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BWB-Comic-Con-Prep-Header1-1024x206Hey Brunch Babes (and boys)! It’s FRIDAY!! More than that it’s the last FRIDAY before Comic Con!! TGIF!! Having enough Cons under my belt I have sort of gotten lazy with all my prep. I still make my schedule for panel and events, but other than that I am a bit behind. Are you like me?

Well instead of freaking out – here is my last minute plan for how to prep for SDCC! Here is what I am thinking about this weekend to get ready for next week!

Good news – you haven’t missed anything yet… unless you wanted to go to the 501st Party… The full SDCC schedule is up and waiting for you. Take a half hour to really look at what you would like to accomplish.

Sample SDCC Schedule

I develop my schedule 2 ways… I start with my full wish list. I put it all in an excel spread sheet, then I highlight my really try for, and finally go with a plan b option as well.

Don’t just start your packing list… start packing!

Following my spread sheet I write down everything I will need outfits for… things like “Full Con Day”, “501st Bash”, and “Geek Girl Brunch Happy Hour”. From their I can decide what I need to wear and pack it all up accordingly.

SDCC Outfit planning



Word to the wise bring at least one full extra outfit, pack a swimsuit, and always bring an extra pair of tried and true shoes. Bad shoes will kill a Con faster than anything else.

Got your outfit list together? Good! You still have the weekend if you need to run to Target or Hot Topic for a final accessory or if you are me to pick up some white sneakers.

What is going with you to the Con everyday is your lifeline! There are numerous articles written on this but it boils down to a few essentials: Hydration, Fuel, Hygiene, and Power.

SDCC 16 PAck



My pack is a black small backpack and my friend Chris uses the Think Geek Con Survival Bag. We both always have hand sanitizer, portable batteries for our phones, and charging cables. My pack includes Wet Wipes, a water bottle, make up for touch ups, and my blog business cards. Oh and some snacks – always have snacks!

Cosplay is a choice… even now in the height of costuming you can still have an awesome experience at SDCC without a costume! The one thing I actually did do was finish a new costume for SDCC – stay tuned!! If you are cosplaying be sure to check everything a few times. Make sure your have safety pins, extra velcro, bobby pins – you know EVERYTHING you will need!

501st Shoot - Con Woman Photography

Want to watch me prep for SDCC – head over to my SnapChat where all weekend I will be covering my SDCC Prep!!




Hey Brunchers! So I am a little late on starting this years SDCC Prep but honestly I have written so much on the prep for SDCC over the years.

Last year I wrote my ultimate SDCC prep post and shared my favorite apps for SDCC!

Something I haven’t written on before it what you need to do before the Con – which does not involve packing… do your research and sign up for stuff. Ok well consider me doing your research for you!

Most SDCC Vets will share a love on Nerd HQ! Its a great place to explore “outside the con” and has some pretty epic dance parties. Be sure to register before you go here! This year you can even reserve game play opportunities in advance! Last year we got to test out Star Wars Battlefront early! Also stellar are the Conversations for A Cause which bring panels to you with tickets! No waiting in line, but getting those tickets are not easy.


Nerd HQ will be back at the New Children’s Museum this year!

Another favorite of mine! Adult Swim On the Green is a free “carnival” themed with all your favorite [adult swim] shows and is located behind the convention center. They ask you to RSVP here – you will still have to wait in line (but a shorter one). Sometimes I wonder if I should even share this stuff…


Nerd Out App
Seriously if you need to know where to go for all the fun at Comic Con get the Nerd Out App on your phone! Awesome events including probably the biggest database of Cosplay Meet Ups are all on the app. To see the SDCC activity download the app and go to Calendar > California > San Diego. Then you can hit the drop down at the top and selection Conventions. From there you can view all the events happening during San Diego Comic Con! You will be glad you did!

I will be coming out with more unique prep posts as I think of them (it’s getting real over here) but if you want to relive the glory days of SDCC 2015 you can read last years re-caps below:

Day 1 – Wednesday Night Parties and Nerdist Conival
Day 2 – Nerd HQ Daytime Fun
Day 3 – Fear the Walking Dead, Star Wars Cantina, and Geek & Sundry Party Time
Day 4 – Last day, wrapping up

SDCC Recap Day 4 – Sunday

Goodbye sdcc


Another great year has ended and while I did not get to see everything I wanted to see this year I did meet more people and see more friends then I had in any year past. Every year Comic Con brings a new blessing into your life and for me this year it was a bunch of new friends!

Day 4 was truthfully a short one for me. Just one last walk on the floor and some final comic book purchases. I picked up then next Star War’s Leia comic and Bitch Planet which I quickly devoured after so many recommendations.

I made the trek back to Los Angeles and all that Comic Con traffic. And now it is time to start the SDCC detox. Shower and sleep are imperative for all – but for me a hair mask, a deep cleaning facial treatment followed by a mask and a little extra healthy eating are on the menu to get my body over the con.

As a special surprise for my readers since I know you couldn’t all come… Well I grabbed enough swag for you too and am putting together an awesome SDCC SWAG GIVEAWAY that will launch this week… Come on you know you want all the amazing freebies that were going on at the con and the parties. Keep you eyes peeled!

SDCC Recap Day 3 – Saturday

Hola brunch babes! Well day 3 aka Saturday has come to a close and only one day is left…

Today was Star Wars day for me aka get dressed up like Mara Jade and rock it.
My friend and commonly the Bad Wolf Brunch photographer debuted his new mandalorian armor today so we had “fun” getting that all together and navigating the con floor.

We made our way to Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina to get some Comic Con exclusives in the game – oh and take this sick picture.

Star Wars The Old Republic


After that we took a break to get out of our gear and sit down for lunch and some wine. One thing I learned this year is I need breaks… I actually left on my own a bit to sit down and get away for a bit. Expectations versus realities sometimes you have to get away from your group and go chill.

After some wine it was time to take on some walkers at the Fear the Walking Dead experience. If you follow me on Snapchat I took you all the way through and got up close and personal with a walker!

Fear the Walking Dead

I am really excited for this new series Fear the Walking Dead. One to see how people will react as the pandemic happens and spreads. Two – see how the crazy people of LA will react and I have a feeling it will not be pretty.

That night our fav queen of Comic Con Felicia Day threw a Pop Up Geek and Sundry Party! This was the highlight of my Con last year and once again it did not disappoint. Felicia came and partied with us and I am telling you she has the best DJ at SDCC. There is nothing better to rocking out to Mortal Kombat and Sailor Moon mixed with EDM – truly the best. Geek & Sundry surprised us on twitter with the party and this was obviously my plan for the night!



My final day of SDCC recap will come this week with my own surprise!

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SDCC Recap Day 2 – Friday

Hello brunchers well we have survived day 2 of San Diego Comic Con!

SDCC Day 2 outfit

Today I rocked a Geek Chic Imperial Officer inspired outfit. My black romper is super comfortable and from Old Navy, and the cardigan is from my favorite lady’s store Her Universe, my hat was custom made for my 501st costume, and the ever popular Stormtrooper Star Wars x Vans sneakers!

Today we started our morning on the convention floor as usual and then tried our fates to get into the Game of Thrones and Star Wars panels – but were not successful sadly. Oh well we recovered and moved on. Even though we missed the surprise Star Wars concert…

We went back over to Nerd HQ to try out Star Wars Battlefront and can I say the game looks amazing from our test run. While I am not the best gamer I can totally respect the art and storytelling involved in the game. I even got the hang of it after a while and did so well that they let me ride a speeder bike! Thats me kicking ass and taking names for the Empire!


Highlight of Nerd HQ – I finally got a Diet Coke with my name on it! You have no idea how long I have looked for a #ShareACokeWith Mallory and now I have my very own – that I got to create!!!

Share A Coke WithWhile at Nerd HQ we also picked up a copy for X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut which came with an awesome limited edition X-Men 15 Year Anniversary lithograph.

We ended the night by going to Mashable’s first ever #MashBash / #MashCon!
This was such a fun event! Elijah Wood has the guest DJ and they had free nail wrap manicures and flash tats… You know I got both done!!

Mashable Party

I mean seriously I had so much fun! Before we went to the event – I went back to the hotel and changed into a simple black dress that was perfect. Note girls – alway bring some dressier clothes that can be dressed up or down with you to Comic Con… Especially if the dress code for the event isn’t clear.

So excited for Saturday – just another day at the con – but in full Star Wars regalia!
Sweet nerdy dreams!



SDCC Recap Day 1 – Thursday

Hello my best brunch friends! Let’s raise a glass to Comic Con. I am wrapping up day one and all of the Con glory!

SDCC Day1 Outfit

First things first – last night was preview night and the wonderful Game of Bloggers Meetup hosted by Tony from Crazy for Comic Con. Well I most definitely had a blast and loved seeing my blog friends and meeting so many new people as well.

Bloggers Are Coming

So back to today! We woke up early and headed straight to the convention floor to get the con started. We lucked into some awesome Star Wars Petco pets swag. I got my puppy Chloe an awesome Chewbacca chew toy and some Yoda ears! Great swag find!
The convention floor is always my favorite part of Comic Con and I love checking out all the booths and stores. Today was just my preliminary walk through before I seriously dig into what all the vendors have to offer.

We headed over to Petco Park for Nerdist Conival and we some the first people in the gate. Conival is amazing and is a joint event between Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. By getting there early we got to do so much with hardly any lines. The highlights were the ever popular Nerdist Laser Tag (which my team won) and the Dragon Ball Z Frieza Force Galactic Army Boot Camp.

Nerdist Laser tag

At Frieza Force you do three tests for energy, agility and strength to determine your power level. The strength test was fun because you get to punch something! In the words of Vegeta “It’s over 9000!” – so I think I did pretty good!

Frieza Force

We watched Eli Roth talk about THE GREEN INFERNO releasing September 25th in the US, then made our way to grab some lunch. After lunch it was back to the exhibit floor and we ran into some of our Star Wars friends up at the 501st costume booth.

After that I had some work things to do and wrapped up with dinner. Now as I push publish we are headed to the Nerd HQ Party! Be sure to follow along on twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to see all the fun. If you like fun videos of me being crazy at Comic Con be sure to follow me on Snap Chat – Username: MalloryannTX.

Until tomorrow have sweet nerdy dreams!!

Best Apps for SDCC

Hey Brunch Babes! We are getting so close to SDCC and I am so excited. This year looks to be amazing and I hope all your planning is going well. We all know our cell phones are our lifeline at Comic Con and today I wanted to share some apps that help me while I am there.Best SDCC AppsOpen Table – I touched on this earlier but this is how I make restaurant reservations and can easily cancel and change them while at Comic Con. It can also make great recommendations when you are not sure where to go.

Tile – I purchased a Tile for $20 and plan to keep it in my Con backpack at all times. With this you basically low-jack your item and can track them on your cell phone or see where they last appeared. This is great for piece of mind or in case you misplace something.

Power Save App – I use “Save Power” for Android but there are several apps. You need something to shut off all the applications running in the background to save your battery life.

Uber – We use uber a lot at SDCC. Getting to the con in the morning and going home afer late nights in the gas lamp district uber is a saving grace!

The Official Comic Con App – For schedules and maps!

Instagram & Twitter – These are pretty obvious but ways to keep in touch and share all the fun you are having… or what fun your friends are having! Follow me on Instagram at BadWolfBrunch and twitter @malloryann11.

BONUS: Snapchat! What a fun way to capture small moments from SDCC and share them with friends. I will be Snapchat-ing from Comic Con all 4 days! Make sure to follow along for fun!


Staying Healthy at Comic Con

BWB Comic Con Prep Header

Raise that mimosa brunch babes you are going to need that vitamin c!
In all actuality though Comic Con is the perfect place to get sick. With over 130,000 people attending germs are as plentiful as long lines at comic con, but there are a few things you can do to defend against the con crud.

Stay Healthy SDCC

Prevention is Key!
Wash your hands! I know you will hear it over and over again but it really is the sure way to keep healthy. Also hand sanitizer better be on your person at all times.
Use your hand sanitizer after you touch anything because 50,000 people have also touched it.

Try and Eat Healthy!
I know we all say pack healthy snacks… not because we are all on a diet kick but because you need some fresh food in your life to stay healthy. Apples are easy to pack provide energy and vitamins.
Other easy ideas are bananas, carrot stick packs, frozen grapes, and trail mix. Not only will this be cheaper than what you can get at the con, but it will be healthier as well.
Water is another essential. Con goer can not live on Red Bull alone. Now I am the first to say guilty as charged on this one… I grab Diet Coke over water all the time but you need to stay hydrated.
Water fountains are readily available around SDCC so bring a refillable bottle or freeze one the night before. I also like to add Emergen-C or Berocca to my water to give it an extra nutrient kick as wall as some flavor.

Treat Your Feet
Health is not just avoiding the Comic Con Crud but also protecting your feet and skin. Your feet will take a beating at SDCC so be sure to wear broken in shoes that you know will not give you blisters.
It is always smart to have some blister bandaids at your hotel as well. Even if you plan on spending your day in Hall H you will probably still want to pack some sunscreen. As a girl I am lucky that my foundation has SPF 30, but you boys should not forget to protect yourself from the sun, especially if you are fair skinned.

Catch Some ZZZs
Finally try and get adequate sleep. Nothing will wear you down more than being tired, so at least try to recharge your batteries every other night.

Stay healthy my friends so you can have an amazing time!

How Bad Wolf Brunch Preps For Comic Con

BWB Comic Con Prep Header

Hola Brunch Queens and Kings! Today I wanted to share how I actually prepare for San Diego Comic Con. Yes I have lots of tips and tricks for you, but I thought it would be cool to share what I actually am doing!

SDCC 15 Post title

First thing first I stalk the Con on Twitter. I figure out what has been announced, what exclusives are going to be sold, and which of my friends will be there. Twitter seems to be the best for this. I am constantly checking the Unofficial SDCC Blog for their rough schedule and coverage of announcements.

Next for me is what I am going to wear. Being the geek chic girl that I am… I like to have an outfit planned for everyday. I am currently planning on cosplaying 1 or 2 days then rocking some fun outfits for the rest.

SDCC Tip 1

Before con prep gets crazy I order new business cards and promotional items for my blog. I order my cards through Tiny Prints and am making buttons this year for SDCC… Find me and come grab one!

I also book a few restaurant reservations to have on hand. Hungry friends make for angry con goers. OpenTable is great to use since you can also cancel easily on the app if your plans change. My restaurant favorites are Blind Burro and Searsucker since they are walking distance and rather tasty.

Once the schedule come out I immediately book dinner with my Comic Con compadres to go over the schedule. We decide what our must do vs want to do panels are. All SDCC vets will tell you that you cannot do it all. You will want to make time to explore, hang out with new friends, and go to that super awesome con outside the con event you didn’t even know would be there thing. The Con Outside the Con is always full of crazy fun surprises you will not want to miss.



Once we have a rough schedule everything goes into my Outlook Calendar that is synced to my phone. I add panel summaries to the notes section and always note the location. For restaurant reservations I include confirmation numbers and physical addresses. The more you prepare now, the better your con will be. Phones die so be sure to print one out as well.

It’s the weekend before the con which means packing and shopping. I am fortunate to live driving distance to San Diego so we do a grocery run before we head down, but if not there is a Ralph’s Grocery Store at 101 G Street. This store is even normally on the SDCC shuttle route. It is smart to stock up on breakfast items, healthy snacks, and drinks to have in your hotel.



So right now I am starting to layout my rough schedule, buttons have been ordered, and cosplays are ready to go. I still need to pick out the rest of my outfits, finalize my SDCC pack, and of course get the official schedule.

More fun planning and tips coming soon! Hope to see you all in San Diego!


SDCC 15 – 1 Month Out Prep

Cheers brunchers! We are just over a month out from San Diego Comic Con and for all my vets out there – you know now is the time to start planning! Our annual pilgrimage to Comic Con has always been an expensive venture – between badges, hotels, transportation, food, and all the amazing things you want to buy – your going to spend a pretty penny. So why not prep and buy things ahead of time so you have more cash for the fun stuff – right?

Good news is right now you are ahead of the game! At this point you should know if your going, where you are staying and if you have a parking pass. But there are a few more things you can think about too…

You still have time to put together a cosplay if you want. You could do a “casual cosplay” which is everyday clothes that look like a character. For the Disney world this is called Disney Bounding. Some great casual cosplay ideas are Doctor Who companions, Sam & Dean Winchester, and Emma from Once Upon A Time. But don’t fret – many full blown cosplays have been pulled together a weekend before.


Every SDCC vet knows that what is in your Comic Con bag can make or break a con! A dead cell phone or a hangry friend can kill a great day. Don’t even get me started on a Hall H Line kit… Your comic con pack starts with in fact your bag! I recommend a backpack but I have seen cross body messenger bags work well too. Personally I carry a Kate Spade backpack. It is small enough where it is not cumbersome, but holds all my necessities. (I will have a post coming soon about what is in this years bag!) Take a look at some of my recommendations below! I love the Herschel packs, and my Kate Spade bag, but how fun is the Union Jack Jansport – especially for a Doctor Who or Sherlock fan!

Having a calling card is a really great idea for SDCC. For bloggers it is a great way to promote your blog and share your site with new people that you meet. For cosplayers, it is great to give to photographers so they know what to tag you as and where to send final pictures. Even if you are not a blogger or cosplayer I think it is great to have a calling card because you will meet new people and it is awesome to continue those relationships online. I recommend you include all of your online presence including a website, email, twitter handle, instagram name, and Facebook – a picture of yourself or your logo never hurt either… Personally  I print my cards at Tiny Prints. There quality is amazing and they have great designs.

This is more for my newbies than the veterans out there, but it is a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of SDCC (which means San Diego Comic Con).
Starter Knowledge…
Petco Park – The ballpark close to the convention center where great off-site events happen
The Con Outside the Con – refers to all the amazing things that happen outside the actual convention, which you should check out and are amazing!
Hall H – the biggest hall at the convention center known for the massive lines, amazing debuts, camaraderie, and twitter account.
Ballroom 20 – second largest room at convention center that holds big TV panels

Keeping phones, cameras, and iPads charged is a necessity go ahead and get yourself a Mophie, a back up battery, or a charging case. You are guaranteed to find this cheaper before you hit the Con. I personally use a Mophie Powerstation Duo – which I got on Groupon! See early planning for lots of savings!

Finally – be in the know of what is going on. Stay up to date with the Toucan Blog and the Unofficial SDCC Blog. Until the next prep!