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My 5th Princess Half Marathon đź‘‘ | 2017 Race Recap

Holy princess tiara 👑 – it is hard to believe that Juli and I’s just finished our 5th Princess Half Marathon. Truly an amazingly fun race that we both share so many memories at! I have to mention, we both realize we are so blessed to continue running this amazing race and are truly shocked that this year marked our fifth time crossing the finish line! Now onto the recap!

PHM Race Recap Header

This year Juli and I shared a DVC studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. I have to say we both loved the hotel and it was great for race weekend. The buses worked so efficiently and we never encounter long lines. For our carb load meal we decided to check out Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs. Needless to say everyone at the table fell in love with this restaurant and we will be returning. Except we might lay off the hot sauce next time 🌶️

The night before the race we both a had a hard time getting to sleep the night before and talked in the dark for about an hour before we both finally fell asleep. My least favorite part of all runDisney races is the ridiculously early start times… The alarm went off at 3:20am (gross) and we quickly got ready to be way finders and navigate our way through 13.1 magical miles. I was way finder Moana and Juli was chief Moana… can you tell we both really liked this movie.

Moana and Pirates

We were promptly in line for the bus right before 4am and go on quickly. I won’t be the only one to say the traffic was awful this year. We usually have more time at the start area to relax and take pictures but due to the traffic we pretty much had to drop our bags at gear check, made our way to the portos and make the long march to the corrals. Of course this traffic led to a 10 min late start for the race… I wasn’t bothered by it.

I was in corral H, one up from last year! Juli was in her speedy D corral. They did change the way the corrals split this year which I think led to longer porto lines, but eventually we made our way to our appropriate corral. After the 10 min delay the national anthem was sung, fireworks went off, and the elites were out!

Finally it was my corrals time to start and I was off. This year I stopped for, what might be a personal record, 11 character stops. But I have to say the winner was Gaston. The line was long, but not ridiculous when I ran up on him at his Tavern in Fantasyland. I jumped in line and it moved so slow… I was a little upset and considered bailing out of the line to run on but Juli texted me to stay put. Gaston full on flirted with EVERY SINGLE PRINCESS. When it was my turn I popped up next to him in my usual “look how cute I am while running” pose and he full on pulled me into him… I was shocked, laughing, crazy in love and now am in love with this picture. In my opinion Gaston won the Princess Half.

Gaston at Princess Half Marathon 2017

I caught up with Juli and some friends in the Cinderella line after a quick castle pic stop. I ran my usual :45/:30 intervals throughout the entire race. We took a few extra walk breaks where the course crowding was impossible, around the half way point and on places where the road really slopes. I have to say the one thing about this course is with my ankle injuries the places where the course literally leans puts a lot of pressure on the outside of my right ankle.

I ran into so many friends on the course like Julian and finally found/met Erin! We had an amazing time and totally ran this as a party race – our time should prove this. Proud to say this might be my slowest half marathon time ever 3:58:18… Who else loves a party race!?!

Photo Feb 26, 7 27 07 AM

What can I say – we love the Princess Half Marathon! Per our tradition we got some champs at the finish line!

Putting Together a Running Costume

Hey Everyone! So if you have followed my blog or instagram for a while, you know that I love runDisney and getting the opportunity to have some fun running… in costume! I have been Elsa, Cinderella, a tribe of Ewoks, Pocahontas, and a Stormtrooper (to name a few) over the years and have loved every second of it. Prepping my running costume is just as fun as running the race and helps build up excitement for the race weekend itself.

Putting Together a Running Costume

With the Disneyland Half on the horizon I thought I would share an (updated) version of how I make a running costume. I have gotten so much better at making these and have seen many people make some ill-advised choices for running attire over the years, but with this guide you will be up and running with some added character in time for your next race!

After 4+ years of runDisney races I say, when it comes to choosing your costume inspiration, go with what you want. There will always be multiples of everything so have fun with it. I usually try and stick to the overarching race theme especially with Star Wars Half Weekends, Princess Half, and the Avengers Half… but with the upcoming Disneyland Half Weekend – well anything is possible.

runDisney Costume Colors

Pick your character inspiration and breakdown the key items that identify them and their color palette. For an Ewok this would be brown colors and their hood with ears. For Elsa it would be blue colors, sparkles and her cape. Mickey, of course, has his signature ears.

The biggest mistake I see in costume runners is not starting with the correct base. The way a costume breaks down, in my mind, is essentially you are wearing embellished athletic gear. Since you have your color palette decided, look through your running clothes or shop for some that would fit your character. I like to the have a top, bottom and socks to bring my color palette to life.

runDisney Costume Running Base

Sparkle Athletic skirts have been a go-to for mine because they have so many colors and patterns (plus I look super cute in them). But I have also used tutus from the Halloween store. I also love Pro Compression socks for their ridiculous amount of color options and just for making amazing compression socks.

Embellishing your athletic/running gear is what starts to bring your character to life! My Elsa costume started as a white running top. I found a child’s Elsa costume (on sale!) and took my seam ripper to it. I salvaged the cape and sewed it on the back of my running shirt and the skirt material became the sweetheart top similar to Elsa’s signature blue dress. Juliana just did a tutorial on how to make a Chewbacca bandolier on her site.

runDisney Costume Get Crafty

Not crafty? Search the web! My Stormtrooper look was a crop top from Poprageous over a black long sleeve running top. I created my belt with some sparkle fabric and craft foam all held together with a hot glue gun. Juliana used a kids bike safety vest (found at Target) to really bring home her Darth Vader costume. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

Copying a hairstyle or adding a color coordinated headband or visor always helps bring the look together. I always have a headband to keep my hair out of my face and use it to tie the look together. For Elsa and Pocahontas I rocked a braid similar to the characters. For the Ewok tribe it was all about the hoods! And if you know my last one featured here… well you officially win at life. But a simple cowl and goggles brought my Mara Jade look together.

runDisney Costumes

Easy accessories can really make the costumes. Crowns from the Disney Store or a mock braid like Juliana made (out of yarn) are lightweight, unobtrusive and really identify your character. Halloween costumes head wear, like Amidala’s headdress are great way to have extra fun, but we usually reserve these for the 5ks! Make sure to follow the runDisney costume guidelines and not cover your face.

Have any questions on putting together your own running costume? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to come back to you! Cannot wait to reveal what we will be wearing for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!



Hello brunch babes – some of you may know but I have been gone for nearly three weeks traveling through Berlin, France then onto Orlando Florida to run my 4th Princess Half Marathon! It was a little bit stressful flying from Germany to Orlando for a race but sometimes you do what you have to do! So without further adieu… let us pull up your chair and Bad Wolf Bruch kindly presents your 2016 Princess Half Marathon Race Recap!



So like I said I was in Germany and France for two weeks before my race-cation so I had to do some logistics. Berlin is freezing this time of year and Florida is nice and warm! I packed all my Florida clothes, including my race outift, up in and box and mailed them to my mom to bring to Florida with me. All my winter clothes and my running shoes made the trip to Germany. So basically I had to be fully packed for both trips far in advance. This actually led to outfit planning and looking cuter!

On Friday I flew from Frankfurt to Orlando landing at 6pm east coast time. My jet lag was not too bad – I made myself stay up the entire flight and watch movies. Once I landed it was on to the Magical Express then to my DVC Home Resort The Grand Floridian to meet my mom, cousin Juli, and god mother aka Momma 2.

Once at the hotel we went to Magic Kingdom to add my annual pass to my magic band… this took an hour. My original plan was to go to the park for a bit but we ended up on the boat to Polynesian to get a snack and a margarita. I managed to stay up until 10:30pm!


One of the good things of jet lag was I was ready to rock in the mornings. We went to the Expo first thing on Saturday morning while Juli was running the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge. I love the Princess Expo. It is big with all pixie dust and girl power a girl could need. I got my bib, race shirt and picked up a new Sparkle Athletic skirt. I was not overly impressed with the official merchandise for this race and was so happy I got my epic race jacket last year that I love so much!

My mommas (real mom and god mom) saw the Glitter and Go princess makeover station and before I was out of the expo I had been paid for and they were waiting for me. I was a little hesitant but ended up loving it. They did a simple hair twist, glittered me up and gave me a light up crown. I ended up keeping the twist in for the race!

Princess Half Glitter and Go


After our amazing time at the Star Wars Light Side Meet Up, Juli and I knew we wanted to go to the Princess Half #WeRunSocial Meet Up – as always, this was a highlight of my week. I got to meet so many amazing runners and online friends. The great ladies of Sparkle Athletic were so kind and generous made this an epic We Run Social giveaway meet up… Thank you!


Oh and the ProCompression game was on point as always!! I love all the colors ProCompression offers! I am so thankful for #WeRunSocial this community helps make running fun, friendly and I get to meet a lot of badass runners who are super cool and don’t care that I am slower than them… runners are runners!



Sunday morning came and for once it was not so early for me! I had decided to be Elsa for the Princess Half because she is pretty much my spirit animal. Juli ran as Rapunzel – so we sort of matched as being “new” princesses. These we probably our most time intensive running costumes yet – yes those are darts on a running shirt that I freaking sewed. I wish I would have gotten a better picture but the back has a cape as well!

Jules and Mal PHM Start

Juli and I got on the monorail and arrived at the Epcot start quickly. Juli was in a higher corral than me so after a quick prayer we separated (for a bit) to wait for the race to start.

I actually thought the corse crowding (that Princess is known for) was not as bad this year. I did my usual 30:30 (30 seconds running / 30 seconds walking) and was keeping my solid 13:30 pace.


The highlight of the race was when Elsa saw me and said that I brought my ice powers – that girl knows us blondes stick together!

I skipped the first few pictures and caught up to Juli in Magic Kingdom – we stuck together from Fantasyland through the Prince photo at around 9.5 miles. We stopped for so many pictures… almost all of them – but hey that is what the Princess Half is for in my opinion.

File Feb 27, 11 52 33 AM

Juli finished just conveniently ahead of me with just enough time to grab some champagne and meet me at gear check… if you ask me I think I timed this one just right! We toasted our Moet in the parking lot then headed back to the room for a quick shower before breakfast at Kona Kafe.

More Champs Less Wine PHM 16

Princess Half is always an amazing race for me… not time wise but I love the sense of girl power and accomplishment that comes with the weekend. Seeing so many runner tackle their first half is so inspiring and reminds me of why I started running! Its not about the medals or the photos – its about knowing your body can do amazing things and being there for each other! Until the next one friends!

PHM 16 Time copy

RACE RECAP – Princess Half Marathon – 2015

Oh my goodness!! Another runDisney Princess Half Marathon in the books and I must say – they just keep getting better and better!

This year I ran again with my cousin Juliana and we stayed at the Villas at the Grand Floridian.
We had a 3am wake up call to get ready for the race. Staying at the Villas we had our kitchenette to make breakfast before the race. We were out the door by 3:45am and took the monorail to Epcot.
It’s good to note that if you are staying at a monorail hotel you will need to plan more time to get to the race!

We got to the start area and did some quick preparations for the race, dropped our bags at gear check, and made our way to the corrals. We only had about 10 mins in the corrals before the start. I was in corral I so I started exactly at 6am. With a little magic and pixie dust I was off!

I went with the 30:30 run walk run ratio that Jeff Galloway had suggested at Star Wars Half. I decided to run through the first groups of characters. Pirates, Heroes and Villains always have really long line and are normally still out when you swing back around (plus better lighting).

Before I knew it we were in the Magic Kingdom and I was running through Cinderella’s castle! I decided to run as Pocahontas this year. Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest with me!

I saw my mom and god-mother just outside the castle and continued on. The weather was wonderful and I was feeling good. I was keeping 14 minute miles and decided – yup we are going to do some pictures! I had to take a photo with tourist Genie… always reminds me of my dad!

The heroes and princes were still out when I came back around so I decided to keep the tradition alive and grab a pick! John Smith was only a bit flirty…


From there it was a quick few miles to the finish. I always love the gospel choir right before we end. I need a little Jesus on a Sunday morning to get me to the finish line. I wish we had this is California as well. I made it through and finished strong!

After the race it was time to celebrate. We all met up and had brunch at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian to celebrate. Juliana completed the Glass Slipper Challenge and I got my Coast to Coast medals. Brunch was great and my Princess Half was even better!!

PHM PREP // Helpful Link Round Up

Brunchers – I am so excited for the Princess Half Marathon…
While I am still in cold Berlin, I have been dreaming about my upcoming trip to the sunshine state to run with so many wonderful women (and a few brave dudes).
I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from last years PHM Prep series! Enjoy!!

xx Mal

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap

Well all the 2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend has come and gone and let me tell you it was an amazing time! My group for this year was of course my cousin Juliana, my best friend Whitney, and our cheerers were my mom, Chris, and Whit’s husband Chad. We had an amazing time together.

Juliana and I took the red-eye on Thursday night into Orlando on Friday morning. This has become our go-to for race weekends in WDW. We landed at 5:30 (although my flight was a bit late) and headed strait to Port Orleans French Quarter on the Magical Express.

Once we checked in it was time for some Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest for an early lunch.
When we got the text that our room was ready we headed for ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Fit for a Princess Expo! Where of course this princess got crowned by Prince Charming. I thought this was the cutest idea and loved that it was free – Thank runDisney!!

After our crazy t-shirt pickup and surviving a rain storm it was time to head back to the French Quarter for a nap and drop off. We had dinner at Chef de France that night and went to bed since tomorrow was the Inaugural Enchanted 10K!!

I will have to say this may have been my favorite event, but hey I am a 10K kinda gal! My cousin and I were in corral B for this race and dressed as Minnie Mouse (me) and Anna (my cousin). I loved it! The corrals were spaced great, we had plenty of room to run, great characters and the highlight of course was running through the snow with Elsa to Let it Go! I also loved our loop around the Boardwalk aka my dream world. I literally want to live there… even if there was no WDW, just the Boardwalk move me in! We stopped for a few pics and then with medals in hand we were so excited to see they had the Glass Slipper Challenge board that was missing from the expo. Now I work in a field were we do events and that looked to me like a oh sh*t overnight print job, and well I was glad they did!

After some showers and a unscheduled nap in compression socks we headed to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (or as we 90s kids still call it MGM). That night we carb loaded at Mama Melrose and it was delicious! Whit met up with us at the hotel and then it was off to bed for race day!

We were up at 3:20am for this race to get on the 3:45am bus! Juli had packed bagels and peanut butter so that was our pre-race fuel and I had some Power Aid from fountain machines in the cafeteria at the hotel. This was the first set of runDisney races where we wore makeup and let me tell you it was revolutionary for our pictures!  Of course, I was dressed as Cinderella and Juli was Snow White… I think our costumes looked great! 

We met Whitney at bag check which worked great for us and then made our way to the corrals, which we knew from last year were quite a walk away.
I absolutely loved the start with the Fairy Godmother – she makes me so happy! There were fireworks, Miss America, the national anthem and we were off!

My overall thoughts on this course was it was fun – crowded and un-run-able at times, but fun! We stopped to grab some photos and ended up walking a bit more than planned due to the crowding. Personally I thought we needed a bit more than 3 mins between corrals it made it a little hard to get through the walkers. Overall we had a blast and felt great! 

At the end we got all our medals! All three of us Pink Coast-2-Coasted and Juliana and I completed the Glass Slipper Challenge!! It was an amazing two days!

We were very thrilled with our PRINCESS HALF MARATHON WEEKEND!

A Princess Half Marathon Playlist

Come and jam along as we run!

Spotify Link: PHM 14

Friday Favorites: Princess Half Virtual Blog Hop

Hi All! Today I wanted to share all the amazing bloggers who participated in the Princess Half Marathon Virtual Blog Hop!

Here are a few of the things I learned:

The DisBroads Tweet Up and Meet Up is happening! Also just learned about the DisBroads!

Bathrooms for Princess! This AMAZINGLY helpful info from Run.Walk.FASTPASS.Repeat.
Click here her full report! Super helpful for anyone with a deep seeded fear of port-o-poytys (ie me).

Also Shout Out to my cousin’s blog Healthy Wifeys for Lifey! She wrote about Carb Loading correctly and flying across the country.

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runDisney Costumes: Adding Peplums for a Princess

Welcome to Part Two in my runDisney Princess Half Marathon costume special!

Today we are adding peplums to give our costume to extra Princess touch!


Tutu, White Tuelle, Extra Small Clear Hairbands, Marker ,Sewing Kit, and a Lighter

I recommend doing one side first and then repeating. Also this is not seamstress sewing here.

1. Try on your tutu and mark where the sides of your hips are inside the waist band where it will not show.

2. Fold your tuelle length wise, so if gathers and is thick. Band off the top, giving yourself about 3-4 inches of room at the top. Measure 10 inches down and band again.

3.Cut about 1/2 inch above the hair band. Gently burn the edges of the tuelle. Be careful here, you do not want it to catch fire just melt a bit to seal the edges. 

4. Back on your tutu from your hip marks measure 8 inches and mark again. Make sure you measure in the same direction each way.

5. Depending on your tutu you will want to see the best place to sew. I sewed to the waistband under the first layer of the tutu. You will want to cover the edges of the peplum

6. Sewing – Like I said I am no seamstress. I did a basic stitch in the back, then would alternate going through the rubber band and through the white tuelle itself, always going around the band to secure it in place. This is a run costume not project runway, Tim Gunn will not be inspecting your stitch work!

7. Sewing Again – Since I sewed mine under the first layer, I made a few small stitches, sewing the tutu layer 1 and layer 2 together to cover the end of the peplum. I then pulled the top layer of the tutu through the loop in the peplum, so it sits on top!

8. Repeat on opposite side.

9.Rock that tutu girl.

How To Make a runDisney Costume

Today I am talking about the ever important making of the runDisney costume and will walk you through the creation of mine for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon!

Step 1
Figure out who you want to be! Do you want to channel the latest Disney film heroine/hero? Or are you a classic lover? I am running as Cinderella, because I have loved her for as long as I could watch movies. So we have our character!

Step 2
Distinguish your color palette for your character. Cinderella is obviously shades of blue. 
You will need this to be the base of what you are shopping for.
Step 3
Time to go shop! First we are shopping for the base of the costume.
Running Gear – you will need to find the usual running gear in the color palette that you identified above. I like to shop at Target and athletic store outlets. I went with a blue tank top, and have options for both blue shorts and leggings, depending on the temperature. You should use brands you are familiar with take your race wear out for a trial run before the race. Check for any chafing issues and that all is comfortable. Also make sure to consider weather! You will see people running in full out costumes, and they will not be as happy at the end of the race as you will for actually using running gear. Be smart, these clothes will need to go the distance!
Step 4

Now we are shopping for the items that take us from running gear to pretty princesses – or whatever you are shooting for! This can be done through tutus, sparkle skirts, felt add ons, etc. Now – you will want one main item to start building your character.  I am using a blue tutu to serve as Cinderella’s ball gown.Other examples were for our Tweedle Dee and Dum costumes it was a felt bib. I purchased my tutu at the Halloween shop before Halloween, so this does take a bit of planning. I will also be adding peplums to my tutu to give it the extra wow!(Tutorial Here) -> Live on Thursday!

My Cinderella TuTu

Step 5
Now we get to have fun and accessorize! 
For Cinderella I will wear a blue glittery Sweaty Band and a mini crown pushed into my bun.
Currently I am opting out of the gloves – I want my arms to look good in pictures and not be hot.
When it comes to headgear, please remember less is more, you do have to run 13.1 miles in it.
I recommend the mini comb tiaras for running – light and will stay in place. We found ours at the Disney store in Texas. Headbands are great to bring a costume together, and they keep your hair back. I will also get my nails done in pale blue and wear my new Cinderella New Balance Shoes!
Avail Here


  • Lime green top, tutu, wings, GLITTER!!!
Tweedle Dee and Dum and old favorites and great for a pair of runners.
  • Red hat, red bottoms, yellow top, and a felt bib.
Any and all Disney princesses
  • Basic instructions above, just change your colors.
Mickey and Minnie
  • Black top, red bottoms, and ears! Bonus – if you have yellow shoes.
Woody and Jesse
  • Costume stores sell these excellent accessory kits at Halloween – you can add them to running clothes to create your character.

The most important thing is to be creative and love your runDisney costume!
Points for creativity!