenings going on during the Seasons of the Force be sure and check out my very extensive post here – you will be sure to feel the force and learn some insider tips. Until then – train hard my padawan friends and let me know in the comments what you are most excited for and where you will be toasting your celebrations!

Virtual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Blog Hop Directory

Season of the Force at Disneyland

With the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this Friday (but let’s be real we are going to see it Thursday night) I had to share the fun happening at my home away from home – Disneyland! Apologies in advance – this is a long post but there is just so much amazingness to cover!


I have been so excited SEASON OF THE FORCE since it was announced at D23 earlier this year.
Tomorrowland in Disneyland has be taken over by all things Star Wars and let me be clear this is an amazing thing. I kind of lost it a bit when I saw it the first time… which is another reason to follow me on SnapChat (malloryanntx). From the shopping to the food and oh yeah the freaking rides Season of the Force is a win!


Woah Nelly… I cried the first time I got to ride this. Legit tears. You enter HyperSpace Mountain (hopefully with a fast pass) to find Admiral Ackbar giving you orders. Thats right – we are going into a space battle to take down a Star Destroyer! The original ride we know and love now features the amazing Star Wars music and effects, a trip through light speed, and a projection on the walls of the battle you are in. Yes you are in a battle – complete with laser cannon fire. This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen at Disneyland in a while, I really lost my stuff.
Pro Tip: Get your Fast Pass for this ride first thing as you enter the park!


Also worth noting STAR TOURS added a new scene from The Force Awakens into the rotation with BB-8 and John Boyega’s character Finn!



Path of the Jedi is a sort of “catch up” to The Force Awakens taking through the Star Wars story. I thought it was really well done how the cut the original trilogy with episodes 1-3 to tell the story that leads up to essentially a version of The Force Awakens trailer. It is located in the old Honey I Shrunk the Kids/Captain EO theater right next to Hyperspace Mountain. I would recommend hitting this up in between Fast Passes and really is a great show. Try not to miss this!



Star Wars Launch Bay is so much fun! Located in the old Innoventions building, Launch Bay is a themed area for character meet and greets, photo opps, display from The Force Awakens, and everything Star Wars video game related. Darth Vader and Chewbacca are in themed meet and greet areas and sometimes Boba Fett is lurking in the cantina for photos. Launch Bay opens at 10am, but I would suggest checking it out in the afternoon as the lines do die down. Also to note this is not open all night (I believe it closes at 8pm) so aim for late afternoon, not late night.



The Jedi Training academy got a few updates for Season of the Force as well. Padwans now use light up sabers versus the old wrist flick saber of my youth and face a new villian, The Seventh Sister. If you aren’t watching Star Wars Rebels you should because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is voicing this sassy Sith – and I am obsessed! Also worth noting that the process of becoming a padwan has changed. You now sign up by Launch Bay and it starts as soon as the park opens, so I would be sure and get over to the registration in the morning. There is more of a storyline to the Trials of the Temple as the padwans are completing the trials to become Jedi. It is pretty adorable watching a bunch of kids use the force.



As you can probably imagine shopping is not lacking in Seasons of the Force. Star Traders, the main store by Space Mountain, is now fully converted to sell only Star Wars merchandise. There is expanded clothing options and tons on Her Universe and Lounge Fly available. You can still build your own lightsaber in the back as well. In addition to Star Trader, there is a shop inside Season of the Force selling more collectible items and a place to customize phone cases.


Tips and Tricks

I thought I would leave you with a couple of my tips and tricks from visiting Season of the Force a few times now.

  1. Get there early (aka Rope Drop this) – If you want to accomplish all of Season of the Force you are going to need to get up and get there.
  2. Go straight to Hyperspace Mountain and get yourself some Fast Passes – then get in the stand by line. If you are there early enough you will be able to ride it quickly, then go again.
  3. If you have padwan who wants to face the Trials of the Temple head to sign up next!
  4. Breakfast is great at Galactic Grill where they have Star Wars themed food. I mean Bantha Bread french toast – yes please!
  5. After your Hyperspace Mountain Fast Pass expires get a Star Tours one.
  6. Enjoy Path of the Jedi and Launch Bay after lunch. It will be less crowded.
  7. If you want a fancy name tag with your name in aurebesh go to the small gift shop opposite Launch Bay (under the old People Mover). The later you go the faster they will be made.

I hope you get a chance to experience Season of the Force yourself and May the Force be with you!

2015 Geeky Gift Guide – Star Wars

Holiday Gift Guide Banner

Hello Brunch Babes! As we make our way towards Christmas I wanted to share this years geeky gift guide! This year I will be sharing a different fandom guide each day to ensure all the nerds on your list are covered! Happy Shopping!

All of my frequent readers know I love Star Wars and there is no denying this time of year we are winning! So why not kick off the gift guide with some force-ful gifts!


Why not toast your New Years Resolutions in something a little nicer this year like the Limited Addition Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set.

The force is strong with anyone who gets the Star Wars fan in their life the BB-8 Droid from Sphero (especially if they didn’t already buy it).

The Dark Lord approves this uber comfy pullover guaranteed to keep fangirls warm this winter (or in a movie theater) from Her Universe.

If you have a serious Star Wars fan in your life – get them a saber they can actually use from Ultrasabers – they are customizable and battle ready.

Everyone loyal to the Empire will want a screen accurate Imperial Officer hat.

Or if you have a runner in your life for the first time runDisney is offering race gift cards – sign them up for the Dark Side half!

Lastly to capture all the memories you will make you will need this Chewy inspired camera strap. Now go get some gift and may the force be with you!


501st Legion – I’m In!

501st approved

Well brunch babes! I did it – I am officially in the 501st Legion. One of my 30 by 30 goals was to become a member and I did it! My costume in Juno Eclipse in her dress uniform.

MALLORY 501st ID31589

I cannot wait to start trooping with the Southern California Garrison.

Bad Wolf is Getting Fit

getting personal

Good morning brunch babes! Well I am going to have some real talk with you fine ladies (and gents). Over the last few months I have really shifted my priorities. I am still nerding out, but right now I am really nerding out about fitness.

I joined Class Pass a little over 2 months ago and have really upped my work out game. I am routinely working out 4-5 times a week now with everything from ballet, to aerial silks, to pilates. If you want to follow my fitness journey specifically I have created a new instagram account @badwolffit.

I am still running and today is actually day 1 of my Star Wars Half Marathon – Light Side training! Woo Hoo! Light side you ask? Oh yes… as of this morning it is official I am a Kessel Runner. This means I am running both the light side and dark side half marathons at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I am so excited to be running this with my cousin!


Fitness is really taking up a lot of my time and headspace right now. But I am going to continue to press on blogging! I still have fun to share with you all!


FORCE FRIDAY HEADERHello Brunch Babes! As you probably know last Friday thousand of voices all cried out at once for FORCE FRIDAY!! 

This was such a fun day and felt like the Black Friday of Star Wars. I went to the only L.A. Target offering a midnight release party. I showed up at about 11:20pm after seeing a few twitter fans reporting from the line. Chris Hardwick aka Nerdist was “hosting” the event and said hi to literally everyone (proof). Pretty cool of him!

We waited for 12:01am and made our way to the super secretive curtained off area to get our Star Wars goodies.

Force Friday

Once inside we were greeted with apparel, home goods, and kids accessories. Toys were in a separate line you joined once making it through the tented room. I bought an amazing women’s THE FORCE AWAKENS shirt, a Vader coffee mug, and some “Come to the Dark Side” womens PJs. I also collect the ladies of Star Wars figurines so I needed to add a Rey to my collection. I tagged teamed with my mom in Texas to score that one since her lines were shorter. Thanks mom!

Lost StarsThe next day I did my online shopping which for me was all about Lost Stars the new Star Wars Young Adult novel. Thats right! I will be reading this week and next and will do a write up on it! I also plan to read Aftermath and Moving Target but those will probably be a holiday reads for me.

Oh and if you are wondering I did not get the BB-8 Sphero droid… But I am sure I can find one to play with!

Did you shop Force Friday? What goodies did you get?

Sew Wars: Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

Hello Brunch Babes! How many times do you want to make a geek chic outfit but feel all you need is a nerdy scarf? Well look no further than the next installment of Sew Wars because today I am making a totally Star Wars Easy Infinity Scarf!

Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

To infinity and beyond… oh wait wrong galaxy…

I found this Star Wars fabric at my local JoAnn’s remnant section and it was the perfect amount to make an infinity scarf. I started with stitching up the sides with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.


Then matching the wrong sides (see above) I sewed a straight stitch along the long side to create a a tube. With the wrong side facing out, reach into the sleeve and grab the seam and pull the right side in. Matching the two ends right to right at the seam, I sewed the circle shut. I left about 3 inches to pull the right side through and finished the seam on the sewing machine… which is totally in incorrect way to do it but hey I hate hand stitching.

Loving the way this turned out and can now add a bit of Star Wars flair to even normal clothes… That sounds pretty Bad Wolf Brunch to me. Until the next Sew Wars remember the dark side is tempting but the light side of the force will always sew straight!


Welcome & May the 4th Be With You

Hello my lovely brunchers! Well cheers and welcome to the new and improved Bad Wolf Brunch! I am so excited to share the new site with you and hint at some of the amazing things to come.

For those of you who know me – well you know I love Star Wars and I could not think of a more perfect day than STAR WARS DAY to launch my new site and my first giveaway.BWB may 4th

I had the time of my life at Star Wars Celebration and you know I was thinking about you all the whole time I was there and what I could bring back to you… Now I struggle between the light and the dark side (well mainly in cosplay) but I wanted to make sure in this giveaway that both sides of the force were fully represented.


Representing the Dark Side is a Darth Vader glitter cup – perfect for beach days holding your favorite adult beverage. And holding down the light side of the force are an exclusive pair of Rebel Alliance earrings straight from Star Wars Celebration! So go on an enter below…

So what can you look forward to on the new Bad Wolf Brunch – well my continued adventures in SoCal, another year at SDCC, and my new series Sew Wars – where I am attempting not to go to the dark side every time I use my sewing machine… but you know me – someone has to sew for the Empire!

So cheers to us all as we embark on a new journey out there and enter below because Yoda says “free stuff you like!”

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