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Ok I adore Halloween, remember #Basic&Proud! And naturally my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus (with Halloweentown coming in close second.)
What? You love Hocus Pocus too? Well pour yourself a glass of wine and pop in your copy… seriously you can find the drinking game here.

It seems like every year more and more people remember their love of this film. Social media has exploded with love for this cult classic and well I cannot think of a better way to celebrate October than with the Sanderson Sisters!


Coffee Cup | Sarah’s Song Pillow | Black Flame Candle Door Mat | Sweatshirt | Jordandene Spell on You Tank

Here are some of my favorite Sanderson Sister finds across the internet – all are great for the upcoming weeks of Halloween goodness! What is your favorite?


september to do list

So basic and not ashamed I am so happy September is here… this means football, my tv shows are back, pumpkin everything and Halloween is just around the corner.

I start my September at the Toronto International Film Festival for my #IRL job! Some fashion bloggers have their fashion week prep, well mine is film festival prep. I love visiting Toronto and drinking all the #PSL’s (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) I can while I am there.

I will also be doing a FULL re-train for my half marathon season which kicks off in September. I am following this training plan with the race goal of the Star Wars Half – Light Side in January. I will be running other races leading towards that but wanted to do a full re-train this year! I also have been feeling the yoga itch lately and will be incorporating some more ohm back into my routine!

What are you looking forward to in September? Let me know in the comments!

What I am Reading

Its not a huge secret that I love to read. While there are times throughout the year that I can read more than others I have been trying to prioritize it more and more throughout my year. As part of my 30 by 30 I am re-reading all the Harry Potter books and am almost finished with Goblet of Fire! Obviously with the release of Cursed Child (which I inhaled) Goblet took a bit of a back seat.


I cannot say enough good things about Lost Stars. This is a young adult Star Wars book that runs the timeline of the original trilogy and follows two new characters in their battle of serving the Empire, joining the Republic and falling in love. You don’t need a lot of back knowledge to enjoy this book and if you liked Force Awakens you will love this!

My Recent Book Recommendations
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Lost Stars
First Comes Love
Lady Midnight
Why Not Me?

Want to Read
Dancing with the Tiger
The Singles Game
The Regulars
American Gods – Reading this before the show starts!!

You can always add me on Good Reads where I update all my books that I am reading!

What books do you recommend? Would love to hear if you have ready anything amazing recently!!


The Ultimate LA Girls Weekend

Ultimate Girls Weekend - Header

I feel like these days we are always so busy… running around, working on our goals, living life to the fullest, but sometimes it is great to take a step back and have a nice girls weekend!

When my best friend Becca (have you seen her home tour!?!) texted me that she had a free weekend to come to LA, the ultimate LA girls weekend was in the books.
In my opinion, girls weekends should revolve around catching up and cultivating your friendships and food… food and wine are key ingredients.

Becca had a late flight into LA and I knew we would have so much to catch up on so we went back to my apartment for wine, cheese, and chips & salsa. Actually now that I think about it, chips and salsa has had a large part in our friendship.

Alfred Tea Room - Summer in Lilly

Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer Dahlia Shorts | Top: Mango (Similar) | Glasses: Quay

On Saturday, Becca needed to hit up her beloved 901 Salon and I got a run in before we met back up for tea at Alfred Tea Room to begin our adventures for the day. Alfred’s Tea Room is located on Melrose Place and is so #instagramworthy and I love anything pink!

Photo Aug 13, 1 21 05 PM

After some boba tea and some photos we decided we needed real food. We had lunch on the rooftop of EP/LP then hit the Culver City Hotel for happy hour. There is nothing better for a LA girls weekend than dining al fresco! For dinner we walked to Cannibal LA, a new hot spot in Culver City and then took the train back to my house to end the evening watching Ali Wong and laughing together.


Sunday we met up for brunch with our friend Julia at Sunny Spot. Sunny Spot is perfect for an amazing brunch and I love that their bottomless brunch includes mimosas, bloody mary’s and a rum punch… so you can change it up a bit. The rest of the day was spent hanging at my house binge watching You’re the Worst and making homemade pizza before Becca had to return to San Francisco. All in all I think we had a great girls weekend!

What do you think makes a great girls weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Hocus Pocus Drinking Game & Watch Party

Trick or treat brunch babes! Well the witching hour is upon us and to celebrate this weekend I had a Hocus Pocus Watch Party! My crew loves Halloween so we decided to all get together and watch our favorite film while we sang along and quotes the whole thing.

We also made it a little more fun by making it a drinking game and here were our rules:


We love all things fall and Disney so our menu consisted of all things you could find in the park. We made Le Cellier Cheddar Cheese Soup, Big Thunder BBQ S’Mores Bake, and had some homemade pumpkin ice cream.

For the Hocus Pocus drinking game we used wine, but also made a cocktail of pumpkin spice spritzer with rum and ginger beer… super delicious!

Hocus Pocus Watch Party Menu

How are you celebrating the Halloween season? You still have time to play our Hocus Pocus drinking game!

Geek Drinks – Dean’s Dark and Stormy


Cheers brunch babes! I am so excited that SUPERNATURAL comes back tonight!

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows and I love Dean Winchester – argue in the comments who your favorite is. Dean is funny, loyal, but he also has a dark side. I am so excited to see what the Winchester brothers are going to be facing for season 11. All we know if that the darkness is coming…

Here at Bad Wolf Brunch we love a good theme and an even better cocktail.
A classic dark and stormy is the perfect cocktail to accompany the premiere of Supernatural. I think Dean would approve!

Dean Dark and Stormy

A classic dark and stormy has four main ingredients: ice, lime, ginger beer and dark rum.
For Dean’s version we switched to Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum because it is delicious!

To create the “dark and stormy” layering pour four ounces of ginger beer over ice then top with 2 ounces of rum and garnish with lime. I like mine extra lime-y so I add some on top of the ginger beer and on top of the rum.

So let’s toast to another season of Supernatural – long may the Winchester’s reign!

So I Joined the Cult of Kon Mari

Good morning brunchers! Well I have officially joined the cult of Kon Mari aka a Konvert. If you haven’t heard of her she is the author/guru behind the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and well magic it is!

The-Life-Changing-Magic-of-Tidying-Up-453x680Image Credit

I found Mari’s book when I was looking into solutions for why I would pick up my house only to find it in shambles again days later. Her answer – that I was just organizing and moving clutter. I bought her book, devoured it in two days, and took to the blogosphere for inspiration.

The first thing Kon Mari asks you is why you want to tidy and what do you want your life to look like… She wants you to sit down and think about what your ideal life looks like before you ever discard an item. She gives a beautiful example of a girl who said she wanted her life to be feminine. Her client wanted pink bedding and a life full of bubble baths, aromatherapy, and yoga. None of that had to do with keeping a tidy house and it all did at the same time.

So I thought about what I wanted my life to be. If you haven’t guessed from this blog I am a perfectionist and a designer. When I think about the kind of life I want and the person I want to be my imagination conjures up a dream of a girl who has it all together. She is always put together, curates a perfect home, has both a successful career and blog, and effortlessly glides between her workouts and drinks with friends. In a nutshell she is organized and perfect. You know me… setting realistic expectations all the time.

The next step to tidying magic is to let things go. The main idea is to tidy all at one instead of little by little. She has you discard items by category rather than room so that you know if you have duplicates of things in various places.

Kon Mari Book Case copy

Her order is clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous (think kitchen wear, and electronics), ending with mementos.  She has you start with the things easier to discard and move to the harder items with more attachment. Personally, books were an easier start for me than clothes so that is where I started, then moved to the clothes. You remove all items from that category from every room and bring them to one place, then take each item in your hand and ask “does this spark joy?” – if it does it stays. At the end of it your home will be filled with only the things that bring you joy! How beautiful is that!

Kon Mari Jewlery

To keep things nice and tidy she suggest you treat your belongings with thanks and give them each a home to rest at when not in use. This is your way of thanking your handbag for carrying your necessities, or your blouse for making you feel beautiful. Mari also has a precise way of folding clothes – I found goops tutorial the most helpful.

I got off work early on Friday and started to tackle my clothes… of which I have an embarrassing amount. I did my first sorting of items to keep, donate, and consign/ebay then headed off to dinner with Becca from Leather.Lace.&Cupcakes. Becca came back to my house after dinner and helped me go through my keeps pile even further. It is great having fashion friends who understand your style. In the end I was left with only beautiful clothes that really help me put my best foot forward.

I asked myself if an item sparked joy and kept it if it did. Some items did not spark joy but I was able to say thank you to them and release. Personally, I found items that sparked joy were classic and tailored or very sequined. One thing Mari does not speak about but I think is worth noting is to really think about your style before you go through your clothes. You should have a defined style that is true to you. My style is quite preppy and conservative. I also have enough evening dresses to go black tie every night for a week – but sometimes I do so…

The rest of my weekend was sorting, folding, and giving my loved items their home! As a final closing act and to reset my new tidy apartment I did a smudge on my home with sage. Since actually burning sage can be a bit of a chore I used Species by the Thousands White Magic Spray – Sage to purify and cleanse my space of negative and stagnant energy.

I still have more to do but plan to do a six month check up to see if this magic really holds are Marie Kondo suggests.

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Do you want to see more posts on my tidying up?

100 Days // Spring Cleaning

The the next part of 100 Days of Healthy and Geek Chic we are going behind the home of the blogger. I love love love my home and worked really hard to achieve a space that feels like home.

Now as you probably know I travel a lot leaving my home either pristine and looking untouched for months or in total shambles… this week it would be a tornado kind of week (oh and I am off to the airport again).

I am always a fan of keeping my home visitor friendly at all times and sometimes that requires a good old fashioned scrub down. So last weekend I decided to give my house some shine! I found a site called Fly Lady years ago – she essentially has developed a system for cleaning and keeping your house clean. However, her system only seems to work if you are a stay at home mom to four living in middle America… Not young, single, working and always on the move. But we can retain her principles… So here is my guide to quick cleaning and keeping your home clean.

one // Divide your house/apt/room into sections. For me this is living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, bedroom.

two // Set a timer for 20 mins. For the first 20 mins walk around the whole house/apt/room throwing away all trash and delivering misplaced item to their appropriate spot. So take your shoes to your bedroom and the glass on your nightstand to the kitchen. Don’t get caught up on putting them away or cleaning them, just get everything moved to its right section.

three // Reset for 20 mins. Start in a section – I always start in the kitchen . For 20 mins pick up, put away and clean. Wipe the counter tops, load the dishwasher and get it visually clean. Do this for the entire 20 mins.

four // Move to another section and rinse wash repeat.

five // Take a break… watch ONE episode of TV and don’t get sidetracked here.

five // Tackle 2 more sections at 20 mins each. (All my sections are more or less clean by now)

six // Take another break. (If you have a larger place than add 2 more sections after this followed by a break until you hit all your sections)

seven // Now we sweep, Swiffer wet jet, and vacuum. Done!

A few tips I have…
– I have a caddy with all my cleaning supplies I take from room to room with me.
– I also carry paper towels and a trash bag with me while I am cleaning for anything I find or for Clorox Wipes and paper towels.
– If you need more time in a section add on additional 10 mins then move to a new one. There is something about getting out of one zone and into the other.
– In your bedroom start by making your bed. It is the largest piece of furniture and will make the most visual impact to your cleaning.

BRUNCH // Malibu Cafe

Hey there Brunchers! Well this blog is called Bad Wolf Brunch – so it is high time I start talking about it. Basically I love brunch and in Los Angeles we have plenty of opportunity to never repeat a place. However on President’s Day I went to Malibu Cafe with Becca from Leather.Lace&Cupcakes and this will become a repeat location!
True Life: My Best Friends are fashion bloggers…
So back to brunch – Becca and I wanted to get together because I apparently do not live in LA during the month of February (I am off to Florida in 2 days) and we needed a little girl time.
I am all about little city escapes and the Malibu hills make you feel a world away from Los Angeles.
We had to drive about 45 minutes but it gave us plenty of time to catch up.

We started the “The Board” – Becca and I have a thing for charcuterie boards – and a yummy strawberry basil cocktail… So yummy. We had a lovely lunch of salads and fried chicken and ended with roasting s’mores… literally could not be more perfect.
After we finished our meal we went exploring and even took a row boat out for a bit.
I mean really – how cute and perfect is this place.
Just trying to get some sun here people!

Ok… ok… I will be adding more brunching fun to the blog I promise! If you are good I might share some Disney World Brunch gloriousness!!! Ta Ta for now!

PARTY HOUSE // Shop Bando Girls Pop Up

This weekend was so much fun. My favorite girlfriend/fashion blogger (who I commonly call Becs) over at Leather.Lace.&Cupcakes and I went over to hang out with the Bando Girl Gang at the Shop Bando Party House!

The Girls Pop Up was seriously the most fun. First and foremost we loaded up on some amazing Shop Bando gear. I am so excited to use the new Peek-a-Boo clutch for all my travels next month and I got a new Star Wars bracelet (however I do not think thats what they intended it for). Oh and maybe a berfday gift for my other fav lady in the whole wide world W over at Gilded Glamour. No peeking Whit!! True life: my best friends are fashion bloggers and they love me and all my nerdy glory!

I wore my latest obsession from Nasty Gal – the Dot Com Fuzzy Sweater with my other obsession Lime Crime Velvetine lip color in Utopia. Seriously Lime Crime will change your life!

Other highlights: Meeting Hamlet the Pig, finally pigging out at Pinches Taco’s, oh and did I mention the Shop Bando Swag???

Image Credit: Hamlet_the_Piggy