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San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap

Hi Brunchers! So I took an un-planned and unexpected break from the blog… life gets in the way. But seriously I have missed this!

BWB Races

In the mean while I went for a little run this weekend… 13.1 miles around San Diego!

This was my first time running the San Diego Rock N Roll and personally I loved it!


On Friday after work I took the Amtrak Surfliner down to San Diego. I felt like such a city girl… I took the new Expo line straight from my house to Union Station to get on an Amtrak to San Diego – heres to public transportation! I got in late and went to the hotel to go to sleep – we had a late Thursday night at Disney Trivia!

On Saturday morning I got up around 9:30am, got dressed and made our way to the expo. My cousin Juli of 4wellrules was there as well! The expo was great. Really well organized and had amazing vendors and samples. I picked up some samples and bought some Gu’s for the race. I sadly could not find ProCompressions booth which led to us being really sad about not having the new waves socks…

Sunday our wake up time was not too early but still 4:45am is earlier than I like. We got up and got dressed. We had bagels and breakfast in the room and got some coffee in the lobby. It was a bit of a trek to the starting line so we hailed a taxi with a new running friend. Our taxi driver was AWESOME and got us to the start in less than 5 minutes.

Mal and Jules Ready to Run

We made our usual porto-potty stop which was the only complaint of the race for me. The lines were VERY long – clearly did not have enough restrooms for the runners. After a the long line, we prayed quickly and went to our separate corrals. I was in a further back corral and waited a long time to start, but eventually it was my turn to cross the start line.


I was going for time for this race so I changed my interval time to :45/:30 to have more just a touch more running time. The race was great but really hilly. The crowd support was amazing and if I was not going for time I would have taken advantage of the many shot, beer and bloody mary opportunities on the course. San Diego does know how to party!

Rock N Roll San Diego Party Time

There was also an amazing support for the Wear Blue: Run to Remember organization which runs in memory of our fallen heroes. There was a memorial section of the run leading to a tunnel of American flags. It was an amazing, sad, thankful and proud moment.

Photo Jun 05, 8 23 51 AM

Luckily the weather held out and it did not get too hot. The sun stayed behind the clouds. The last few miles of the course were really hilly with a lot of ups and downs – literally and metaphorically. It was around mile 11 I started to slow down and struggled through 12. I saw that I had a chance to meet my goal I turned on Hamilton “My Shot”, re-focused and hauled it in to meet my goal!

This was my fastest half marathon since 2014 and achieved my goal of getting back under 3 hours! We celebrated at the We Run Social crew’s After Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. Suja also sponsored the event with cocktails and Pro Compression hooked us up with new tees!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.04.38 PM

It was amazing to run this race and get even more confidence in my running. If I could meet my goal on a hilly course with an injury than lets see what I can do next! More on that injury tomorrow…

Bad Wolf Brunch Racing Schedule

Hey Brunchers! So this month I am recommitting to my blogging effort. Trust me being away from the blog as basically worn on me – for me my blog is an outlet to express a different kind of creativity that the my work. For March I am going to really try to stick to 2 posts a week!

I promise Bad Wolf Brunch isn’t becoming a full time running blog – but ’tis the running season… Have no fear March will be filled with some nerdy goodness but for now another running post.

BWB RacesI have big plans for 2016/2017 running and I wanted to share them with you… My big announcement will come later this year (if I get enough courage to actually do it) but for now here is my racing schedule for the next couple months.

March 6 – Coaster Run 10K

March 12 – Race for the Cure 5K with the Force for the Cure Team

April 9 – Santa Anita Derby Day 5K

April 17 – Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

June 5 – San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon

September 3 – Disneyland 10K

RACE RECAP – Princess Half Marathon – 2015

Oh my goodness!! Another runDisney Princess Half Marathon in the books and I must say – they just keep getting better and better!

This year I ran again with my cousin Juliana and we stayed at the Villas at the Grand Floridian.
We had a 3am wake up call to get ready for the race. Staying at the Villas we had our kitchenette to make breakfast before the race. We were out the door by 3:45am and took the monorail to Epcot.
It’s good to note that if you are staying at a monorail hotel you will need to plan more time to get to the race!

We got to the start area and did some quick preparations for the race, dropped our bags at gear check, and made our way to the corrals. We only had about 10 mins in the corrals before the start. I was in corral I so I started exactly at 6am. With a little magic and pixie dust I was off!

I went with the 30:30 run walk run ratio that Jeff Galloway had suggested at Star Wars Half. I decided to run through the first groups of characters. Pirates, Heroes and Villains always have really long line and are normally still out when you swing back around (plus better lighting).

Before I knew it we were in the Magic Kingdom and I was running through Cinderella’s castle! I decided to run as Pocahontas this year. Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest with me!

I saw my mom and god-mother just outside the castle and continued on. The weather was wonderful and I was feeling good. I was keeping 14 minute miles and decided – yup we are going to do some pictures! I had to take a photo with tourist Genie… always reminds me of my dad!

The heroes and princes were still out when I came back around so I decided to keep the tradition alive and grab a pick! John Smith was only a bit flirty…


From there it was a quick few miles to the finish. I always love the gospel choir right before we end. I need a little Jesus on a Sunday morning to get me to the finish line. I wish we had this is California as well. I made it through and finished strong!

After the race it was time to celebrate. We all met up and had brunch at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian to celebrate. Juliana completed the Glass Slipper Challenge and I got my Coast to Coast medals. Brunch was great and my Princess Half was even better!!

Race Recap – STAR WARS HALF – 2015

This weekend I completed the Inaugural Rebel Challenge consisting of a 10K (6.2 miles) and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday – and let me tell you this was the best race(s) ever! The spirit of Star Wars and the fandom was everywhere and fully embraced. It was truly magical and you could feel the force in the air. Full recap below.

I took off from work a little early to get down to the Expo for bib pick up. Traffic was bad but it was nice to have a fairly empty expo to hang out at. We got there around 7pm, so had an hour to look around. We ate dinner at Tortilla Joe’s in Downtown Disney then headed to the Marriott Suites to get some sleep for the 10K on Saturday morning.

Wake up call was set for 3:30am and we were on the shuttle by 4am!
We got to the pre-race party and Disney really outdid themselves with this one! They had the Jedi Academy there to teach us how to use the force and fight off Vader. Stormtroopers and Jedi’s were also available for pre-race photos.
Our running group decided to be Ewoks! I wore the Her Universe Ewok hooded tank – and was not alone… I made some wrist and leg cuffs out of fur from JoAnnes and was ready to go!
We corralled up and headed out for the start. The character lines were sooo long but I was just having a good run – so I kept it simple and just ran. I stopped for a photo with Sabine and Ezra from the new Star Wars Rebels – but the photo turned out bad. Sad Day. I was keeping good pace and at mile 5 thought – oh hey… you have to run 13 miles tomorrow maybe you should slow it down, and I did.
I crossed the finish line and was so happy to receive my super cool Star Wars 10K medal.
We went back to the hotel for showers and a nap then headed to Disneyland for lunch and a photo shoot. My day was made when the Fairy Godmother showed up and hugged me for being a champion. She is my idol! Life goal = retire to become the fairy godmother.
We rode Space Mountain and Star Tours… keeping with the weekends theme and then headed to Disney’s California Adventure for dinner at Wine Country Trattoria.

After dinner it was a quick stop to the Anaheim Target for some gatorade, cliff bars, and I picked up a pair of compression socks to sleep in. Then it was time to stretch out and go night night!

Wake up call – again 3:30am… ugh. But I was on the bus by 4am and was ready to go.
I wore my girl Mara Jade’s get up. If you don’t know who Mara Jade is – well its because she is from the books and comic books. In short she was trained to be the Emperor’s hand and assassin. She is a total bad ass who can wield a lightsaber and a blaster – oh and she really want to kill Luke Skywalker, until she falls in love with him.
Ok well back to the race! I met up with my friends and then headed to the corral. We were off before we knew it. One – props to Disney for having enough Stormtroopers out so the lines weren’t bad. Vader and the Luke & Leia lines were still long but anyone could have jumped into one of the shorter trooper lines. Two – I loved this course. I know some people were worried about the straight away being boring, but I found running by the hotels led to so many more spectators out. The spectators were also on point with great signs and everyone was in the Star Wars best! A true highlight was the 501st and Mandalorian Mercs towards the end of the race. So many photo ops and so much energy – both organizations truly rock!
This race seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was back on Disney ground and nearing the finish. In traditional Mallory form – I pulled over right at mile 13 and got ready for the finish line (aka adjusting the costume and putting my cell away). I high-fived Minnie and Mickey as I crossed the finish to complete the first ever Star Wars Half and Rebel Challenge. Bling in hand I was a very happy sith-turned-jedi!


STAR WARS HALF – Fueling for Your Race

Hey Brunch Eaters! Are you headed to a magical place called Disneyland to run the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon?
Me too!

Original Photo: runDisney

So let’s talk about my favorite part of runDisney – eating Disney!
Fueling yourself for your race is crucial, and frankly quite fun here in “the Land”.
Advanced Dining Reservations may still be available and now Disneyland guest can also book online. In general, people are more relaxed about their Disneyland vacation than that to the World – so give reservations a shot. Here are some of my recommendations:

Wine Country Trattoria – Located in Disney’s California Adventure, this restaurant features classic italian food and a impressive wine list. If you need a little adult juice to calm your nerves before the race be sure to stop by and grab a glass. Can’t get in for food? Don’t worry – you have two ways to drink wine. The Alfresco lounge on the second level offers wine flights, wine by the glass, and a selection of appetizers and downstairs you can order a glass at the walk up counter.

Napels – Located in Downtown Disney, Napels offers your pasta fix outside the park. Plus you can take in some of the more low key fun of Downtown Disney that is often overlooked. Listen to the local artist, build yourself a Stormtrooper at the Lego Store, and relax a bit before your big race day!

Buca di Beppo – As most people will be staying off site, Bucca di Beppo is a great alternative and often has easy availability. You also have the option for carry out. Bucca is great for large groups of runners and families as it is famous for its gigantic portions. If you have a senstitive stomach and are nervous about trying new food, chances are you have had Bucca at some point and know how it will sit with you. Here is the Anaheim locations site.

A quick note on carb loading. Jeff Galloway recommends you eat your main carb load meal 24 hours before your race, or for lunch the day before. Read about it from someone smarter than me here.

Did you just run 13.1 miles? Did you just run 19.3 miles? Did you just watch someone run some amount miles? Well pat yourself on the back – you deserve some brunch! And if you are running with my crew – you also deserve a drink. Obviously – Bad Wolf Brunch enjoys herself some brunch!
Disclaimer: don’t be dumb, drink some water first!

Now where were we, brunch with drinks at Disney! Now first thing to know is there is no alcohol inside Disneyland… Unless you are at Club 33 – and well you can’t sit with us.

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen – I love me so soulful southern brunch complete with a spicy bloody mary – and Ralph’s delivers! Located in Downtown Disney you can find a WIDE variety of alcohol and some delicious comfort food. Reservations suggested.

Goofy’s Kitchen – Did your 7 year old wake up at 5am to see mommy run for 3 seconds – well take that kid to Goofy’s Kitchen for some PB&J pizza and a hug from your favorite Disney characters. Don’t worry they serve adult food as well – and… a small collection of cocktails. I would recommend Goofy’s Kitchen if you are coming here with your kids – or a bunch of kids at heart.

Roscoes Chicken & Waffles – Do yourself a favor and check out a SoCal staple that is new to the Anaheim area. Roscoes is an institution that started in Long Beach in 1975 and a favorite with 7 locations in Southern California. Be sure to get the Obama special! The Anaheim location is located on Harbor. See the drool worthy menu here.

Via Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles Site
Do you have any secret recommendations? Let me know!!

STAR WARS HALF // Last Minute Tees

Hey Brunchers – I am so excited this weekend I will be running the first ever Star Wars Half Marathon and Rebel Challenge at the Disneyland Resort!
I think it is super important to be dressed for the event and everyone knows we Star Wars fans love our tees. I thought I would share a few last minute ideas to pick up. Well you may want to add rush delivery! More ideas below!
Great places to look for shirts:

Happy National Running Day


So – obviously – I am a runner and today is the day we celebrate the love/hate relationship with going the distance!

In celebration of today I have registered for the Star Wars Rebelle Challenge (Half Marathon & 10K) and my third Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon!


Other ways to celebrate today… 
Well I don’t know you could go for a run.
Make a collage of your favorite/most embarrassing race photos.
Practice your race pose – on a street run – so people are assured runners are, in fact, nuts.
Go to Disneyland – because why not!
Drink you favorite post run beer… post run.
Buy some new running clothes, because we will never have enough.
Whatever you do – enjoy today and kick some ass-phault!

Prepping for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon

Can you believe that this time next week I will be traveling to Disneyland for my third Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend?

Now – since being one of the people who have ran it since its inaugural year, I can some what call myself an expert and here are my lists of tips, tricks, and advice for one of the best weekends ever!

There will be more specific posts throughout the week, but here is my rather lengthy starting guide.

Before You Get There
You will want to have a few things ready before you ever get to the Disneyland property.

1. You will want to make dining reservations. Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure are not as bad as WDW when it comes to dining but I highly suggest you take the guess work out of your weekend and have at lest a few key meals booked. I recommend knowing where you are going to carb load and where you want your post-race meal to be. You can now make reservations online here!                           
I recommend the following Disneyland property restaurants:

      • Blue Bayou – For the classic Disneyland meal you have to eat inside Pirates of the Caribbean. My tip – Go for lunch, same atmosphere, cheaper price.
      • Alfresco Lounge in DCA – A great place to rest your tired legs and have a nice glass of wine.
      • Ralph Brennen’s Jazz Kitche – Always good food and a good time!
2. Pack your race gear… all of it! Sure you have your socks, shoes, and sports bras but did you grab your body glide, some throw away mittens, maybe some peanut butter? Write it all down before you pack, then double check. Remember if you are flying to never pack your shoes in checked luggage. Be sure to bring a swimsuit and a sweat shirt… its Southern California, so you never know whats in store!

3. GET PUMPED!! Check the runDisney Facebook page, build a playlist for the race, and for goodness sake figure out your costume. Need some costume inspiration check out this great pinterest board!

Hooray You are Here! Now What?
Congrats you have made it to the Disneyland property… ummm now what do we do?

1. Go to the Expo! Head to the Disneyland Hotel and check out the Expo. A little hint is the earlier you go the less crowded it is. Be sure to pick up your gear and grab some freebies. They always have a wonderful speaker series as well, if you have more time to kill. At the Expo you can also sign up for Runner Tracking… which can push your splits directly to your Twitter so your friends back home can follow you as you fly!
2. Relax a bit. I always recommend a trip to the pool and a cocktail. A secret hint of mine is the beloved Trader Sams at the Disneyland Hotel. Basically a Disney Imagineer and a tiki lounge had a baby and called it Trader Sams. 

3. Hit the parks! Well duh this is why you here – just take it slow, you are there to run and have fun, but don’t wear your legs out walking Disneyland. Take advantage of the free app MouseWaits for up to the minute accurate wait times for the rides as well. 

4. Make sure you get your hotels race instructions. Most Disney Good Neighbor hotels will have a special race instructions page with bus times and any additional info you will need. Plan in advance how you will get to the start line and where/how you will get breakfast and coffee.

You may think all this is obvious (which it is) but here is some not so obvious stuff:

You forgot something! Oh no… Fret not, Anaheim is a metropolis.
  • Target is just down from most of the hotels on Harbor, there is also a Big 5 sports goods on the same road!
  • The Outlets at Orange has a Finish Line Sports, a Nike Factory Store, and a Sports Authority. You could literally loose your luggage and be fine after a trip here.
Oh dear, there is no where to carb load? Solution Bucca di Beppo on Harbor!

Run Like A Pixie – Race Day
These are pretty much the general tips for any race day but…
  • Get to the bus line early! A runDisney race is the most organized race you will ever run but also a popular one – get up and show up!
  • Do you need coffee before you run? You will have to get this before you get to the race! My cousin and I have brought Starbucks Vias before and have also made it in the room before we left. Note there is not a lot open at dark thirty.
  • Pack extra fuel… you never know how your body will respond on any given day so I always suggest having one additional fuel pack than you initially plan to take.
  • Have fun! You paid a lot of money for this race so don’t blow those miles. This can mean running at your peak performance or stopping for every picture opportunity you want! 

Coming up next week look be on the lookout for my Tinkerbell Half playlist, and my runDisney packing list!