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What I am Reading

Its not a huge secret that I love to read. While there are times throughout the year that I can read more than others I have been trying to prioritize it more and more throughout my year. As part of my 30 by 30 I am re-reading all the Harry Potter books and am almost finished with Goblet of Fire! Obviously with the release of Cursed Child (which I inhaled) Goblet took a bit of a back seat.


I cannot say enough good things about Lost Stars. This is a young adult Star Wars book that runs the timeline of the original trilogy and follows two new characters in their battle of serving the Empire, joining the Republic and falling in love. You don’t need a lot of back knowledge to enjoy this book and if you liked Force Awakens you will love this!

My Recent Book Recommendations
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Lost Stars
First Comes Love
Lady Midnight
Why Not Me?

Want to Read
Dancing with the Tiger
The Singles Game
The Regulars
American Gods – Reading this before the show starts!!

You can always add me on Good Reads where I update all my books that I am reading!

What books do you recommend? Would love to hear if you have ready anything amazing recently!!


Potter Month: Ilvermorny


Hello brunch babes! I am so excited because it is officially Potter Month and every Friday this month we are talking about our love for Harry Potter leading up to Harry’s birthday and the release of the long awaited follow up story… Cursed Child!

As you may know, I am (in my opinion) the definition of the Harry Potter generation. I grew up with him and his friends… We lived it all together and that was special!

So for our first post I thought I would talk about something new to all of us – Ilvermorny.


Truthfully, I had mixed feelings when I first heard about the American Wizarding School. I mean I am a Slytherin, I feel like I knew Harry, Hermione and Draco… I was not stuck in the America school when our European brother and sister witches were fighting Voldemort… I was there at the Battle of Hogwarts!!

But then J.K. Rowling goes and writes a beautiful story about the schools founding and the new houses inspired by Hogwarts four house system and well… I might be sold.

Why I am an American Witch
First off, I will never not be a Slytherin and I will never forget my adventures at Hogwarts… But if this was real life I would have gone to Ilvermorny. My family actually were settlers in Jamestown – we were here before the Mayflower. Hi there I am #MericaWitch from Ilvermorny (always gonna be Draco’s first ex wife though).

I am a Wampus!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.24.47 PM
There is it… I am a Wampus! Another difference between this new telling from our favorite magical world and the stories I grew up with… We did not have Pottermore. It was years after I had read all the books when Pottermore appeared with its final judgement of what house you are in. This time we are learning about the world knowing where we fit in it. These houses are completely different from the Hogwarts houses and no house equals another.
My house, Wampus, is the warrior house that represents the body of a wizard. It is named after the magical Wampus, a panther like creature that is very hard to kill.

So, in short, I am coming to grips with my new school and house and cannot wait to learn more!

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Until next Friday – keep counting down to Cursed Child!


Hello my favorite brunch babes – I have missed you!! It has been a crazy few weeks for me… My IRL friends and family (plus anyone who follows me on Facebook or Snapchat) should know (by my use of flag emojis) that I was in France for work as I am most Mays for the Cannes Film Festival. Glamorous – yes, lots of work – yes, plenty of time to blog – not so much…

But here I am freshly back in Los Angeles with one run under my belt and blogging away!


I am apart of an awesome group of ladies called the Geek Girls x Bloggers started by the wonderful Pepi of and we had an amazing Geeky Girl Gift Exchange hosted by From Girly to Nerdy.

My parter was Kaitlin from and what can I say I think we were match perfectly. Kaitlin like me is in the Hogwarts Running Club (although we are different houses). I was literally zipping up my suitcase when the postman rang the bell with package in hand – it was a Slytherin water cup and Golden Snitch necklace. Seeing as how I would be in Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Orlando in less than 24 hours I was stoked!

Harry Potter Student Shot

Obviously that necklace was going right next to my wand in my carryon to wear! I love adding this to my Slytherin wardrobe! Thank you to Danielle and extra special thank you to Kaitlin – keep running – just not as much as Slytherin 😉

Photo Apr 13, 5 34 51 PM

What Does It Mean to Be an O.G. Harry Potter Fan?

Hey Brunchers! So I had the most amazing weekend where Jules and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend! Woah – that name is a mouthful, so lets just call it Harry Potter Land West – k? K!


This had me thinking… In this world of book-tubers just now reading Harry Potter – what does it mean to be an OG Harry Potter reader? Some people call us the Harry Potter Generation and I know that many of my readers are around my age so I am hoping I have some company with this one. (BTW OG = Original Gangster -> basically we are old now)

A little back story – I am currently 27 years old and started reading Harry Potter back in 1999 when Chamber of Secrets came out. I read Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber back to back then had to wait for Prisoner of Azkaban and wait and wait and wait for everything after that. This was all in the days before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube – definitely no #shelfies back then.

So What Does Being an OG Harry Potter Means to Me?:

At 27 years old I own a wand, a Slytherin robe and sweater. I sometimes get weird looks at the Parks but those people have no idea the journey I went on with these books. When I see my fellow OGHP’s decked out and there is an unspoken bond that we all battled and fought together at Hogwarts and we are proud of it.

Knockturn alley

I learned basic HTML coding making fan-sites in the early 2000’s. Like I said – no social media back then. The one online source we did have were basic HTML fan pages started by 12 year old kids which ended up becoming sites like Muggle Net and the Leaky Caldron. Yes we were the creators back then (oh and still are today!) These were the glory days of geocities and anglefire. But who would have thought building your own common rooms would teach us coding! Do you remember geocities?

We had no clue how to say Hermione for like ever! We read the books before the movies were even a thought, and we had no clue how to pronounce any of the names. A bunch of 12 year old American kids trying to figure out how to say Hermione was something to behold. I think the trailer came out and we all said – oh thats what it was…

We waited and waited and waited. The biggest marking of the OG Harry Potter fan is that we had to wait. There was no binge book reading and no next book to start right after finsihing. We had to wait and deliberate on what we thought was going to happen next. Who was good – who was bad? We had to wait. I shared some of my older crazier theories here. The new generation of readers has some idea of what was going to happen or they can just head strait to the next book. I think the unique thing for us was the global pause – no one knew more than you did and it was kind of awesome. You do not want to know how many times I tried to dissect that prophecy – good lawd. I think I drove my mom nuts wanting to talk about the books but that was the entire generation.

Inside your head

Now, people get touchy when we talk about the “Harry Potter Generation” or being an OGHP Fan as I like to say but I want to make it clear that being a Harry Potter Fan has nothing to do with the above. A large and passionate group of us were truly fortunate to literally age up with Harry Potter. Are we better than any other fan? Who know… Probably some of us are and some of us definitely aren’t. But what I will say is that we were lucky. The last Harry Potter book came out the summer I graduated from High School and the last film right after I graduated from college – this was my entire childhood and led me into adulthood. I was one of the lucky ones! That’s probably what being an OG Harry Potter fan really means is that we were lucky!



Perhaps in Slytherin You’ll Make Real Friends

Good morning brunchers! We are still celebrating Potter Week and today we are talking houses! Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff – and I promptly exited Pottermore.

Clearly the bad wolf is a Slytherin. Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. Yeah obviously…  What can I say, I am goal oriented, resourceful, and a leader – those all sound like great things to me.

Knockturn alley

My friend often joke that I was Draco’s girlfriend at Hogwarts… But we broke up. Mainly because he is evil, but also because he is a coward. Again, not my fault I like overly ambitious guys.

To top it off I look great in green.

Sparkly Snape and Other Ponderings

Good morning brunchettes! We continue onward and upward in #PotterWeek and today we are pondering all things Potter. I had the unique joy of being of reading the Harry Potter books as they came out, which meant waiting for Harry Potter books to come out. During that down time between releases like all Harry Potter readers I wondered what would happen… And I present to you my mostly wrong favorite Harry Potter theories.

I solemnly swear I thought Snape was a vampire…


From the very beginning Snap is described as a pale, thin man with sallow skin who always wore black. He is noted as looking like an “overgrown bat” in his large robes, with his black hair greased back. So… check mark for looking like a vampire and comparing him to a bat. Snape, as we know, taught potions at Hogwarts… which was held in the dungeon. Obviously vampires hang out in dungeons. He was a potions master so surely he figured out a way to stay in the sun and he hated werewolves.  Oh yeah then Lupin made his class write an essay on vampires after Snape lectured on werewolves. Blow for blow boys.

And then there was that whole garlic thing
Fred and George believed that Quirell’s turban was stuffed with garlic to ward off vampires. Quirell and Snape not really besties so why not try to ward off that vampy potions master.

So forgive me for this one… but the facts added up and I really thought Snape was a vampire.

Neville’s Parents and all the Anagrams


I don’t think I was alone in this one… We all know JK has a thing for anagrams and I thought that there were hidden literary clues all through the books in the form of anagrams. Neville’s parents were held at St. Mungos and they would pass chewing gum wrappers of Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum which is an anagram for “Gold bribe below St. Mungo’s” – I so wanted Neville’s parents to be trying to communicate that they were held there against their will… but that never came to be sadly.

Did you have any crazy theories about Harry Potter? Let me know in the comments below!

What’s In Hermione’s Bag?

Good morning brunches! Today we are clinking our butter beer over champagne again as we celebrate all things Harry Potter. Today’s prompt for Potter Week is all about characters.

Now, I know we can discuss the importance of Hermione as a central female character in literature and in life. I could write a pseudo feminist manifesto on the importance of Hermione as a smart, ambitious girl in a boys world… in a time with over saturated weak female characters in co-dependent relationships.
But instead I though I would decide what would be in Hermione Jean Granger Weasley’s handbag today, as a modern witch in the modern world. If you need a refresher after the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione went back to Hogwarts to complete her education, then began working with the  Ministry of Magic, furthering the cause for the better treatment of house-elves, before being promoted to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Hermiones Bag

So what does Hermione’s bag contain…

The Bag // I like to think of Hermione as a fashionable lady but one that appreciates style and function. Loving the old world charm with modern sophistication I like to think she would opt for a brown leather tote like this one.

Wand // Obviously she carries her wand with her at all times.

Time Turner // Old habits are hard to break and being a working mom is tough… Sometime you just need a little extra time to get it all done. Oh she also carries a Remembrall too – mom brain.

iPhone with House Case // Ok I have been to Diagon Alley and they do in fact sell Hogwarts house cell phone cases. So why wouldn’t we assume that Hermione being the muggle appreciative witch she is would not be up with modern times. Come on Apple is pretty close to magic anyway…

The Tales of Beedle the Bard // I like to think that Hermione kept the copy she received from Dumbledore’s will close to her. She later went on to translate and publish a new edition including Dumbledore’ notes.

Necessities // Every girls got those things she just needs for Hermione it’s The Daily Prophet, her Ministry of Magic ID, Scrolls to be sent off to Hugo and Rose at Hogwarts, and some Berite Bott’s Every Flavor Beans just because Ron and Harry are always asking her for them.

What else do you think Hermione would carry in her bag?

The Greatest Lessons Dumbledore Taught Me

Greatest Lessons Dumbledore Taught Me

Hey Brunch Babes! Well accio me some mimosas because it is Potter Week hosted by The Common Room. As you know, I love Harry Potter and am looking forward to sharing my favorite memories with you this week as we take a walk down Diagon Alley and look forward to what is to come.

I think many of you will agree that Harry Potter was more than just a book series or movie franchise. They were our friends, teachers, and adventures. JK Rowling said it best: You got the letter. You went to Hogwarts. We were all there together.


I loved so many of the characters in Harry Potter, but now as an adult I find myself returning to the wise words from Professor Dumbledore more and more. The first prompt for PotterWeek is Potter Verse dealing with words from Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s words have guided me in more ways than one… Here are the greatest lessons Dumbledore taught me.

Happiness can be found

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Lumos! We will all go through trials and tribulations in life and I am no exception to that. I have returned to this quote more times than you will ever know because I refuse to be anything but happy. I have had sadness, I have felt pain, but I continually choose joy… I turn on the light. I truly appreciate that JK Rowling knew we, as the Harry Potter generation, would have to face thing that would be dark. Death, betrayal, and loss – she wanted us to have a place to turn in those times and Dumbledore was for me that place.
I have even found myself sometimes saying “lumos” as a way to remind myself that I can turn on that light and I can find happiness and joy even in the darkest of times. So I encourage you to choose joy, yes sometimes you have to fake it… but if you fake it long enough eventually it become real!


“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
I think as an adult this quote now applies differently to me. My dreams are purposeful and planned and – quite frankly – great. But all those plans without action behind them will never be more than just dreams. You have to live them out everyday. Wake up and decide I will not just plan to be somewhere in 5 years, but live that life now — even if you are just starting to figure it all out. We will not always always be perfect but we can work to achieve what we would want to see in the mirror of Erised. We not forget to live out our dreams.

Inside your head

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
I think this is exactly what JK was trying to tell us. Of course these books exist in our imaginations and hearts – but why should that mean they are not real.
If it impacted you, moved you, or changed you… well then it is real, isn’t it!

Dumbledore’s words can continue to teach us and remind us who we really are and what we want to do with that. They also can change meaning as we get older because words, of course, are our most inexhaustible source of magic.

What quotes from Harry Potter impacted you the most?

Be sure to check out the rest of PotterWeek here on Bad Wolf Brunch and at The Common Room.


Harry Potter Skate Night

Hello my lovely mimosa drinking brunchers! Well if I haven’t said it before Southern California is the greatest place on Earth to be a nerd. Why – we get the big stuff (SDCC, SWCA, etc.) but we also get little gems like the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army 4th Annual Harry Potter Skate Night.

Harry Potter, skating, and a bunch of people who absolutely love everything wizard related – what else could a girl need? It was so fun to attend this night of Harry Potter fun – and it was PACKED!

The films were playing on the screen in the rink as you skated, butter beer was on the menu, and a small selection of Harry Potter related merchandise was for sale. It was a great night to be a Harry Potter fan!

I decided to rep my house, Slytherin, with my socks and shorts I bought from my trip to Wizarding World in February. I of course, carried my wand with me as well!

The only thing that could have made this night more fun was… well, Accio Rollerblades! What can I say I come the ‘blading generation. Anyone remember Brink!?! Until next year Harry Potter Skate Night!!

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Magical Items

one // A Lightsaber – a weapon for a more civilized age
two // A Time Turner – get more things done just like Hermione
three // A Broom Stick – so I can wreck the quidditch field
four // A Glass Slipper – because shoes can change your life
five // A T.A.R.D.I.S. – so I can explore all of time and space with the Doctor

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for hosting as always!!