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My Carry On | Updated

You may have seen from instagram but I recently traveled to Berlin for work. I had shared my previous carry on necessities from a few years ago, but as I have traveled more my carry on has gotten more refined.  I thought this trip was a great time to do an updated carry on post.


Yes… I have a strategy for how I fly, especially long haul (aka over an ocean). As you probably know, you are allowed to bring one carry on bag, typically a wheeled one, and one personal item with you. My goal is to not have to open the my actual carry on accept for once the entire flight. Everything I need for the flight is in my personal item. This trip I am just using my Phillip Lim bag which will also be my work bag in Berlin.

In Flight Kit


My personal bag holds all my in-flight necessities which all fit in my clear TSA approved zipper pouch. I like to keep my skin hydrated during the flight so I turn to my go to item Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray and Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel (seriously this stuff is a miracle worker). I pack my full eye cream and love to use the under eye gel masks right before we land to look more awake.
In this kit I also have a travel tooth brush, tooth paste, Advil PM, my Bobbi Brown foundation, and a bunch of perfume samples.

Along with my kit, in my personal bag I always have an iPhone charger, my travel wallet, a book, headphones, eye mask, Wet Wipes (wipe down your tray table people), and a small flashlight. Literally this is everything I need to get through a flight to Europe.

My Rolling Carry On

FullSizeRender 12
This bag has all the extra things I may need or do not want to pack in my suitcase. I keep my laptop, all my chargers and adapters, my jewelry, work items like my hard drive and planner, a back up pair of leggings and panties, and a scarf (because Berlin was cold). The only thing in this bag that I use during the flight is my travel pillow, which I get out at the start of the flight and return to the bag before I land.

What are your carry-on necessities? Let me know in the comments!

I am very excited to continue my travels over the summer to Europe and my beloved Disney World! Stay tuned for more travel and running fun!


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Next week I set off to cold, snowy Berlin for my real life job. At 27 I have spent the last 4 years traveling several times a year to various countries for my job. While all this has sparked a love for travel it has also made me an expert at crossing an ocean for my job, so today I wanted to share my favorite items that get me there stylishly and professionally.

business travel accesories

I am currently coveting this carry on from Mark & Graham. I love the structure, color and fact that this can be considered a personal item. This very well could be my next buisness traveler purchase. Big enough to tote your laptop, in air essentials kit, and a good book! I am currently still using my trusted Lo & Sons OG Bag for my carry-on or a big tote.


A travel wallet is a necessity for business travel. You want to stay organized and look professional. I have had the Aspinal of London classic travel wallet for nearly 3 years and I adore it! It keeps me so organized! Alongside this you always need your business cards in a great card holder – I always turn to Kate Spade for these.

I think the biggest keys to business travel is to make sure you have everything you need to do your job. I need to have my hard drive, laptop, trip information, and chargers with me in my carryon just in case my luggage gets lost. From a personal protection stand point my jewelry always gets packed in my carry-on too. I have an older version of the Henri Bendel jewelry case but love this version as well!

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Traveling Long Haul for a Race


Many of my friends will be taking off later in September to fly to France to run the inaugural runDisney Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. My cousin Juliana will be one of these lucky runners!


Flying trans-atlantic or “long haul” for a race is a different kind of challenge from flying across the country or driving to a race. Last year I flew from Berlin, Germany to Orlando for the 2016 Princess Half Marathon so I have a little bit of experience in flying across the pond to get to a race. Beyond my race travel experience I fly to Europe several times a year for work and like to think I know what I am doing!

Beyond the usual race weekend prep of making dining reservations and packing you will want to consider your travel needs in the air. In this post I shared a general idea of what I pack in my long haul carry on. It has changed a bit over the last year but many things are the same! Oh and I totally got that Lo & Sons Bag -> Best carry on ever!!


So you are ready to go and at the airport! If you can splurge for a higher class, like business or premium economy, it will be totally worth if, if not extended leg room is a great option that is also budget conscious. Being able to extend your legs is key! I always wear compression socks on the plane but this is especially helpful for a race flight. Make sure to pick up a big water bottle at the airport as you need to stay and keep hydrated on the flight -a little Nuun never hurt either. You won’t want to risk losing your running shoes if your baggage gets lost, so I always wear mine on the plane for a race.


My plane routine is to get seated/settled and watch a full movie. Eat dinner and take a Tylenol PM with dessert. I normally put on a movie that I have seen a few times to help me relax while the Tylenol/Advil PM kicks in and I fall asleep. I do drink wine on a flight, but that is a personal choice. Remember to keep drinking your water! An eyemask or hoodie will help blackout any light so you can fall asleep. Try the one I use…  the HoodiePillow Travel Pillow is amazing!

Fighting jet lag is actually easier than you think. Once you to Europe you need to stay awake. I like to drink Berocca, which is similar to Emergen-C and available throughout Europe to give me an energy boost and help my immune system. Then my first stop off the plane is straight for an espresso. My second tip is to get the sun in your eyes. Your body will adjust when it starts recognizing the daylight. Try to stay awake until at least 8 or 9pm – scheduling a dinner helps… then off to sleep you go!

What can I say – I am a tad bit jealous of all the amazing adventures you Disneyland Paris runners are going to have, but I wish you all the best time! Someone (cough Juli cough) can bring me back some Marie or Alice in Wonderland trinket not sold at Epcot!

Let me know if you are running or having some serious FOMO in the comments!



Season of the Force at Disneyland

With the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this Friday (but let’s be real we are going to see it Thursday night) I had to share the fun happening at my home away from home – Disneyland! Apologies in advance – this is a long post but there is just so much amazingness to cover!


I have been so excited SEASON OF THE FORCE since it was announced at D23 earlier this year.
Tomorrowland in Disneyland has be taken over by all things Star Wars and let me be clear this is an amazing thing. I kind of lost it a bit when I saw it the first time… which is another reason to follow me on SnapChat (malloryanntx). From the shopping to the food and oh yeah the freaking rides Season of the Force is a win!


Woah Nelly… I cried the first time I got to ride this. Legit tears. You enter HyperSpace Mountain (hopefully with a fast pass) to find Admiral Ackbar giving you orders. Thats right – we are going into a space battle to take down a Star Destroyer! The original ride we know and love now features the amazing Star Wars music and effects, a trip through light speed, and a projection on the walls of the battle you are in. Yes you are in a battle – complete with laser cannon fire. This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen at Disneyland in a while, I really lost my stuff.
Pro Tip: Get your Fast Pass for this ride first thing as you enter the park!


Also worth noting STAR TOURS added a new scene from The Force Awakens into the rotation with BB-8 and John Boyega’s character Finn!



Path of the Jedi is a sort of “catch up” to The Force Awakens taking through the Star Wars story. I thought it was really well done how the cut the original trilogy with episodes 1-3 to tell the story that leads up to essentially a version of The Force Awakens trailer. It is located in the old Honey I Shrunk the Kids/Captain EO theater right next to Hyperspace Mountain. I would recommend hitting this up in between Fast Passes and really is a great show. Try not to miss this!



Star Wars Launch Bay is so much fun! Located in the old Innoventions building, Launch Bay is a themed area for character meet and greets, photo opps, display from The Force Awakens, and everything Star Wars video game related. Darth Vader and Chewbacca are in themed meet and greet areas and sometimes Boba Fett is lurking in the cantina for photos. Launch Bay opens at 10am, but I would suggest checking it out in the afternoon as the lines do die down. Also to note this is not open all night (I believe it closes at 8pm) so aim for late afternoon, not late night.



The Jedi Training academy got a few updates for Season of the Force as well. Padwans now use light up sabers versus the old wrist flick saber of my youth and face a new villian, The Seventh Sister. If you aren’t watching Star Wars Rebels you should because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is voicing this sassy Sith – and I am obsessed! Also worth noting that the process of becoming a padwan has changed. You now sign up by Launch Bay and it starts as soon as the park opens, so I would be sure and get over to the registration in the morning. There is more of a storyline to the Trials of the Temple as the padwans are completing the trials to become Jedi. It is pretty adorable watching a bunch of kids use the force.



As you can probably imagine shopping is not lacking in Seasons of the Force. Star Traders, the main store by Space Mountain, is now fully converted to sell only Star Wars merchandise. There is expanded clothing options and tons on Her Universe and Lounge Fly available. You can still build your own lightsaber in the back as well. In addition to Star Trader, there is a shop inside Season of the Force selling more collectible items and a place to customize phone cases.


Tips and Tricks

I thought I would leave you with a couple of my tips and tricks from visiting Season of the Force a few times now.

  1. Get there early (aka Rope Drop this) – If you want to accomplish all of Season of the Force you are going to need to get up and get there.
  2. Go straight to Hyperspace Mountain and get yourself some Fast Passes – then get in the stand by line. If you are there early enough you will be able to ride it quickly, then go again.
  3. If you have padwan who wants to face the Trials of the Temple head to sign up next!
  4. Breakfast is great at Galactic Grill where they have Star Wars themed food. I mean Bantha Bread french toast – yes please!
  5. After your Hyperspace Mountain Fast Pass expires get a Star Tours one.
  6. Enjoy Path of the Jedi and Launch Bay after lunch. It will be less crowded.
  7. If you want a fancy name tag with your name in aurebesh go to the small gift shop opposite Launch Bay (under the old People Mover). The later you go the faster they will be made.

I hope you get a chance to experience Season of the Force yourself and May the Force be with you!

BWB Travels – Capri


Buongiorno brunch babes! Today for BWB Travels we are going to the little island of Capri. Seriously if I am ever missing, check here first… I am in love!

Capri is off the coast of Italy and is a small island made up of Capri and Anacapri. We got to Capri by taking the Hyrdofoil boat from the Napels Cruise port. The Hydrofoil port is very close to the cruise port and you can buy your tickets right there. There are a few different ferry companies… I would recommend taking the soonest leaving ferry.

The ferry ride takes about 50 mins to get from Naples to Capri. Once you arrive you dock into the most picturesque port of your dreams. If you arrive in Capri on a good day the Blue Grotto is a must see! Walking down the dock from disembarking the hydrofoil you will see the small stand to buy tickets for the Blue Grotto from Motoscafisti. They offer two trips one just to the Blue Grotto and a trip around the island that includes the Blue Grotto. We choose to just see the grotto for time’s sake.

Blue Grotto Entrance


Once you board your boat to the Blue Grotto it is a quick trip to the actual grotto entrance. This is where the fun comes in. You will wait for on your boat in a weird queue that only the boat captains understand. Be prepared to wait in the sun… this is prime tanning (or burning time). When it is your boats turn small row boats will approach your boat and you will disembark into the row boat. They seat 4 people per boat and you sit on the floor. Your rowboat is then taken to a boat to pay for the grotto entrance fee so be sure to have euros on hand! Your row boat is then taken to the grotto entrance where you are swiftly pulled through the small opening with your boat captain almost laying down on top of you to get in. Don’t worry it is bigger on the inside.

Blue Grotto - Capri

The sun reflects off the limestone bottom creating the glowing blue effect that is truly beautiful. You spend a few minutes inside while being serenaded then it is back out through the hole. Truly this is an experience. On the way back to Capri you can get some beautiful shots of the island.

One of the things on my bucket list was to have a caprese salad in Capri. While we generally try to stay away from the “tourist” restaurants there are a few down by the harbor that were perfectly delicious and had free wifi. Checked this delicious item off my bucket list and a napoleon pizza!

Caprese salad

After lunch it was time for shopping and Capri does not disappoint. This is the playground of the rich and famous and the shopping lives up to that! We took the funicular up to the Piazetta where the shops are. The funicular runs every 15 mins and is very cheap to take… plus it is pretty fun! Up on the piazetta you can find Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Mui Mui and many more. Depending on the strength of the Euro this could be a great place to make a luxury item purchase – I did and I will always remember I got it on Capri!

Shopping and some limoncello rounded out the day then we headed back to the hyrofoil to return to Naples. This was my favorite day of the cruise because Capri is a little slower and all about sun and treating yourself! Ohhh I will be back!

Until our next adventure!


BWB Travels – Barcelona

Salud Brunchers! As promised I will be taking you through my travels and first stop is Barcelona…

In total I spent 3 days in Barcelona and had a magical time.

When you visit Barcelona you are going to come across the name Gaudi. He was an architect and artist who’s work includes the amazing Sagrada Familia church. This is truly a must see of Barcelona. Gaudi took over construction in 1883 and to this day – it is still not finished… they are still following Gaudi’s plan. It is breathe taking…

Gaudi was inspired by nature and the roof is supported by pillars made to resemble trees instead of the classic flying buttress approach. We booked a tour and front of the line pass for Sagrada Familia beforehand with Julia Travel. This really helped us to maximize our time and really understand the story and development of Sagrada Familia.

Along with Sagrada Familia, Gaudi also designed Park Guell. It was originally planned to be a type of master plan community but only one house was ever built and now is a park. Most of the park is free but where Gaudi’s main designs are is for a fee. Park Guell is run extremely well and plenty of English is spoken if you need help.


Book you Park Guell ticket before you go. They keep the appointment times very strict.
If you do not book ahead of time it is very likely you will have to wait a few hours to get in.

We utilized the City Sightseeing Tour Bus Blue line to see Park Guell and onto to Camp Nou, the home of Football Club Barcelona.

Camp Nou Barcelona

The Camp Nou Experience is perfect for any football or sports fan of any age. Getting the opportunity to walk on a professional pitch is something everyone should experience. For free you can walk the entry way of the stadium and shop the mega three floor store if FC Barcelona gear. If you choose to pay (which we did) you have the opportunity to go through the museum, see the press box, go down to the pitch, and take photos with trophies (additional cost). Even though my mom and I are not the greatest football fans the energy is contagious and you cannot help but feel excited here. Tickets are readily available at the stadium.

For the evenings, you cannot come to Barcelona without a stop to Las Ramblas. This street is full of gelato, tapas, wine bars, and tourist fun. Sure this may not be the most authentic experience, but it is one you have to do. Plaza de Catalunya is a great place to start and head down the Ramblas. It can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many choices but check Trip Advisor for a few recommendations or my recommendation of Casa Guinart.

Of course the other name in Barcelona art is one you have heard of – Picasso.
The Picasso museum is great to see some very classic art from this amazing master. While I visited a Dali exhibit was also on feature. This made for a lovely afternoon. I also recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time to avoid very long lines. Make the most of your time in the museum or having an espresso in a cafe in the Gothic Quarter – not in line.

What would you want to see in Barcelona? Anything else you would like to know from me?

See you at our next destination!





Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration


Hey brunch babes! Today we are raising a glass to Disneyland and it’s Diamond 60th Anniversary!

Disneyland opened its gates to us on July 17th 1955 and for 60 amazing years it has a source for happiness and joy for all who enter. In honor of this Disneyland is celebrating all year for it’s diamond anniversary and everyone is ready to sparkle!

Of course, I had to make the trip south to check out the Happiest Place on Earth and see all the new diamond fun for the 60th Anniversary. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is covered in diamonds and ready to sparkle. I decided to wear my new Jordandene Olaf tank with white lace shorts from Lilly Pulitzer for Target, and the accessory of the year the Diamond 60th Minnie Mouse Ears. Check them out here.
Olaf agrees that some people are worth melting for!

New for the Diamond 60th celebration is a all new fireworks Disneyland Forever, a new World of Color celebrating Walt’s vision, the Mad Tea Party has returned with a Diamond addition, and a new night time parade called Paint the Night.

Other new fun around the parks include a new ghost in the Haunted Mansion, an HD version of Soarin’ Over California, and some fun new food and drinks to really get the 60th going! If you can make it – – this is a great year to come out and celebrate Disneyland.

I cannot wait to share more fun from Disneyland with you!

BWB Travels | Europe

BWB-Travels3Hello my beautiful brunchers – wonder where I have been and why I have not been writing!?! I might too…

I have spent the last 28 days in Europe. If you follow me on Instagram you got a quick glance of where I have been but I will be doing a full post on each city as part of my BWB Travels Series.

A brief overview… I was in Cannes, France for 15 days with my work, then met my mom in Barcelona to board the Allure of the Seas for our Mediterranean cruise. We went to Palma de Mallorca, Provence, Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Naples / Capri.

I cannot wait to share all my adventures with you in the upcoming posts!

Keep an eye out as I share my adventures with you!

TEXAS // 48 Hours back Home

Hey Brunchers! This weekend I made a quick 48 hour trip back to my hometown in Texas.
I went home for a charity event called Storytellers that my mom is a sponsor of. Storytellers is a unique event featuring acclaimed artists who share the stories behind their award-winning songs, and then perform them in an intimate, acoustical setting. This event provides  an amazing opportunity to hear the meaning, personalities and stories behind the music, straight from the songwriters themselves. This year we got to hear from the writers of Jesus Take the Wheel, The Climb, I Drive Your Truck, and What Hurts the Most… amoung many many more country music hits. 
Before the event I had a great time hanging out with my mom, shopping, getting some tex-mex, and buying some new boots. Lucchese and of course, that’s where I was headed. I got 2 new pairs, one is getting shipped to me and the other well they were right there on my feet.

Call me crazy but ever since I left Texas for California, I feel even more proud to be a Texan. As I am sure you all know we wear cowboy boots in Texas. No I did not ride a horse to school, and no I did not wear a cowboy hat – but boots are actually a legitimate thing. The Louboutin’s of cowboy boots are Luchesse and they are the most comfortable and beautiful boots you can ever own.
I also rocked this amazing shirt from my dear friends brand Southward Apparel. Yup Texas made me! Seriously though, these are the cutest and softest shirts you will ever get and perfect for any Southern girl. I love repping my Texas roots in LA.

Check out more of Southward’s amazing shirts below!

Mischief Managed in Wizarding World

Hey Brunchers! I was so happy to be able to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on my last day in Orlando. I love love love Harry Potter and knew I had to return for the new addition of Diagon Alley.

First of all Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express are truly magic. I just could not stop smiling all day. You enter Diagon Alley just like Harry did, in London through a magical brick wall. You can even see the knight bus outside waiting to curry witches and wizards to their destinations, or climb aboard like I obviously did…

How perfect is my Mischief Managed tank from Jordandene for a trip to Wizarding World?!? #Obsessed

The first thing we did upon entering Diagon Alley – like any good witch or wizard – was head straight to Olivanders, where we promptly purchased wands. My wand was made of ash and was picked off the celtic calendar based on my birthdate. These magic wands can truly make you do magic all around Hogsmead, Diagon Alley, and even Knockturn Alley. The wand comes with a map letting you know where you are *cough* magically inclined…
Look at me… I am so excited to be making it rain!!

Being the good Slytherin that I am, robes were also a necessity. Hey – when in Rome right?
I was a little disappointed in the number of strange looks I got for walking around in a robe… I mean hello I am the Harry Potter generation, not the child who can barley pronounce quidditch I am a grown up who has read these books her ENTIRE childhood and high school years.

We ate fish and chips at the leaky caldron, got some butter beer, and picked up a chocolate frog.
I got to talk to a goblin at Gringotts – who would not grant me access to Bellatrix’s vault… Sad day.

Sadly the new Gringotts ride was down – but we were able to ride the Forbidden Journey inside Hogwarts twice and the Hogwarts Express about 4 times. We were also thoroughly entertained by out ability to do magic!

Needless to say this was beyond magical. I had never smiled so much in my life (outside of WDW)! I cannot wait for our California park to open… and when it does, anyone for a butter beer after work?