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HALLOWEEN // Dressed Up

Maybe you have a really fancy Halloween party this year – something where you need to dress to impress with a bit of a spooky touch. Well look no further.
Get your fancy pants on with these dressed up Halloween looks!

GEEK-ERY // What I Need In My Closet Now!

For the next 5 Fandom Fridays we bloggers were challenged to what nerdy items we need in our closet right now…

Well – for me this is a never ending list of fun and fashion and well… fandom!!
But I gave it a go and pulled my top wants!

I am dying over the Marie Scoop Skater Dress from Black Milk. I love the Artistocats and how girly and fun it is!!

The Dark Side maxi dress will be coming home to me soon! 
*clicks add to cart*

How fun is this Rebel Scum twisted back tank! It will go great with jeans or leggings!

And last but not least Tardis leggings – enough said…

Which pieces are you currently lusting over?

Fashion Nerd-Gasm

Basically, I am a very much a high functioning, well hidden, and marvelously dressed nerd… at least until this post. I am for sure Superwholocked and if you do not know what that is well I highly suggest you forgot that you ever heard that word. Further so, I am not the kind of girl to play video games or dungeons and dragons, just throwing that out there…

I love knowing that there are others like me out there who love design and the world of a fan girl, including some of the worlds top designers.
Here are some of my favorites:

Red Valentino Fall 2014

Completely inspired by Snow White – see the whole look book here. From the same people who bring you the beloved Rockstud.

Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014  Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014

Commes des Garcon

I feel like every Disney cray in the fashion world has this hat… Here is Kourtney Kardashian rocking it for The Coveteur photo shoot.


High fashion inspired by everyone’s favorite characters ever!

Buy it here!

Companion Clothing

Dr Who inspired fashion sense…

Buy it here!