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FOOD & WINE – California Style

Hello my brunch lovers! This weekend I was able to check out the amazingness that is the Food & Wine Festival at Disney’s California Adventure.

FOODandWINE Header As many of you know the Food and Wine Festival happens each year at Epcot and started in 1995. The California version ran from 2006-2010 until the major renovations happened in the park. So after 6 years the Food & Wine Festival returned to California!


There are 8 booths are set up in California Adventure that offer a culinary tour of California – each named appropriately like “The Vineyard”, “LA Style” and  “By the Bay”.

We ended up getting something from every booth and split a lot of items. Overall, I would say that the California edition is more expensive than it’s Florida counter part.

My favorites were the White Cheddar Ale and Bacon Soup, the Golden Thai Curry Vegetables and the Wagyu Beef with Polenta (all featured above). Of course, the wine was excellent but this is California we are talking about.


If you are an annual passholder you should be sure to go to the special area at Blue Sky Cellar for your special button, recipe card and phone charging stations!

I would advise against the AP tasting card offered for $45 as you actually will probably spend less on the food. The wine will have you spending more… They seemed to be running out of many items while I was there but be sure and ask even if they announce they are out. We got a few items they said were sold out just by asking.

Overall I would recommend checking this out if you live in the area or will be at Disneyland for vacation! It is fun, delicious and is looking to be very successful!

What would you want to try at Food & Wine?

D23 Expo Recap – 2015

Good morning brunchers! Well this weekend I had the opportunity to attend the amazing D23 Expo in Anaheim where we celebrated all things Disney. This was my third time to attend and I thought that this was the best D23Expo yet!

D23 Expo Recap

Friday kicked off with a bang with the Disney Legends Panel where the new legends were inducted in. Legends like George Lucas, Johnny Depp, composer Danny Elfman, and animator Andreas Deja were present to accept their place into the Disney Legends.

Also on Friday was the Disney Animation panel. I was not at this panel but my cousin was and she reported that we will all cry our eyes out in The Good Dinosaur and that people lost it when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out for Moana.

Saturday was an early morning for the Bad Wolf Brunch team as we got up and got in line for the ever popular live action panel. I loved how D23 did their line system this year.

Hall D23

You could pick the section that you wanted to sit in and got a wrist band that guaranteed you were in. After you got the wristband we were able to go out and grab coffee and breakfast for everyone while some held our spot in line. We waited inside in cues where they had TV’s playing Disney short film and fun clips. Outlets and charging stations were available for use. They frequently came over the loud speakers with updates and alerted everyone when it was time to take chairs and anything else back to the car. I don’t think any convention has really figured out the solution to the epic live problems we are having but I will say D23 was more comfortable and more informative than SDCC. Also speaking of cons – the new hall at the Anaheim Convention Center is amazing and holds more people than Hall H…

For the live action panel Disney made us bag up our phones and cameras. We saw a concept art sizzle piece for Doctor Strange and some AMAZING footage of Captain America: Civil War (like mind blowing). Seriously this is going to be dope.

The live action version of Jungle Book gave us a first look at footage and it looks great. I am so excited for this new adaptation. We also got a glimpse of the live action Beauty & the Beast which is a confirmed musical! OMG Hermione as Belle, my life is made!

My biggest fangirl moment (until the big one that left me screaming) was the announcement that Orlando Bloom will be back in the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise!! I literally screamed!!

Then it was time for STAR WARS! Finally this year I made it into a freaking Star Wars panel! We screamed when Harrison Ford came out but then everyone got literally kicked off the stage for Bob Iger to come on. You know when Bob comes on stage it is going to be big. Then they dropped the bomb I had been hearing rumors about for forever… STAR WARS LAND! (Photo is from Disney Parks Blog)

We will be getting two Star Wars lands in both California and Orlando at Hollywood Studios! The Disneyland addition will be 14 acres and the largest single land expansion ever! We have been promised a Millennium Falcon attraction where guests will be behind the controls of the famed ship. Additionally a cantina was discussed… Take my money now please! Literally this left me screaming I am so freaking excited.


In the next panel, Parks and Resorts, they went further into the Star Wars additions to the park. While we wait for our lands we will get the Star Wars Launch Bay later this year! We will also be getting Season of the Force at both parks in early 2016 which will be a special seasonal Star Wars celebration with special entertainment, themed food (yes!) and at Disneyland a special temporary wrap on Space Mountain making it Hyperspace Mountain. They also announce a new destination will be added to Star Tours from The Force Awakens – basically it is a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

Take a moment and process all of that…

D23 Broadway

Next up for us was one of my favorite panels of all times – The Disney Broadway Originals Panel! Disney brought us three of their Broadway stars to perform a few select songs from all of their original productions. This is something that is so special because it is real broadway and a total highlight! No other con offers this and is truly just utterly amazing! The singers featured were Ashley Brown (who originated Mary Poppins on Broadway), Tony Award Winner James Monroe Iglehart (who originated the Genie in Aladdin) and Josh Strickland (the original Tarzan on Broadway). Talk about talent.

D23 SingersOf course there is the convention floor which is also very unique at D23 Expo. It is extremely curated with destinations for every aspect of Disney. This year there was a large presence for Disney Consumer Goods aka what you can buy. I mean look at this Elsa wedding dress.

ELSA Wedding

They showed off some of the new goods for Star Wars and had some TFA Stromtroopers out! Force Friday on September 4th will mark the arrival of all the new toys, collectibles, books and apparel surrounding The Force Awakens with many stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars. I also got to see the costume exhibit from The Force Awakens that I missed at Star Wars Celebration – thanks Disney!

As you can tell there was a lot to see at D23Expo and a lot of amazing announcements! I am so excited for all the new and amazing fun coming from Disney and am so appreciative that they put on this event where fans truly feel part of the Disney family!

Bad Wolf’s Guide to the D23 Expo

BWB guide to D23 expoCheers brunch babes! Sorry for the delay in posts but this bad wolf got pretty sick… Not to fret we are back feeling better and getting ready for an amazing weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo! This will be my third D23 Expo and it is an amazing weekend full of all things Disney.

What is D23 Expo? Well every other year Disney puts on its very own convention in Anaheim full of film news, tv updates, park reveals, and even broadway fun. Disney is great about really bringing out all the stops. What you can expect from D23? Lots of big name cast – last time we saw Angelina Jolie, Idina Menzel, Chris Pine, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and a live sing-along to Lets Go Fly a Kit with Richard Sherman (insert tears here).


Fun fact – D23 Expo 2011 was my first convention EVER! Look how young I was…


So what are somethings you can expect for D23 Expo and how is it different from other cons?

STAGE PASS: For the two smaller stages (Stage 23 & Stage 28) the Expo offers a Fastpass to the panel. You sign up for a Stage Pass on the Hall floor starting at 9am for panels s from 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and at 12:30pm for panels from 3pm and later. Of course first come first serve.

Hall D23: AKA the big bad Hall where all the main presentations happen. Here you are coming for a large chunk of time where a whole section of Disney will be presented. For example live action movies will be all the live action movies. You cannot choose Marvel or Star Wars or Disney – you get them all. Same for animation and parks. Also worth noting this room is cleared after every major panel.

STORE PASS: New this year because D23 is a shopping paradise! Like Stage Pass you can sign up for a 30 minute shopping window at the Disney Dream Store, Disney Store, and Mickey’s of Glendale on the Expo floor. Lines for this are long and the merch is good!

For more info on the 2015 D23 Expo check out the official site.

DAPPER DAY // The Most Dapper Day in the Kingdom

Apologies for the hiatus… I was at the Toronto Film Festival for work – but now I am back and what better way to celebrate being back than going to Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Dapper Day is where we step back in time to a more elegant time, and visit the park in style!
It was a very hot day in the most magical place on earth but we did have a very good time!

I adored my outfit down to the shoes. My Baby Jo in Los Angeles is where I bought my dress and shoes. They are also experts in all things dapper and rockabilly, and really helped a girl out!

I was particularly proud of my hair and make up for the day!
I do think I need to work on my cat eye a bit but for a first go I think I did a pretty good job!

 It was also the first day of Halloween – which is my most favorite holiday!
We were able to ride Nightmare Before Christmas’s Haunted Mansion and spent the evening at the zombie-fied Mad Tea Party… so much fun!

At the Dapper Expo we checked out some very cool vintage finds and I got an amazing sketch of my dapper wear that will be going in my bedroom.

Of course no day at Disney is complete without a little my friend Stormy…

The next Dapper Day at Disneyland will be March 1st – will you be there?
More info here: http://dapperday.com/ 

Friday Edits

Hi Guys – I am starting a new series called “Friday Edits”

Here I will share all the edits, quotes, and just cool stuff I make throughout the week.
Most of these images make it to my instagram BadWolfBrunch but wanted to share online as well… Hope you enjoy!
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