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San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap

Hi Brunchers! So I took an un-planned and unexpected break from the blog… life gets in the way. But seriously I have missed this!

BWB Races

In the mean while I went for a little run this weekend… 13.1 miles around San Diego!

This was my first time running the San Diego Rock N Roll and personally I loved it!


On Friday after work I took the Amtrak Surfliner down to San Diego. I felt like such a city girl… I took the new Expo line straight from my house to Union Station to get on an Amtrak to San Diego – heres to public transportation! I got in late and went to the hotel to go to sleep – we had a late Thursday night at Disney Trivia!

On Saturday morning I got up around 9:30am, got dressed and made our way to the expo. My cousin Juli of 4wellrules was there as well! The expo was great. Really well organized and had amazing vendors and samples. I picked up some samples and bought some Gu’s for the race. I sadly could not find ProCompressions booth which led to us being really sad about not having the new waves socks…

Sunday our wake up time was not too early but still 4:45am is earlier than I like. We got up and got dressed. We had bagels and breakfast in the room and got some coffee in the lobby. It was a bit of a trek to the starting line so we hailed a taxi with a new running friend. Our taxi driver was AWESOME and got us to the start in less than 5 minutes.

Mal and Jules Ready to Run

We made our usual porto-potty stop which was the only complaint of the race for me. The lines were VERY long – clearly did not have enough restrooms for the runners. After a the long line, we prayed quickly and went to our separate corrals. I was in a further back corral and waited a long time to start, but eventually it was my turn to cross the start line.


I was going for time for this race so I changed my interval time to :45/:30 to have more just a touch more running time. The race was great but really hilly. The crowd support was amazing and if I was not going for time I would have taken advantage of the many shot, beer and bloody mary opportunities on the course. San Diego does know how to party!

Rock N Roll San Diego Party Time

There was also an amazing support for the Wear Blue: Run to Remember organization which runs in memory of our fallen heroes. There was a memorial section of the run leading to a tunnel of American flags. It was an amazing, sad, thankful and proud moment.

Photo Jun 05, 8 23 51 AM

Luckily the weather held out and it did not get too hot. The sun stayed behind the clouds. The last few miles of the course were really hilly with a lot of ups and downs – literally and metaphorically. It was around mile 11 I started to slow down and struggled through 12. I saw that I had a chance to meet my goal I turned on Hamilton “My Shot”, re-focused and hauled it in to meet my goal!

This was my fastest half marathon since 2014 and achieved my goal of getting back under 3 hours! We celebrated at the We Run Social crew’s After Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. Suja also sponsored the event with cocktails and Pro Compression hooked us up with new tees!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.04.38 PM

It was amazing to run this race and get even more confidence in my running. If I could meet my goal on a hilly course with an injury than lets see what I can do next! More on that injury tomorrow…

Currently Craving – Workout Edition

Hello brunch babes! Well I have been on a bit of a health kick lately. Training for my next round of half marathons begins in September but I have been stepping up my workout games the last couple of weeks. I have fallen in love with barre class and have seen more changes in the body with this than I ever have with running.

currently craving - workout

Water Bottle // Barre Whore // Dance Pants // Another Night at the Barre // Troopers // Barre Socks

Since it is very clear I have a shopping problem I am currently craving all new workout gear to fuel my newest addiction. A few of these items will be coming home with me, but I have set limits. For example that Barre Whore tank will be headed my way when I check off 20 Pop Physic classes! How cute is that Look Human Another Night at the Barre tank!

Look Human is one of my favorite sites for funny workout and nerd shirts and Bad Wolf Brunch readers can get $5 off their first purchase here!

What workouts are in your routine?

FIT GEEK FRIDAY // Starting to Run

This week on Fit Geek Friday I am talking about starting to run. 
Running is literally one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get in shape, but is still scary to many new comers. All you need to start running is some good shoes and a little bit of knowledge. I have a few other tips and tricks that can help you as well. So don’t get overwhelmed by gps watches, and splits… take it easy and just start.
Unless you are born a runner – this is the best way to run. Jeff Galloway (an Olympian BTW) designed this form of running to make the sport healthy and more approachable to the masses. His goal is that you can run injury free until you are 100. I have found using this method helps with recovery time, reducing injury, and not hating running. Hey that last ones the good one – right? 
Jeff’s website is a gold mine of information and he is a super nice guy. At the Star Wars Half expo I was able to chat with Jeff about my run-walk-run ratio and he suggested I lower my time to 30:30. 

Thats 30 seconds of running, then 30 seconds of walking, then 30 seconds of running… you get it.
 I tried it for the 10K and felt amazing! I found my running time to actually be running and not jogging and my recovery quick.  Jeff’s handy chart can break down some “suggested” intervals, but he highly recommends playing with different intervals and seeing what works for you. 
The only piece of “gear” I recommend for new runners is a Gym Boss timer. 
You can buy Jeff’s version here. This timer will keep track of your intervals and serve as your “coach” yelling at you when to walk and run. I find this super helpful. 
Being a former competitive athlete – when my coach said to do something I did it. No questions asked. This little guy is my coach saying “Run”. I listen to him and he gets me to the finish line every time.
Runners get really into numbers. Miles, splits, times, and PRs – they love some numbers. 
Numbers get me down… I hate saying I am going out for 7 miles to find myself glued to my GPS watch and running around my block 2 more times just to hit from 6.8 to 7.  I hate knowing that my last training run was slower than the one to weeks ago. Needless to say – I have rid myself of the GPS watch. I think that much information just bogs me down and takes the fun out of running.
Now I live by my little simple gym boss and my playlists. I have a few playlists on Spotify and run to them. I know when to turn back based on the songs… Not how far or how long I have been running.
So I challenge you as a new runner (or experienced) to break free from the spreadsheets and just go out and run – you might be surprised.


Hey Brunchers!! So I am participating in #FitGeekFriday as a way to keep super active and let you know about how to geek out while working out!

Today I am talking arms! As you guys have read I can kick some serious ass-phault when it comes to running, but since I quit playing softball and volleyball my upper body has taken quite a hit. Now – if I am going to fight the patriarchy and wield a lightsaber like a champ – well that requires some upper body workouts!

I hate lifting weights at the gym – yes I do know what I am doing but boys are well… boys.
So I prefer to do my weight routine in the presence of my bedroom…

Press and Squat:
I have started to do 4 minutes of this every morning and 4 minutes every night. Works that booty and the arms… All in all a wonder move that can elevate your heart rate and work your core.

Tricep Kickbacks:
These totally kick my ass. Which in my opinion means the work. I am trying for 3 sets of 12 two times a week with 5 pound dumbbells.
Tracy Anderson Arm Workout:
This is my favorite arm workout video. Tracy is all about working the small muscles to pull your arms in! I mix this one in every once in a while to really work those arms and no weights required for the first part!
Hopefully I will stick with this and have Mara Jade worthy arms in no time!
Star Wars Celebration here I com!

Race Recap – STAR WARS HALF – 2015

This weekend I completed the Inaugural Rebel Challenge consisting of a 10K (6.2 miles) and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday – and let me tell you this was the best race(s) ever! The spirit of Star Wars and the fandom was everywhere and fully embraced. It was truly magical and you could feel the force in the air. Full recap below.

I took off from work a little early to get down to the Expo for bib pick up. Traffic was bad but it was nice to have a fairly empty expo to hang out at. We got there around 7pm, so had an hour to look around. We ate dinner at Tortilla Joe’s in Downtown Disney then headed to the Marriott Suites to get some sleep for the 10K on Saturday morning.

Wake up call was set for 3:30am and we were on the shuttle by 4am!
We got to the pre-race party and Disney really outdid themselves with this one! They had the Jedi Academy there to teach us how to use the force and fight off Vader. Stormtroopers and Jedi’s were also available for pre-race photos.
Our running group decided to be Ewoks! I wore the Her Universe Ewok hooded tank – and was not alone… I made some wrist and leg cuffs out of fur from JoAnnes and was ready to go!
We corralled up and headed out for the start. The character lines were sooo long but I was just having a good run – so I kept it simple and just ran. I stopped for a photo with Sabine and Ezra from the new Star Wars Rebels – but the photo turned out bad. Sad Day. I was keeping good pace and at mile 5 thought – oh hey… you have to run 13 miles tomorrow maybe you should slow it down, and I did.
I crossed the finish line and was so happy to receive my super cool Star Wars 10K medal.
We went back to the hotel for showers and a nap then headed to Disneyland for lunch and a photo shoot. My day was made when the Fairy Godmother showed up and hugged me for being a champion. She is my idol! Life goal = retire to become the fairy godmother.
We rode Space Mountain and Star Tours… keeping with the weekends theme and then headed to Disney’s California Adventure for dinner at Wine Country Trattoria.

After dinner it was a quick stop to the Anaheim Target for some gatorade, cliff bars, and I picked up a pair of compression socks to sleep in. Then it was time to stretch out and go night night!

Wake up call – again 3:30am… ugh. But I was on the bus by 4am and was ready to go.
I wore my girl Mara Jade’s get up. If you don’t know who Mara Jade is – well its because she is from the books and comic books. In short she was trained to be the Emperor’s hand and assassin. She is a total bad ass who can wield a lightsaber and a blaster – oh and she really want to kill Luke Skywalker, until she falls in love with him.
Ok well back to the race! I met up with my friends and then headed to the corral. We were off before we knew it. One – props to Disney for having enough Stormtroopers out so the lines weren’t bad. Vader and the Luke & Leia lines were still long but anyone could have jumped into one of the shorter trooper lines. Two – I loved this course. I know some people were worried about the straight away being boring, but I found running by the hotels led to so many more spectators out. The spectators were also on point with great signs and everyone was in the Star Wars best! A true highlight was the 501st and Mandalorian Mercs towards the end of the race. So many photo ops and so much energy – both organizations truly rock!
This race seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was back on Disney ground and nearing the finish. In traditional Mallory form – I pulled over right at mile 13 and got ready for the finish line (aka adjusting the costume and putting my cell away). I high-fived Minnie and Mickey as I crossed the finish to complete the first ever Star Wars Half and Rebel Challenge. Bling in hand I was a very happy sith-turned-jedi!


Looking Ahead: Upcoming Races

So brunchers – do you want to run with me… or just see what my summer and fall looks like well here it is. Without further a due I present the 2014-2015 Bad Wolf Race Schedule.

June 15 – Culver City 10K

September 21 – LA Dodgers 5K
October 26 – Rock N Roll Los Angeles
November 16 – Avengers Half Marathon
January 17 – Star Wars 10K
January 18 – Star Wars Half Marathon
February 22 – Princess Half Marathon
March 15 – Los Angeles Marathon

Now I might add in a 10K for Turkey Trot and I have decided to do the challenged at Star Wars race and sit out of the Glass Slipper Challenge to enjoy my time in the World a bit more!

Of course – my crew is always open for some spontaneous races but these are the planned guys and the biggies!

Liebster Award for Running Fun!

So Juli at Healthy Wifey’s for Lifey has nominated me for the Liebster Award…
Guess it is my turn to divulge!! Thanks Jules!!

What is my earliest running memory?

Well this is quite tough as I used to hate running… Mine would probably be in elementary school doing the presidential fitness challenge and running a timed mile. I hated every second of it. Who would have thought as I got older I would love it so much…

What was the first official race you ran?

Well I ran some 5Ks in college for charity… but I am going to credit my first real race to the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in 2012! I did do the LA Rock n Roll 5k and the Ft Worth Turkey Trot 10K before that to get some races under my belt, but Tink was where I got hooked!

What is your favorite runDisney race and why?

Definitely the PRINCESS HALF MARATHON! I am all about girl power and this race is the celebration of that. It also just happens to fit extremely well in my schedule and it is in Florida! I just love the whole thing and the hype leading up to it.

What is your next race?

Running the Culver City 10K with Juli to get our corral placement for Avengers!!

What race is at the top of your bucket list?

Hummm… there are a few I would love to run. Strangely Rock N Roll New Orleans, Tower of Terror 10 miler, and probably something in Hawaii.

What is the best advice you have received from an experienced runner?

Oh man… probably not to question yourself and just get out there and do it. Or in regards to runDisney – you paid a lot for this race, enjoy your miles… this is not the place to PR.

What fuel do you use during a race?

I am a Gu girl. I like to have some sport beans on hand, but I love raspberry gu. I also am liking the Margarita shot blocks for longer races since they have extra sodium.

What is the hardest race you have ever run and why?

I would say the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon – it was crazy hot and I was crazy busy with work. I could not focus on the race and was literally checking emails on the course. I swore never again and I think that is probably true – however I would be open to running the 10K some day.

What is the worst injury you have ever had and how did you heal yourself?

I think my worst injury does not pertain to running. In high school I tore my shoulder playing softball. I had to do three months of 3x per week physical therapy sessions, sat out of a summer ball season, and went to yoga 2x per week. After that I was probably in the best shape of my life and came back very strong.

What is your favorite season to train in?

I am going to be the weird one and say winter… Living in southern California it really never gets too bad and things call down here. I can really dedicate myself to my training. With our long Christmas break in the film industry I can run every other day without problem!

Well this was quite fun and I hope you learned something new about me.
If you want to join in here are my questions:
1 – Outside of running what is your favorite form of exercise?
2 – Favorite post-race food?
3 – Top 10 Running Songs
4 – What are your workout/ running shoes of choice?
5 – Tell us about the best race of your life…

Training Officially Starts Now!

Well brunchers – my training for race season officially starts today!

What am I training for? Well a few things…

First off – uh bikini season. Yes I know we are here but I have a cruise in July that I want to look super confident for!
Second – we are officially in marathon training pre-training. Yes thats a thing, or at least I am making it one! I want to go into my official marathon training strong, healthy and performance ready. I really want to own this marathon this year!!
Then we have runDisney! Avengers Half and Princess Half – let’s do this thing!

The Plan:
First off lets talk food! I am following the Personal Trainer Food program for 28 days.
I will report on this further into the program. My plan is to be 30 pounds lighter come marathon day!

Then there is that physical running thing – Well gang I have joined a run club.
My heart still lies with my virtual run club – Team runDisney, but I found running my first marathon that having that team support on the course and on the side lines is vital. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and improving my running.

So on Saturdays all my long runs will be with run club. We are starting off with a couch to 5k plan, then head into marathon training. Let’s just say this may be my best trained Princess Half ever!

Also I am going to be realistic and start slow. Yes I am a runner, but I have had a rough 6 months life wise and my first instinct is to throw myself into this head first. 
Run 3x a week at 6am for 45 mins – please…

I am being realistic and starting with promising to walk 20-30 mins a day purposefully.
That means I have to intentionally carve time out of my day to thank my body with some extra exercise. Today I got it done in the morning – go me! But no promises of when just that it has to get done… every damn day!

My hope is I can concur this morning work out routine and by the time marathon season come around a 30 min jog in the morning will seem natural.

I will report in here and there and let you all keep me accountable and let you know where I am at!

da mo 1219 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Sitting Out of runDisney Fun

Sitting out of any runDisney race is no fun – especially when your friends and family are running and you are not… but here I am, sitting out of two races. This year I will not be at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and the WDW Marathon Weekend – and frankly I think it is fine.

Last year I ran the Disneyland Half and it was MISERABLE. I mean the worst race of my life. The sad part was I was actually fairly trained for it. See my job had me leaving the country the next day to head to the Toronto Film Festival. I was stressed beyond belief, literally checking emails on the course, and had my laptop with me the whole weekend. It was no fun. Oh – and it was hot.

I decided then and there that as long as Toronto was on the docket I would not run this race and I am fine with it. I have done it and will probably do it again… eventually. But sometimes in a work-life balance, work does win.

Now – this year I had a big struggle over whether to Goofy Challenge it or not. I sat down with my mom and made a pro and con list. Ultimately I decided to wait. 

I am going to be partaking in a run club specifically focused on the LA Marathon and really want to give that race my best shot. I would love to have a really great LA Marathon under my belt before taking on the Goofy Challenge. I will have better stamina, more confidence in the distance, and more time to save money. 

The other reason is I adore the PRINCESS HALF MARATHON!
If I had to only run one race the rest of my life it would be this one. Flying across the country, getting a hotel for 5+ days, tickets, and race fees all add up and currently it is well worth it for Princess and that is my priority. It also helps that it is always after a film festival during our down time in the office. Plus with my LA Marathon training I will be in excellent form to run the half!

All in all I made a choice to prioritize what is important to me in my late 2014/2015 running/training schedule.

So while I am missing out on Disneyland Half and Marathon Weekend – I will be enjoying to the fullest the Avengers Half Marathon, Princess Half Marathon, and my second LA Marathon!

Surviving Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted and looked around for a post that covered the whole thing, but could not find one. So I decided to write one…

Note: Obviously, I am not a doctor or a dentist or a professional in any industry having to do with teeth, so if something gets serious – go talk to someone who actually went to school for that or better yet your doctor.

Way before my surgery I investigated the potential cost of the surgery using hand dandy calculator tools my insurance provided. I set up a FSA account with this in mind to help cover the cost of my surgery – this proved to be amazingly helpful.

Call Your Doctor
I had my surgery scheduled for Friday morning – so I called on Monday to make sure there wasn’t any last minute information I should know like:

  • When do I need to stop eating or drinking for anesthesia?

  • What supplies should I have on hand for after?

  • Some doctors offices will have your prescriptions available for purchase at their office – this would be good to know beforehand, also in case you need to enlist someone to drop them off or pick them up for you.


You will want to stock up on a few things before your extraction. 

  • Soup – looks for soups without any small beans or noodles like tomato soup and bisque

  • Mashed Potatoes – any kind, trust me you will want something savory

  • Popsicles – You will want something cold and easy

  • Pudding – A big bowl of banana pudding is worth its weight in gold – leave out the Nilla Wafers

  • Motrin, Advil, or Naproxen Sodium – yes I had prescription pain pills, but I am not a fan of strong knock out drugs

  • Ice Packs – go to the kids section of the drug store and get 2 “Boo boo buddy” yes mine had Ariel on them – she is awesome. I like these because they are flexible.

  • A soft brush toothbrush – I am a sonic toothbrush kind of girl and that is just too intense for your mouth the first week or so, make sure you have an old fashioned manual toothbrush on hand.


Ok so I had no idea what to expect the day of but here was my experience…


I got to my ortho-surgeons office (which was in Beverly Hills – schmanzy) filled out the usual forms, and had my consultation. They took new x-rays of my teeth, which were not something covered by my insurance since I had already had dental x-rays that year (something to keep in mind), and then met with the doctor. All of my teeth were straight and grown in so it would be relatively easy. 


My mom came with me (duh!) and after they went over the cost of my surgery I paid and was on my way back to the room. You really need a helper with you for your surgery.


I had no idea what to expect but basically mine was a amped up regular dentist room. I laid down, went under general anesthesia and was out. I recovered for a bit and they changed my gauze once and sent me home. It actually wasn’t that bad.


Make sure your helper, in my case my mom asks if they needed to put in stitches or just having the blood clot. Also be sure to get an emergency number in case something goes array.

You need to eat in order to take your medicine so we stopped at In N’ Out and I got a chocolate shake. Which due to Novocaine and anesthesia – I got all over myself. 


Gauze out, most of the milkshake in, and one pain pill… then nap time.



One thing I did not expect was to be on soft food for a full week. Yeah – boring! I have never had some much sugar and carbs in my life.


Here are my saving graces:

  • Panera Bread soups they sell at Target – mostly the Lobster Bisque 
  • Starbucks Caramel Macchiato they sell at the grocery store – you cannot have anything too hot so coffee is out but I bought a jug of this to get my coffee fix. Yes it has sugar, and yes it is probably bad for you, but YES IT IS COFFEE!
  • Taco Bell Refried Beans – ask them to hold the red sauce but these bad boys provide protein and are a wonderful escape from sweets.
  • Salt Water Rinse – I am kinda obsessed with not having something stuck in the holes… So I rinse after every thing I eat.
  • Avocado – they are soft, savory, and portable.
  • Lip Balm – your lips will be chapped, I personally am obsessed with EOS lipbalm


  • DO NOT USE A STRAW – Under no circumstances stuck from a straw, this suction causes the blood clot to get sucked away and you could develop dry socket.

  • DO NOT SPIT – You could spit out said blood clot with too much force, after you rinse just let it fall out of your mouth.

  • TRY NOT TO TONGUE – TMI alert: Yes you will have holes in your mouth where teeth used to be, try to leave them alone.

  • NO SEEDS OR RICE – Dont eat anything that can really get stuck like rice, little seeds (ie strawberry’s have seeds, kiwi has seeds, tomatoes have seeds)

  • STAY AWAY FROM SPICY – I leave a jalapeno seed getting caught in your wisdom tooth hole up to your imagination.

Do you have any additional tips and tricks? Please share!!