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Ok first off so sorry for missing last week – we had some technical difficulties over here at Bad Wolf Brunch… but we prevail! Welcome to the third week of the One Room Challenge!

Any ways here is what I was going to be sharing last week… my plan for the space. As you can see from my before post I am re working and updating a lot of my existing furniture.ORC Bedroom Style Board

As you can see navy will still have a large presence in my design. Like every blogger (and person) in the world right now I am loving banana leaf prints! I already picked up some large accent pillows for my bed in the Beverly Hills Hotel inspired signature banana leaf. Obsessed!

One of my main DIY projects is to make a faux campaign style night stand from the ever popular Ikea Rast dresser. I have already spray painted this bad boy gloss navy and added a layer of gloss Minwax sealant. I ordered my hardware from Ali Express at the very start of the ORC and just got it in! This new nightstand I already so much better than my old too tall white nightstand and I am so excited to install me new hardware.

My next main DIY project is my vanity area. I want to add a fun backdrop with renter’s removable wall paper. I am still deciding which on I like best… Let me know your thoughts in the comments. My vanity is one of my most used pieces of furniture in my home, so I am very excited to give this space a necessary update.

Wall Paper Opts

Finally, I will be working on my window treatments and possibly making some pelmet boxes for my windows. Thumbs up for actual window treatments!

Well fingers crossed for a very productive ORC weekend of thrifting, DIY-ing and not procrastinating! 

ORC GUest Participant - GOLD


Hi Everyone and welcome to my first every One Room Challenge! I am so excited to be taking part in this challenge as a guest participant for the first time. The ORC is an online, bi-annual event that brings together 20 bloggers who have a love of design and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish and document the process… in only 6 weeks!

ORC GUest Participant - GOLD

If you are new to my blog… welcome! My name is Mallory and I am an (older) 20-something living in LA. By day, I work in international marketing & publicity and am a blogger by night. My little slice of the internet is Bad Wolf Brunch and I am excited to be adding more design to the blog with this one room challenge!

For this challenge I am going to be re-doing my master bedroom. To give some context I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I do need to abide by rental procedures. I also (sadly) have no boy in my life so (happily) I can re-do this room any way that I like. Here are the before pictures.


When I first moved into my apartment 4+ years ago I concentrated most of my time and money on making my living room the best it can be… With that my bedroom became sort of a design catch all for leftover art and hand me downs. I am so excited to finally give this space the love it deserves.


I did invest in a nice bed and a really nice mattress so I will be keeping those items. My bedroom is also where I get ready everyday so having a vanity is crucial for me. My current set up is an old piece I got from a former roommate, but I have out grown it.


So here is the really not cute part… my overrun vanity and the awkward alcove space where I currently keep my TV. Working on this area will be a crucial part of my One Room Challenge makeover. Beyond that I will work on the window treatments and culling down some of the furniture.


I can’t wait to go along this process for the next 6 weeks and create a beautiful bedroom!
Are you participating in ORC? Let me know in the comments what room you are (or want to) makeover!

LIFE LATELY | 3.13.17


Hello friends… I thought it would be a fun to start the week off with a little bit of a life recap! I was so busy the month of February between Berlin and running the Princess Half that I think I sent a grand total of 7 nights in my bed the whole month. So in light of all of my travels, I wanted to share some things that I am working on and a few updates!


I recently updated my 2017 Race Schedule so head over here to see where I am running and all my recaps!

LA Life

If you are following me on any of my social media platforms you have probably seen that I have been seeing a ton of musicals and plays this year! To ensure that I was able to get Hamilton tickets I became a Pantages season ticket holder with my mom and cousin, Juliana. So far this year we have seen The King and I and Finding Neverland at the Pantages. Over at the Ahmanson we have seen the pre-Broadway run of Amelie (starring Phillipa Soo)  and Fun House. We still have more to come!

Fun Home the Musical


I got these Lilly Pulitzer pants when I was in Florida! They are perfect for brunch or trips to Disney World.

Athleta hosted a barre class and private shopping event this weekend where I snatched up some amazing athleisure wear... You know you travel a lot when you see a studio wrap and think it will be a perfect plane sweater.


I am currently planning two summer trips that I am very excited about…
My mom and I will be going on a 7 day cruise to Greece – something we have wanted to do for a long time! Please leave any recommendations in the comments!
We are also going to Walt Disney World for July 4th!
Yes, I travel with my mom and yes, it is cool!


Seriously this video is kind of my life…


So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! Two fun facts about me and Valentine’s Day… one I am single, two my job takes me out of the country every year during Valentine’s Day! But I still secretly love this holiday even though I am usually too busy to celebrate it.

Still, I love to send cards and candies to my friends and family as a way to show them that I love them. Here are some of my top gifts to give (or treat your self too) this Valentines Day!

VDAY Gift Guide 2017

Heartstagram Frame | Pink Nikes | Heart Drop EarringsTory Burch Tote | Rose + Stemless Glasses | Monogram PitcherCafe Du Monde Coffee + K-Cups

I am seriously obsessed with Framebridge! I had them frame a photo of my mom and I and it turned out amazing. I love the heartstagram matting and for $39 you cannot beat the quality. Order buy Feb 8th for a Feb 13th delivery! Save $10 off your first framing by using this link.


I love the idea of gifting a small taste of the south and Cafe Du Monde is iconic. Especially to a friend that lives somewhere where they do not  know what Mardi Gras is (cough LA). I found some at my local World Market last weekend but am dying to get some K-Cups for my quicker morning fix!

How do you feel about Valentines Day? Yay or Nay?

Shop this post:

Weekend Roundup | 1.30.17

So I have thinking about starting my Monday’s off with a weekend roundup. I usually have very eventful weekends here in LA. So let me know what you think and if you enjoy these…

The main things this weekend was working on my dinning room makeover. I had been looking for a new oversized art piece to fill my big wall in the kitchen and I found it at World Market. I saw it online but wanted to see how it looked in person before I bought it, so I went over to the Original Farmer’s Market (by the Grove) to take a peek and it was in my car in about 2 mins with a load of other goodies. Seriously World Market is my kryptonite.


Most of my eating was at home this weekend. But I did get to Juice Crafters to get a morning smoothie. I tried my hand at the Pantages Rent lottery to get a ticket but sadly did not win, so conciliation prize a healthy smoothie. Juice Crafters is right next door to the Pantages and I loved this little location – so LA.

Juice CraftersImage Via Yelp

Still working my way through Outlander series. Literally Dragon Fly in Amber is so good!

Catching up on Vikings and Homeland. If you like Game of Thrones esque shows and have not watched Vikings do yourself a favor and get on that. Literally all I want to be is Lagertha when grow up… Also like some serious hair goals in that show!

I leave the (now) warm and beautiful LA next weekend for snowy, rainy, cold Berlin. So mainly stocking up for things I need for my trip. But I did pick up a new pair of Diff Eyewear sunglasses from their winter sale. Hoping these make it to me before I leave.


How was your weekend? Let me know if you like these little catch ups in the comments!

Dinning Room Makeover | Saving A Docksta Table

So as you can see I have gotten the design itch. Currently I am re-working my dining area.
My first step to any design challenge is to figure out what I want and what I am drawn too.
Pinterest is the perfect sounding board for this… So I did what every girl would do I started pinning different aesthetics that I like.
You can view my inspiration board here!

DINING DESIGN INSPOAs I do with all my designs I started to look for pattern. My go to color scheme for my entire apartment is varying shades of blue and white. Traditionally I lean towards navy and white, but my living room, kitchen and dining room also incorporate varying shades of aqua and teal. The one thing I kept noticing in my patterns beyond my color scheme was the round tulip table. Guess what guys – I have a round tulip table.


The only problem was my Ikea Docksta has seen better days and the table surface has a few scratches. I contemplated just buying another Docksta but figured I could spend that money better elsewhere. One thing about my apartment and design is that I can do it on a budget. After a lengthy web search I found out that Docksta’s generally get scratched up, but then my mother reminded me that any table you use multiple times a day will get wear and tear. So I set out to save my tulip table.

The first thing I did was give it a good scrub. For the table top the usual all-purpose cleaner works great, but acetone can help to get rid of anything sticky. I use my dining room table for sewing and crafting so I had some old glue stuck on mine… acetone took it right off. For the scratches I tried a few different things like paint pens but ultimately found that the permanent chalk marker I had from my craft drawer match perfectly! I did about 3 coats with drying time in between and the top looks so much better!


I also gave some special attention to the base of my table. White obviously can get dirty and mine certainly was. I started again with muli-purpose cleaner, then used Ajax with bleach to whiten it up and finally a Magic Eraser to finish the job!

What can I say I saved my Docksta and $175 – more dinning room makeover fun to come!

Dinning Room Inspiration

It has been super rainy here in Los Angeles over the last few weeks and especially the last few days. While I am thankful for the rain pouring down on our drought stricken land – we SoCal kids have had to stay indoors more than we are used too.

All my added time inside has led to a total Pinterest binge and the desire to re-do my dining area. The thing I love most about my apartment is how light and bright everything is. My aesthetic has always been traditional with a beachy twist.

White Kitchen

I guess my upbringing of living between Florida, Texas and California have influenced my design taste… I love a big farm table, blue and white accessories, fresh flowers, and airy lighting.


How amazing are these sea grass dining chairs? These might be too bulky for my apartment but love the idea of incorporating natural fibers into my home.

As much as furniture sets the stage – sometimes it is all about setting the table. I adore this Ralph Lauren blue and white tableware matched with the natural woven placemats.


Stay tuned to see where my dining area ends up!

Photo Credit One | Two | Three

My Favorite Christmas Songs

I am so happy that 5 Fandom Friday has returned and this month we are going full blown Christmas. This week we are talking about our 5 favorite songs to get us into the Christmas spirit!


A little preface as to my favorite songs for this season – one I am a Christian so for me this season is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Two – I am a choral singer which means Christmas repertoire is near and dear to my heart. It’s not Christmas without Handel or Amy Grant in my dear opinion. Seriously though I cannot recommend Amy Grant’s first Christmas Album and the Trans Siberian Christmas album enough.

If any of these songs are new to you feel free to listen in my Spotify playlist… I will be adding some more of my favorites here!

Five Fandom Friday is hosted by Megan and Kristin – read more about it here.
My past Five Fandom Friday posts can be found under the Nerdiness Dropdown in my header!


We all have one, some (or many) of us are one… the fancy friend! I selected these gifts for the girl who wants her life to look like her instagram feed. So why not help her achieve her goal of style perfection and amazing flat lays with these insta approved gifts!

As with all my gift guides these are all varied prices to help with your holiday gifting needs!


Ashley Brooke Designs Miss Fancy Pants Mug | Nest Holiday Candle | Celestial Gold Drop Earrings | Pineapple Tumbler |Kate Spade Who Moi Glitter Clutch | Lilly Pulitzer Printed Pajama Pant | Sugarfina Champagne Gummy BearsEssie Hors D’oeuvres Special Effects Nail Polish


As many of my long time readers know Halloween is my favorite time of year – but this year I have been so busy I feel like I haven’t really soaked it in… So we are changing that! We are going to FULL BLOWN HALLOWEEN MODE! We have a week left to enjoy all we can – lets do this!

To start my celebration of the season, I decorated my entry way to scare up some classy & spooky decor. I like to pick things that fit into my existing home decor so my entry way is focused on silvers and golds. Plus trying to look like some awesome witches live here with my potion bottle.


You should all know that I am doing the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge. The thing I love about Karena and Katrina is they understand that I want to eat all the pumpkin things. They had a great Pumpkin Spice Donut recipe so I had to whip some up!

Tone It Up Pumpkin Spice Donuts

On Saturday my mom and I went to Disneyland to soak in all the Halloween spirit. We rode Ghost Galaxy (aka Space Mountain Halloween Style) and Nightmare Before Christmas’s Haunted Mansion takeover! We had lunch at the new Carthay Lounge’s Autumn menu – which was totally amazing.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

For the rest of the week I will be watching my favorite Halloween movies and getting ready for Stan Lee’s Comic Con on Sunday!

How are you celebrating the last week to Halloween?