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Hello brunching babes! Well I have to say I thought last years Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend was good… well this one just blew it out of the park! This was my favorite and best runDisney weekend I have had in the five years I have been running (they just keep getting better)! I am splitting my recap up into three (maybe four) posts and here is part one – the expo and 5K! So lets get started on this epic weekend!

5k header

It all began on Thursday… My mom was already in LA and Juli (4 Well Rules) was also at her job in LA. We both had to finish our days around 6pm and then head to Anaheim. The expo closed at 8pm and we drove (and avoided traffic) like crazy people to make it in time for bib pick up at the expo. Literally, we both made it there around 7:40pm. We had enough time to get our bibs, all of our race shirts, and hit the official merchandise with no line. Sadly the wine glasses were already gone, but we were able to pick up some head bands and shirts.

Chris, aka the biker scout, came in from Louisiana for the race and met us at the expo. We had a great dinner at Tortilla Joes, downed some margaritas then went back to the Anaheim Marriott Suites to get ready for the first race of the weekend… the Star Wars 5K.

STAR WARS 5K - WAMPA CAVEFriday morning, bright and early we got ready for the 5K. My mom and I set our alarms for 3:50am. We always lay out all our gear the night before so it is quick and easy to get dressed and head to the shuttle by 4:15am. Once on board the shuttle, we were quickly at Disneyland and made our way to the runners area where we met up with Chris and Juli.

The 5K was so much fun. Juli ran ahead but Chris, my mom, and I walked it and had a blast! We got some great pictures and took it very leisurely. The costumes were a bit tamer this year due to the new costume restrictions but people still got away with a lot.


After the 5K we had breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace then went back to the hotel to nap and get ready for the day. We met back up at the expo right when it opened at noon. I headed straight for the KT Tape line to get my ankles tapped and my mom got in the merchandise line. We did a little shopping and some drinking… which led to the purchase of a Star Wars Dooney and Burke and the BFF BUFF (aka my new favorite race recovery tool). We are loving the new themed race cocktails at the expo and I am sure the vendors are too!

Rebel Alliance Drink

The rest of the day we spent in the parks with more of our friends! We had dinner at Ariel’s Grotto and while I was scrolling instagram I started seeing things about Elton John. We quickly paid and booked it to Disneyland where it was rumored that Elton would play in front of the castle at 8pm. This was one of the moments where I should be asleep but who cares it’s SIR ELTON FREAKING JOHN playing in DISNEYLAND for FREE! Life is too short not to embrace these moments.

Sure enough ELTON JOHN came out and played some Lion King and a new song right there in front of the castle. There actually weren’t a lot of people there and it made for an amazing memory for this race weekend.

Elton John MT shot

It was still pretty early when we got back to the hotel. With all my gear laid out I was in bed and asleep by 10pm. Once again our alarms were set for dark thirty the next day, but I was way too excited to care about how early I was getting up…

Up next will be my 10K recap followed by the main event – the half – and all the fun that happened in between!

#NERDGIRLSONTHERUN be sure and link up with us next Wednesday, January 27th for our first blog link up! Share your race recap, what you are training for, or just introduce yourself!

Race Recap – Avengers 10K 2015

Good morning brunchers! Well I just rounded out my last runDisney race of 2015 with the inaugural Avengers 10K. I decided to skip the half marathon this time around because my work schedule was a bit crazy and I did not want to over schedule myself… running takes time. I was so happy with my decision and the 10k was the perfect amount to end my runDisney year and kick out my current racing season. Ok on to the good stuff…


Since work had been so crazy I was able to leave early on Friday after lunch to head down to the expo. I stopped and picked up my cousin Jules of 4 Well Rules and we were on our way. We made it down to Anaheim rather quickly and went straight to the Expo. Bibs and tech tees in hand we headed straight to get some Sparkle Athletic for our upcoming races. Devin (our real life best friend and running best friend) met up with us at the Expo and we headed straight for the latest expo addition… the race themed cocktail.


We are suckers for a themed drink! We had dinner at Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel then headed to the hotel to get everything laid out for the next morning. Its always fun having a runner slumber party with your friends. We were all asleep by 9pm and then the fireworks woke us up… But we all got back to sleep.


I decided to run as Ms. Marvel for the 10K and wore the We Love Fine Ms Marvel tank with a black sparkle skirt. Boom – awesome costume!


On Saturday our wake up call was 4:00am, which is actually pretty late for how early runDisney races start but our hotel was close to the start line. We made our way to the corrals and did notice a little extra security. Jules and Devin were in Corral A and I was in Corral C – those fast kids. Corral C was cool (haha get it C for cool) and after about 15 mins we were off.

I ran a 30:30 Galloway method and decided to have fun this race. I made a total rookie move and had to pee at the first porta potty (notorious long lines) but oh well sometimes you just have to go. After that I felt great! We ran by the convention center and I had so many fond memories of Star Wars Celebration, D23 and Wondercon and then we were in the parks. I skipped the first photo opp with Thor and ran ahead to Black Widow. Jules was texting me where the character were so I could run over my 30 seconds when I wascoming up on one. BTW Black Widow looked me up and down and then said “Hi Thor” well #fail Natasha.

I also skipped the Hawk Eye photo opp because I knew I wanted a picture with Captain America. So I ran on ahead and found Cap… and waited about 25 mins. I was in line with the lovely ladies from Run All the Races Kimberly and Gail who are costume pros! My only note on the course was that these were the only characters out… would have loved to seen some Disney or Pixar character opps as well.

RUN ALL THE RACESGot my picture with Cap and hustled my butt to the finish line. My cousin ordered my breakfast and it was delivered right after I sat down… just like magic! The rest of the day was great. We chilled at Cove Bar, dined at Carthay, and cried on Hyperspace Mountain (more coming on this next week)!


All in all the Avengers assembled and we were #nerdgirlsontherun (more coming on this too)!
So excited for the rest of my running season which includes a Color Run, Turkey Trot and 2016 runDisney gloriousness!

RACE RECAP – Princess Half Marathon – 2015

Oh my goodness!! Another runDisney Princess Half Marathon in the books and I must say – they just keep getting better and better!

This year I ran again with my cousin Juliana and we stayed at the Villas at the Grand Floridian.
We had a 3am wake up call to get ready for the race. Staying at the Villas we had our kitchenette to make breakfast before the race. We were out the door by 3:45am and took the monorail to Epcot.
It’s good to note that if you are staying at a monorail hotel you will need to plan more time to get to the race!

We got to the start area and did some quick preparations for the race, dropped our bags at gear check, and made our way to the corrals. We only had about 10 mins in the corrals before the start. I was in corral I so I started exactly at 6am. With a little magic and pixie dust I was off!

I went with the 30:30 run walk run ratio that Jeff Galloway had suggested at Star Wars Half. I decided to run through the first groups of characters. Pirates, Heroes and Villains always have really long line and are normally still out when you swing back around (plus better lighting).

Before I knew it we were in the Magic Kingdom and I was running through Cinderella’s castle! I decided to run as Pocahontas this year. Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest with me!

I saw my mom and god-mother just outside the castle and continued on. The weather was wonderful and I was feeling good. I was keeping 14 minute miles and decided – yup we are going to do some pictures! I had to take a photo with tourist Genie… always reminds me of my dad!

The heroes and princes were still out when I came back around so I decided to keep the tradition alive and grab a pick! John Smith was only a bit flirty…


From there it was a quick few miles to the finish. I always love the gospel choir right before we end. I need a little Jesus on a Sunday morning to get me to the finish line. I wish we had this is California as well. I made it through and finished strong!

After the race it was time to celebrate. We all met up and had brunch at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian to celebrate. Juliana completed the Glass Slipper Challenge and I got my Coast to Coast medals. Brunch was great and my Princess Half was even better!!

Culver City 10K Race Recap

Last Sunday I ran the Culver City 10K here in good old Culver City California!

This was a small, local race benefiting the local education fund. I seriously love races that I can walk to and this was one of them!

Juli spent the night at my house the night before.
We watched movies, cooked, and drank maybe one to many Angry Orchards… for a grand total or 2 each. We are getting old!

We woke up at a glorious 7am and had plenty of sleep. Both of us had some tummy issues, which are always super fun. But be damned we walked to the start line Gatorade in hand.

There were no corrals and no fancy start, but it was nice. It was a fast down and back twice course running along Sony’s lot. It was tempting to see my street sign and think about popping in for some AC – it was quite hot on Sunday.

I got into my groove and ran my race. It is hard at smaller races where you go from being solid middle of the pack to back of the pack. I always think I am sucking then I look at my Run Keeper app or Garmin and am like – woah not bad chica. I took half of a gel at the halfway point – but didn’t want to push my stomach. With the gel and a bit of Beyonce I got the push I needed and kicked into gear to finish the second loop much smoother.

Well I shaved 30 secs of my time from my last half marathon, but we are not going to forget the hills of the Agora Great Race 10K. I was probably running faster at that race, but it was my final race of the season and I was in great shape. This is my first race of the season… a kick off if you will. 

After the race I met up with Juli who had a MAJOR PR
We walked back to the house to shower and change. Many of the local restaurants had breakfast specials for runners and we choose the one with a special runners happy hour.
Mexican breakfast and half price mimosas we were feeling good and loved the race.

We finished the day with some errands and seeing 22 Jump Street – which by the way was epic!

Until the next race!

Race Recap – Old Agoura 10K

This weekend I ran the Old Agoura 10K and LOVED it!! 

My cousin and I decided to run this race since it was rated at one of the top 10K’s in the country by Runners World and they weren’t kidding!

We stayed at the race hotel in Agoura Hills on Friday night and took advantage of the race shuttles and the jacuzzi. It was almost like a mini vacation. We had a wonderful Italian dinner and then went to sleep for the race.

That morning was easy breezy. We woke up, got dressed, had a little breakfast and made our way to the shuttle. They dropped us off right at the bottom of the start line hill. We made our way up and were at the start. It was so low key, but so well organized. 

My cousin and I pre-race
We ran the lovely 10K which was a bit hilly for my liking, but still beautiful.We ran through the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and meandered through the horse community of Old Agoura. I loved running by the horses – reminded me of home a bit.

We had a small bit where we did some trail running where I literally said out loud – oh this is cute. I did not really mean that…

But the after party of this race made me soooo happy. You finish with all the really fast half marathoners which for me was an extra push to kick some concrete at the end! Then you get your medal and go to the after party. They had salad, burritos, tons of fruit, lemonade, Starbucks, and tons of juices. It was just a great vibe and I personally love any race that ends in a burrito!

We made our way back to the hotel via the awesome shuttle and hit the jacuzzi for some muscle relaxing.

All in all a wonderful mini vaca with a great run!


On Sunday I ran my first full marathon – 26.2 Miles!! 
Miles 1-15 were beautiful… 16-19 were all right… 20-24 completely and utter hell… Miles 25-26.2 I was not going to be beaten!

I finished, and I am so proud that I completed my first marathon!

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap

Well all the 2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend has come and gone and let me tell you it was an amazing time! My group for this year was of course my cousin Juliana, my best friend Whitney, and our cheerers were my mom, Chris, and Whit’s husband Chad. We had an amazing time together.

Juliana and I took the red-eye on Thursday night into Orlando on Friday morning. This has become our go-to for race weekends in WDW. We landed at 5:30 (although my flight was a bit late) and headed strait to Port Orleans French Quarter on the Magical Express.

Once we checked in it was time for some Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest for an early lunch.
When we got the text that our room was ready we headed for ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Fit for a Princess Expo! Where of course this princess got crowned by Prince Charming. I thought this was the cutest idea and loved that it was free – Thank runDisney!!

After our crazy t-shirt pickup and surviving a rain storm it was time to head back to the French Quarter for a nap and drop off. We had dinner at Chef de France that night and went to bed since tomorrow was the Inaugural Enchanted 10K!!

I will have to say this may have been my favorite event, but hey I am a 10K kinda gal! My cousin and I were in corral B for this race and dressed as Minnie Mouse (me) and Anna (my cousin). I loved it! The corrals were spaced great, we had plenty of room to run, great characters and the highlight of course was running through the snow with Elsa to Let it Go! I also loved our loop around the Boardwalk aka my dream world. I literally want to live there… even if there was no WDW, just the Boardwalk move me in! We stopped for a few pics and then with medals in hand we were so excited to see they had the Glass Slipper Challenge board that was missing from the expo. Now I work in a field were we do events and that looked to me like a oh sh*t overnight print job, and well I was glad they did!

After some showers and a unscheduled nap in compression socks we headed to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (or as we 90s kids still call it MGM). That night we carb loaded at Mama Melrose and it was delicious! Whit met up with us at the hotel and then it was off to bed for race day!

We were up at 3:20am for this race to get on the 3:45am bus! Juli had packed bagels and peanut butter so that was our pre-race fuel and I had some Power Aid from fountain machines in the cafeteria at the hotel. This was the first set of runDisney races where we wore makeup and let me tell you it was revolutionary for our pictures!  Of course, I was dressed as Cinderella and Juli was Snow White… I think our costumes looked great! 

We met Whitney at bag check which worked great for us and then made our way to the corrals, which we knew from last year were quite a walk away.
I absolutely loved the start with the Fairy Godmother – she makes me so happy! There were fireworks, Miss America, the national anthem and we were off!

My overall thoughts on this course was it was fun – crowded and un-run-able at times, but fun! We stopped to grab some photos and ended up walking a bit more than planned due to the crowding. Personally I thought we needed a bit more than 3 mins between corrals it made it a little hard to get through the walkers. Overall we had a blast and felt great! 

At the end we got all our medals! All three of us Pink Coast-2-Coasted and Juliana and I completed the Glass Slipper Challenge!! It was an amazing two days!

We were very thrilled with our PRINCESS HALF MARATHON WEEKEND!

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap

Hi All- Just finished a great race… lengthy recap below!

Thursday night after work I made my way down to Disneyland and was blessed with zero traffic. I met up with my mom and friend and we grabbed dinner at Bucca di Beppo. My mom has picked up our 5k bibs that day while I was at work (which went flawlessly). We were off to bed to rise and shine the next morning for the Never Land 5K.

Our alarm went off at 4:15am… ugh… we quickly got dressed ant took the ART shuttle from our hotel to the start line. Again this was super easy! Never Land 5K does not really have true corrals, more just what time you show up for the race and get in line. This year the lost boys were captured by pirates from London.

My mom and I walked the 5k and had a great time. We do this one just for fun and finished with a smile.

Start of Never Land 5k
Our Favorite Race Announcers in London dress!

We then made our way to the Disneyland Hotel for breakfast Tongaroa Terrace. Then it was time to get in line for the runDisney New Balance shoes. Major props to New Balance for the extremely well organized shoes distribution. We got our group number then made our way to the airport to pick up W, my best friend from college. 

W in tow, we then went to the expo to pick up our bibs, shop some gear, and await the calling of our group number to get the shoes. I bought the Cinderella shoes for the Princess Half Marathon! We got them!

New Balance Shop at Tink Expo

Then it was park time. Lunch at Blue Bayou to start the weekend and riding rides. A small nap/Target break, and back for more fun at the Disneyland resort! 

We slept in this morning and slowly made our way to the parks. We started carb loading early at Pizza Planet near Space Mountain for lunch and continued on. Our one bad decision of the weekend was Splash Mountain. We figured, hey its hot, let’s do it. Famous last words… We ended up drenched and had to buy new shorts at the park. I am pretty sure I spent the rest of the day in pajama shorts lol. We go so many rides done and finished the day at Trattoria in California Adventure. Belly full of pasta and one glass of wine – we were ready for bed.

Race Day!! We woke up at 3:15 for the race, and made our way to the ART shuttle at 3:45am. I had a Nature Valley Peanut Butter bar before the race and a Gatorade. This was a really good combination that worked well to fuel me for the race! We made our way to the start line, dropped our bag, and went into the corrals.

Start Line of the Tink Half

Announcers at Tink Half

 The race went great! W and I were both coming off of colds so we took it pretty easy at 2:1 and then 1:2 after mile 9 and had a great run! We never really hit the wall and finished smiling. We got our medals and then proceeded to brunch at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen… yummy bloody marys!! We hung around Downtown Disney for a bit before taking W back to the airport and traveling home to LA. Where I then took a 5 hour nap and woke up at 9pm.


All in all an amazing weekend and I cannot wait for the PRINCESS HALF MARATHON!!!