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What’s In My Purse?

Happy Friday Brunch Babes! Well I apologize for falling off the face of the blogging world. A two week international work trip followed by a week at Disney World to run the Princess Half kept me off the blog and focused on my job – but we are back again for another 5 Fandom Friday and today is the 5 Things Always in my purse!

5 purse

So whats in Bad Wolf Brunch’s bag?

I always have my sunglasses with me – normally at least 2 pairs. Right now I am loving my Kate Spade glasses I got over Christmas break!

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me know I love Disney and I always have my passes with me just in case anyone wants to go on a quick trip. Yes a little over kill but thats my Disneyland AP, DVC Card, Walt Disney World AP and Tables in Wonderland card. Not featured my mom’s Disneyland AP which I hold on to since she always loses it.

Other random necessities – hand sanitizer and an antibacterial wipe to keep things clean and my Sabine portable charger to keep my social media game strong!

I also always carry some kind of lip gloss and perfume. I love the Ulta Matte Lip Creams but am also known to have some Limecrime hanging with me too.

So excited to see what is in other ladies bags for 5 Fandom Friday because true like I am super nosey and find these posts fascinating…