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Dinning Room Makeover | Saving A Docksta Table

So as you can see I have gotten the design itch. Currently I am re-working my dining area.
My first step to any design challenge is to figure out what I want and what I am drawn too.
Pinterest is the perfect sounding board for this… So I did what every girl would do I started pinning different aesthetics that I like.
You can view my inspiration board here!

DINING DESIGN INSPOAs I do with all my designs I started to look for pattern. My go to color scheme for my entire apartment is varying shades of blue and white. Traditionally I lean towards navy and white, but my living room, kitchen and dining room also incorporate varying shades of aqua and teal. The one thing I kept noticing in my patterns beyond my color scheme was the round tulip table. Guess what guys – I have a round tulip table.


The only problem was my Ikea Docksta has seen better days and the table surface has a few scratches. I contemplated just buying another Docksta but figured I could spend that money better elsewhere. One thing about my apartment and design is that I can do it on a budget. After a lengthy web search I found out that Docksta’s generally get scratched up, but then my mother reminded me that any table you use multiple times a day will get wear and tear. So I set out to save my tulip table.

The first thing I did was give it a good scrub. For the table top the usual all-purpose cleaner works great, but acetone can help to get rid of anything sticky. I use my dining room table for sewing and crafting so I had some old glue stuck on mine… acetone took it right off. For the scratches I tried a few different things like paint pens but ultimately found that the permanent chalk marker I had from my craft drawer match perfectly! I did about 3 coats with drying time in between and the top looks so much better!


I also gave some special attention to the base of my table. White obviously can get dirty and mine certainly was. I started again with muli-purpose cleaner, then used Ajax with bleach to whiten it up and finally a Magic Eraser to finish the job!

What can I say I saved my Docksta and $175 – more dinning room makeover fun to come!

Dinning Room Inspiration

It has been super rainy here in Los Angeles over the last few weeks and especially the last few days. While I am thankful for the rain pouring down on our drought stricken land – we SoCal kids have had to stay indoors more than we are used too.

All my added time inside has led to a total Pinterest binge and the desire to re-do my dining area. The thing I love most about my apartment is how light and bright everything is. My aesthetic has always been traditional with a beachy twist.

White Kitchen

I guess my upbringing of living between Florida, Texas and California have influenced my design taste… I love a big farm table, blue and white accessories, fresh flowers, and airy lighting.


How amazing are these sea grass dining chairs? These might be too bulky for my apartment but love the idea of incorporating natural fibers into my home.

As much as furniture sets the stage – sometimes it is all about setting the table. I adore this Ralph Lauren blue and white tableware matched with the natural woven placemats.


Stay tuned to see where my dining area ends up!

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Beach Blue Interiors

I am so ready for summer and all my design envy clearly is too…
Coveting all these looks at the moment. I really love anything that is blue and looks like it just came out of the Hamptons! 

House of Turquoise: Verandah House

Bedroom Redux

So I am having a serious case of bedroom boredom… My bedroom is so plain and lacks any and all design. When moving in I completely focused on my living room – which I love but not on my bedroom. It became the home to my art that did not work in the living room and a very bland space. 

My goal is to create a relaxing, functional, yet inspiring space. It function only for dressing and sleeping. It is a big space but the challenges are the one wall is a full length mirrored closet, the opposite is all windows.

Bedroom Redux is going to be my new project that will follow the design and decorating of my new bedroom.

Floor Plan:
Here is the basic idea of the floor plan as it is now. I am fairly sure that the bed will need to stay where it is… But I have a few ideas to play around with and see!

Queen sized bed, dresser, vanity, glass side table, night stand.
The main furniture will not be changing for budget reasons, but they are all very neutral pieces that work well in the space!

My Bed – Erin Cute as A Button Bed
So here we go… off to redo my bedroom and make it a space I love and will be happy to relax in!

Fashion Nerd-Gasm

Basically, I am a very much a high functioning, well hidden, and marvelously dressed nerd… at least until this post. I am for sure Superwholocked and if you do not know what that is well I highly suggest you forgot that you ever heard that word. Further so, I am not the kind of girl to play video games or dungeons and dragons, just throwing that out there…

I love knowing that there are others like me out there who love design and the world of a fan girl, including some of the worlds top designers.
Here are some of my favorites:

Red Valentino Fall 2014

Completely inspired by Snow White – see the whole look book here. From the same people who bring you the beloved Rockstud.

Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014  Red Valentino RTW Fall 2014

Commes des Garcon

I feel like every Disney cray in the fashion world has this hat… Here is Kourtney Kardashian rocking it for The Coveteur photo shoot.


High fashion inspired by everyone’s favorite characters ever!

Buy it here!

Companion Clothing

Dr Who inspired fashion sense…

Buy it here!

Style File: Mollie Ruprecht

Best Dressed: 1stdibs’ Mollie Ruprecht | The Tory Blog

I am completely obsessed with Mollie Ruprecht’s feature in the Tory Burch blog this week.
She is an editor for 1stdibs an online auction house for one of a kind beautiful items, and is the daughter of  Sotheby’s Chairman and CEO William Ruprecht – so I figure she knows what she is doing. I don’t know why but it seems like we should be friends…

Plus she is wearing the bad ass Camille gown by my lady Tory Burch.

Full feature here.

Cheers! Good Design for Good Drinking!

Sometimes it’s ok to judge a book (or a bottle) by its cover.
I just adore people with good design, it’s the marketer in me.

Happy 30th David!!

Ok so I have a slight obsession with David Yurman and well when his 30th Anniversary Collection came out I just had to have one. 

One of the plus’s of living in LA is that Rodeo Drive is not some pipe dream it is real and it always has it first.

I currently have the light pink bad boys sitting pretty on my wrist!

Again Happy 30th Anniversary David Yurman. We love you!

{Leopard Love}

LOVE this @Gray Walker! A girl after my own (leopard) heart!

I am totally craving adding a little leopard to my life!

Leopard goes great with bright pops of color and the queen of all things classy, Jenna Lyons, has confirmed that leopard is in fact a neutral. 
So many options… Bags, shoes, home decor.
So many options, so little time.
Celine ♥
sadie + stella: monday musings: will I ever quit leopard?
J.Crew invitation clutch in leopard $138