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2015 Geeky Gift Guide – Star Wars

Holiday Gift Guide Banner

Hello Brunch Babes! As we make our way towards Christmas I wanted to share this years geeky gift guide! This year I will be sharing a different fandom guide each day to ensure all the nerds on your list are covered! Happy Shopping!

All of my frequent readers know I love Star Wars and there is no denying this time of year we are winning! So why not kick off the gift guide with some force-ful gifts!


Why not toast your New Years Resolutions in something a little nicer this year like the Limited Addition Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set.

The force is strong with anyone who gets the Star Wars fan in their life the BB-8 Droid from Sphero (especially if they didn’t already buy it).

The Dark Lord approves this uber comfy pullover guaranteed to keep fangirls warm this winter (or in a movie theater) from Her Universe.

If you have a serious Star Wars fan in your life – get them a saber they can actually use from Ultrasabers – they are customizable and battle ready.

Everyone loyal to the Empire will want a screen accurate Imperial Officer hat.

Or if you have a runner in your life for the first time runDisney is offering race gift cards – sign them up for the Dark Side half!

Lastly to capture all the memories you will make you will need this Chewy inspired camera strap. Now go get some gift and may the force be with you!


501st Legion – I’m In!

501st approved

Well brunch babes! I did it – I am officially in the 501st Legion. One of my 30 by 30 goals was to become a member and I did it! My costume in Juno Eclipse in her dress uniform.

MALLORY 501st ID31589

I cannot wait to start trooping with the Southern California Garrison.


FORCE FRIDAY HEADERHello Brunch Babes! As you probably know last Friday thousand of voices all cried out at once for FORCE FRIDAY!! 

This was such a fun day and felt like the Black Friday of Star Wars. I went to the only L.A. Target offering a midnight release party. I showed up at about 11:20pm after seeing a few twitter fans reporting from the line. Chris Hardwick aka Nerdist was “hosting” the event and said hi to literally everyone (proof). Pretty cool of him!

We waited for 12:01am and made our way to the super secretive curtained off area to get our Star Wars goodies.

Force Friday

Once inside we were greeted with apparel, home goods, and kids accessories. Toys were in a separate line you joined once making it through the tented room. I bought an amazing women’s THE FORCE AWAKENS shirt, a Vader coffee mug, and some “Come to the Dark Side” womens PJs. I also collect the ladies of Star Wars figurines so I needed to add a Rey to my collection. I tagged teamed with my mom in Texas to score that one since her lines were shorter. Thanks mom!

Lost StarsThe next day I did my online shopping which for me was all about Lost Stars the new Star Wars Young Adult novel. Thats right! I will be reading this week and next and will do a write up on it! I also plan to read Aftermath and Moving Target but those will probably be a holiday reads for me.

Oh and if you are wondering I did not get the BB-8 Sphero droid… But I am sure I can find one to play with!

Did you shop Force Friday? What goodies did you get?

Geek Chic with Underoos

Rise and shine all my Bad Wolf Brunchers! Today we are just going to hang in bed for a bit – geek chic style. Just because it is time for bed (or a Netflix marathon) does not mean we cannot show off our cute geeky pride. 

Underoos Bed

I am so excited that the Original Underoos are back and even for us adults! You all know I love me some Star Wars and my favorite droid R2-D2 makes the perfect companion for a slow morning. My mean, weekends were basically made for Underoos (especially in the heat LA has been having).

Underoos SetFear not they also have a Harley Quinn set for those of you who love Mista J.

I seriously love that they kept their retro packaging and so does my Ewok Princess Neesa. 

Underoos packaging

Do you want some awesome fun Underoos? Enter the code BADWOLFBRUNCH  for $5 off any order. I am also giving away a set of your choice of Underoos. Just enter the giveaway below.

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Sew Wars: Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

Hello Brunch Babes! How many times do you want to make a geek chic outfit but feel all you need is a nerdy scarf? Well look no further than the next installment of Sew Wars because today I am making a totally Star Wars Easy Infinity Scarf!

Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

To infinity and beyond… oh wait wrong galaxy…

I found this Star Wars fabric at my local JoAnn’s remnant section and it was the perfect amount to make an infinity scarf. I started with stitching up the sides with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.


Then matching the wrong sides (see above) I sewed a straight stitch along the long side to create a a tube. With the wrong side facing out, reach into the sleeve and grab the seam and pull the right side in. Matching the two ends right to right at the seam, I sewed the circle shut. I left about 3 inches to pull the right side through and finished the seam on the sewing machine… which is totally in incorrect way to do it but hey I hate hand stitching.

Loving the way this turned out and can now add a bit of Star Wars flair to even normal clothes… That sounds pretty Bad Wolf Brunch to me. Until the next Sew Wars remember the dark side is tempting but the light side of the force will always sew straight!


COMICS Marvel’s Star Wars

Hey Brunch Babes!

Today I am talking comics that I love – and while I do not consider myself comic connoisseur –  I have a few that I enjoy.
Deadpool and Walking Dead are two that I have read plenty of… but today I am talking the new Marvel Star Wars comics!

First off – you all know I love Mara Jade which began with the Dark Horse comics about her. These are now considered “Star Wars Legacy” aka a slate wiped clean for J.J. Abrams. Sad to say but I fear I may loose my Mara to the new stories. Shall we take a moment…

Ok… but something that is really exciting are the new Star Wars Marvel comics. It started with the new Star Wars #1 and we are following the old gang on new adventures! Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and our favorite droids are off to fight the empire!

Since the launch of Star Wars #1 we now have individual character stories. I am hooked on Princess Leia’s story with her new X-Wing pilot friend Evaan. Basically 2 bad ass ladies dealing with the destruction of Alderaan – their home planet, off to fight the empire on their terms. I always gravitate to females kicking butt and taking names and Leia and Evaan are really doing it! Plus I think they have some amazing outfits!

Other individual story lines include Darth Vader and Kanan: The Last Padawan, neither of which I have read both get great reviews as well. I am very excited that in July we will be getting a Lando storyline as well!

Have you read any of Marvel’s Star Wars? Any other comics I should check out?

Welcome & May the 4th Be With You

Hello my lovely brunchers! Well cheers and welcome to the new and improved Bad Wolf Brunch! I am so excited to share the new site with you and hint at some of the amazing things to come.

For those of you who know me – well you know I love Star Wars and I could not think of a more perfect day than STAR WARS DAY to launch my new site and my first giveaway.BWB may 4th

I had the time of my life at Star Wars Celebration and you know I was thinking about you all the whole time I was there and what I could bring back to you… Now I struggle between the light and the dark side (well mainly in cosplay) but I wanted to make sure in this giveaway that both sides of the force were fully represented.


Representing the Dark Side is a Darth Vader glitter cup – perfect for beach days holding your favorite adult beverage. And holding down the light side of the force are an exclusive pair of Rebel Alliance earrings straight from Star Wars Celebration! So go on an enter below…

So what can you look forward to on the new Bad Wolf Brunch – well my continued adventures in SoCal, another year at SDCC, and my new series Sew Wars – where I am attempting not to go to the dark side every time I use my sewing machine… but you know me – someone has to sew for the Empire!

So cheers to us all as we embark on a new journey out there and enter below because Yoda says “free stuff you like!”

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STAR WARS Celebration Recap

Hello my brunching rebels, jedi, and troopers!
I have just finished up quite possibly the greatest fangirl experience of my life (so far)!
I went to STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim!!



Essentially, this is a 4 day convention only for and about Star Wars – and can I tell you it was a magical place.
I once over heard at a con someone ask “well what do you like”? The person replied “Star Wars” and their friend replied “that doesn’t count everyone likes Star Wars”…
Well my friends some people like it more and this weekend showed that.People traveled from EVERYWHERE for this event. I met and made friends with prop builders from Belgium, Rebel Legion members from Australia, seasoned 501st troopers from Mississippi, and of course some of my favorite people from the Southern California area. This is the first con I had been to where the majority of attendees were not from SoCal and it was awesome!
Mara Jade in Mandalorian Jail


So how does a STAR WARS Celebration work? Just like any other con – we have 4 days worth of panels, convention floor merch, parties and lines.
Of course you have to live under a rock to not know about Thursdays huge trailer and cast announcements – but did you also know that the Star Wars Battlefront game trailer was announced, Capt Rex from Clone Wars is alive, and their may have been a leaked teaser to Rogue One!!
Overlooking the Front of the Convention Center
I also attended fun panels like prop building – which was all about building guns and armor for Star Wars “cosplay” and Shakespeare Star Wars! Both were smaller panels but gems none the less.


The convention floor is amazing at Celebration. First of all there is tons of merch for sale but we also have a tattoo pavilion where you can ink yourself with your Star Wars love! Another true gem is the 501st Legion Belgium Prop Team. These guys from Belgium literally build the most screen accurate sets then ship them over for photo opps. This year they built an Endor set with a speeder bike, the new speeder from the trailer, and several other sets!

Mara Jade getting “caught” by some scout troopers… Set by the Belgium 501st Team!

The parties were also great! I love that the Anaheim Convention is flanked by hotels so the Marriott bar becomes the place to be! This was true of Wondercon as well… We went there on Friday night and on Saturday night we had the Celebration fan meet up and then Club Cosplay at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Star Wars, wine and new friends make for a great combo!

The costumes were of course amazing. I rocked Mara Jade on Saturday for my photo opps but you always have the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs for great costumes but some of the mash ups were great!

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Come on Hans “let it go” already

Overall this was the greatest weekend ever!! The next Star Wars Celebration will be July 2016 in London – well gang lets see how many frequent flyer miles I have by then… Until then I will hang here with Jabba and wait for Luke…

PS – A little Star Wars Celebration giveaway will be coming to the blog this week!
Be on the look out!!

Mara Jade & Long Beach Comic Expo

Hey Brunchers! Sorry for the long time no post but I am back home in California and getting back to normal life.  This weekend however I had a very fun time at Long Beach Comic Expo and got to meet a lot of my new instagram and blog friends!

I have talked a lot about my Mara Jade on here but never actually showed my “almost” finished costume. I am just working on the official jumpsuit in order to apply for the 501st, but in the mean time I have been rocking my Mara for a while now. She is kinda my bad ass alter ego. Once she is finished I will do a full write up on her but her she is for now! I also ran the Star Wars Half Marathon sort-of as her.

For those of you who do not know – she is a character from the Star Wars expanded universe. She is also called the “Emperor’s Hand” who was brought up under Palpetine as a force wielding assassin who later marries Luke Skywalker. She explains it best…

 “I was his hand, Skywalker. That’s how I was known to his inner court: as the Emperor’s Hand. I served him all over the galaxy, doing jobs the Imperial Fleet and stormtroopers couldn’t handle. That was my one great talent, you see ― I could hear his call from anywhere in the Empire, and report back to him the same way. I exposed traitors for him, brought down his enemies, helped him keep the kind of control over the mindless bureaucracies that he needed. I had prestige, and power, and respect.”

Whats to love about this chic right? But back to the Con…
The Long Beach Comic Expo was a nice but smaller con that was very heavy on the cosplay. I have noticed that the smaller cons have become way more about cosplay than the panels and floor.
I did find some Jawas though – and apparently everyone loves Jawas! Uttini!!!

Race Recap – STAR WARS HALF – 2015

This weekend I completed the Inaugural Rebel Challenge consisting of a 10K (6.2 miles) and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday – and let me tell you this was the best race(s) ever! The spirit of Star Wars and the fandom was everywhere and fully embraced. It was truly magical and you could feel the force in the air. Full recap below.

I took off from work a little early to get down to the Expo for bib pick up. Traffic was bad but it was nice to have a fairly empty expo to hang out at. We got there around 7pm, so had an hour to look around. We ate dinner at Tortilla Joe’s in Downtown Disney then headed to the Marriott Suites to get some sleep for the 10K on Saturday morning.

Wake up call was set for 3:30am and we were on the shuttle by 4am!
We got to the pre-race party and Disney really outdid themselves with this one! They had the Jedi Academy there to teach us how to use the force and fight off Vader. Stormtroopers and Jedi’s were also available for pre-race photos.
Our running group decided to be Ewoks! I wore the Her Universe Ewok hooded tank – and was not alone… I made some wrist and leg cuffs out of fur from JoAnnes and was ready to go!
We corralled up and headed out for the start. The character lines were sooo long but I was just having a good run – so I kept it simple and just ran. I stopped for a photo with Sabine and Ezra from the new Star Wars Rebels – but the photo turned out bad. Sad Day. I was keeping good pace and at mile 5 thought – oh hey… you have to run 13 miles tomorrow maybe you should slow it down, and I did.
I crossed the finish line and was so happy to receive my super cool Star Wars 10K medal.
We went back to the hotel for showers and a nap then headed to Disneyland for lunch and a photo shoot. My day was made when the Fairy Godmother showed up and hugged me for being a champion. She is my idol! Life goal = retire to become the fairy godmother.
We rode Space Mountain and Star Tours… keeping with the weekends theme and then headed to Disney’s California Adventure for dinner at Wine Country Trattoria.

After dinner it was a quick stop to the Anaheim Target for some gatorade, cliff bars, and I picked up a pair of compression socks to sleep in. Then it was time to stretch out and go night night!

Wake up call – again 3:30am… ugh. But I was on the bus by 4am and was ready to go.
I wore my girl Mara Jade’s get up. If you don’t know who Mara Jade is – well its because she is from the books and comic books. In short she was trained to be the Emperor’s hand and assassin. She is a total bad ass who can wield a lightsaber and a blaster – oh and she really want to kill Luke Skywalker, until she falls in love with him.
Ok well back to the race! I met up with my friends and then headed to the corral. We were off before we knew it. One – props to Disney for having enough Stormtroopers out so the lines weren’t bad. Vader and the Luke & Leia lines were still long but anyone could have jumped into one of the shorter trooper lines. Two – I loved this course. I know some people were worried about the straight away being boring, but I found running by the hotels led to so many more spectators out. The spectators were also on point with great signs and everyone was in the Star Wars best! A true highlight was the 501st and Mandalorian Mercs towards the end of the race. So many photo ops and so much energy – both organizations truly rock!
This race seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was back on Disney ground and nearing the finish. In traditional Mallory form – I pulled over right at mile 13 and got ready for the finish line (aka adjusting the costume and putting my cell away). I high-fived Minnie and Mickey as I crossed the finish to complete the first ever Star Wars Half and Rebel Challenge. Bling in hand I was a very happy sith-turned-jedi!