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Life Lately

getting personal

Hey Brunchers! Thought I would share a little life update as I have a few exciting things to share…

You may have seen on my 30 by 30 27th Birthday Recap post that getting a new car was at the top of my priority list. Well over Easter weekend I said goodbye to my first love, my Jeep that I got when I was 16… and got myself a brand new car. I got a 2016 Buick Verano after a lot of shopping and budget work!

Secondly – as many of you know I am a full time nerd girl and part time runner! I am happy to announce that I will be a Momentum Jewelry Ambassador! I have loved their inspirational, fitness friendly jewelry for a long time and I am very excited to help share their positive vibes!

Team Sparkle Virtual 5K Watch

I totally rocked “be the best version of you” on my Team Sparkle Virtual 5k / training run over the weekend!!

501st approved

Oh and I got my second 501st costume approved! My Juno Eclipse – Rogue Shadow costume with a jacket I completely sewed from scratch!! I was pretty proud of this moment since this was a huge sewing project for me! I promise to do a post on my costume build soon!


Other than that I am totally gearing up for Dark Side and my training has been on point!

Whats been going on with you lately?

30 By 30 / / Update at 27


Alright brunch babes Happy Birthday to me! Here it is another year and another update to my 30 by 30 list. Essentially these are my goals to hit by the time I turn 30! You can read my 26 update here. So lets see what I have accomplished since starting my list!


2 // Visit the Colosseum in Rome. – My mom and I went on our amazing European adventure last summer where we did go to Rome (among other places.) It was a blast and a dream come true!

3 // Learn to sew. – Officially crossed off – I know I checked it off at 26 but I have now sewn a tailored jacket (which you will see more of soon)! I can officially sew!

13 // Finish and submit my Mara Jade for 501st approval – Mara did not get finished but my Juno Eclipse is approved and I will be sharing my second costume soon! Mara is still on the bucket list as I want to learn to sew with spandex!501st approved

15 // Eat at Club 33!! – Wow this one just made it! If you follow me on instagram you saw that I went to Club 33 for the first time this weekend – it was amazing and a full post will come!!



7 // Buy a new car. – This is currently in the works to be completed sooner, rather than later…


1 // Watch & Re-Watch the American Film Institute’s 100 Years of 100 Movies List!
Need to make some serious headway on this one next year…

6 // Lose 40 pounds (and keep it off). – My main focus for the next few months – lets do this!

20 // Ride a trolley in San Francisco. – Now that one of my best friends lives in San Francisco – this has to happen!!


Run my second marathon – adding this to the list as I have gotten more serious about running since the first list was made.

Be a better blogger – seriously been weighing on my soul… I miss you blog and I will be better :)


HELLO 2016

getting personal

Well Brunch Babes HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year is a upon us and that means new goals and dreams. I am not a huge person for resolutions but I still have my 30 by 30 list I am working towards, but I do those updates on my birthdays.

HELLO 2016Each year I like to set and intention and this year my intention is to prepare. I know that seems like some weird doomsday prepper word but hear me out…

I recently read Steve Harvey’s book Straight Talk No Chaser and one thing really stood out to me… If you want to receive a blessing than you need to get your house in order for it. He described wanting a new car when he was younger and his mom told him that he would never be blessed with a new car unless he got ready to receive that blessing. Which meant getting the driveway cleaned up, getting his old car ready to sell and prepping himself to receive the blessing of a new car.

Well I loved this analogy. We all have the potential of being blessed by this world but it is our duty to prepare for this blessing. How can good things come to us if we do not do at least some of the leg work first. This year I am going to put in the work and prepare myself to be blessed even more than I already am.

Now a lot of good things happened to me in 2015. I learned to sew (really well), I traveled to so many amazing places, I solidified a work out routine, I strengthened friendships and made new ones, went on more dates in one year than I had the last five, and finally felt like LA was really my home.

But in 2016 I want to prepare for the future blessings that I am really looking forward to long term. Getting my “house” in order for future relationships and possibly the one, preparing to meet goals for both running and health, and putting in the leg work at work to make my career dreams come true. In a word I am preparing myself.


getting personal

This post is a little bit out of the ordinary brunch babes… Today I am getting a little personal which is something I haven’t really done on here before.

As you all know I live in Los Angeles and like any big city you have the feeling of constantly being around people and being all on your own at the same time. With that you really cherish the friends you make… they become your lifeline and your chosen family to get you through the craziness that is this world.

Well this summer two of those people are moving and truthfully it really sucks. Its hard to lose the people you love and moving is one of those things that happens, especially when you live in such a transient place like LA. I am so happy for both of them as are going on to amazing things… but selfishly I would be happy if they just stayed put. 

My best friend Becca from Leather.Lace.andCupcakes is moving to San Francisco – which I am really excited to visit! She was that girl that I met in LA and asked how have I not known you my entire life. We even went to the same college and never met. She is truly someone that I can see God’s hand insert into my life – let’s just say we have gone through it together, but that is for another post…  

Chris, the Biker Scout frequently featured on my Instagram, and I have been friends for 8 years… thats along time. We met my freshman year of college and he moved out to LA about a year after I did. He is moving out of state for a new job. Chris is my ultimate Star Wars buddy, convention partner in crime, and frequent photographer for Bad Wolf Brunch. Some of you may have met him at SDCC “Game of Bloggers” meet up. He promises to return for SDCC, and Disney, and Ren Faire, and probably a lot other stuff too… But none the less he will be missed surely.

Mal & Chris

So what does this mean for me… Well it means I have to start putting myself out there again. I did this when I first moved to LA and I can do it again. I am excited because I do love a challenge and this is just that. A challenge to say yes to more drinks, seek out lunches and dinners with new people, try out new groups, take new work out classes, and really cherish the friends that I still have in LA.

I have made LA my home and for now at least, it looks like I will be here for the long haul.

Have you had to deal with friends moving? Any advice for getting out there and making new friends?