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Hey Brunchers! Repping your favorite fandom to the office place is not the easiest of tasks…
I am fortunate enough to work in a more casual office place, but this was a look that I put together for a Friday at the office. Very geek chic!

I am representing Doctor Who with my T.A.R.D.I.S. tank from Jordandene. I love her tops because they are subtle fandom and are perfect for layering. They are also a much better quality that other geek chic tanks I have (read you cannot see my bra).

I layered my tank under an awesome metallic shouldered blazer that I got years ago. A good blazer is such a staple for geek chic. You can turn any tee or tank into a dressier look. Paired with dark wash skinny jeans and my favorite Quay sunnies I was ready to head to the office.


GEEK-ERY // What I Need In My Closet Now!

For the next 5 Fandom Fridays we bloggers were challenged to what nerdy items we need in our closet right now…

Well – for me this is a never ending list of fun and fashion and well… fandom!!
But I gave it a go and pulled my top wants!

I am dying over the Marie Scoop Skater Dress from Black Milk. I love the Artistocats and how girly and fun it is!!

The Dark Side maxi dress will be coming home to me soon! 
*clicks add to cart*

How fun is this Rebel Scum twisted back tank! It will go great with jeans or leggings!

And last but not least Tardis leggings – enough said…

Which pieces are you currently lusting over?

STYLE ME Stormtropper

Today’s outfit was inspired by Star Wars Stormtroopers…

We know them, we love them, they are our favorite clones.
I wore this outfit to work and running errands around town. As I creative I get a bit more freedom in my work apparel. But my favorite part of this outfit is I can add a little subtle nerdiness to my daily digs. 

Check out the shoes!

Star Wars Stormtrooper vans for the win! Plus I love the subtle Tejano vibe!
They are available here.

This is a great day time / anytime outfit that really lets you EMBRACE WHAT YOU LOVE!

Have you checked out the Star Wars Vans?

Rocking the Throne

R+L=J am I right?

As you can tell I am in full comic con mode and am ready to get off to San Diego for 4 days of fandom and fun. But alas, like all good things I must wait.

So I dug through last years comic con memories and cam across this wonderful piece of swag – my very own GOT house shirt, made at the Experience the Realm pop up. I love that this shirt is personalized for me and show everyone my love of GOT!

I paired it with a chunky statement necklace, leather crop pants, and Marc Jacobs mary jane pumps. Per the usual I am wearing my Michele watch and diamond studs. I knotted the tee to give it more shape. When I originally got the shirt I intended for it to be a sleep shirt so its bigger.

This is a really fun and fashionable way to #embracewhatyoulove and who can resist some Lannister blonde hair.

Style Me Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

Basically I will have to say Star Wars was my first fandom. I remember watching the films when I was 5 with my parents, then again when they re-played in theaters in the ’90s, then of course episodes I-III while I was in middle school and high school. In many ways I also grew up with Star Wars, so of course I have a vintage tee that I love to wear to show my love!

Here I have matched my vintage Star Wars tee with an acid wash denim pencil skirt, a statement necklace, and laser cut Italian leather wedges. Oh can’t forget my good old Ray Bans for a summer day!

I worse this outfit out for margaritas with my girlfriends and had many comments from fellow Star Wars fans…  See ladies embrace what you love, so many people are passionate about it too!