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BWB-Comic-Con-Prep-Header1-1024x206Hey Brunch Babes (and boys)! It’s FRIDAY!! More than that it’s the last FRIDAY before Comic Con!! TGIF!! Having enough Cons under my belt I have sort of gotten lazy with all my prep. I still make my schedule for panel and events, but other than that I am a bit behind. Are you like me?

Well instead of freaking out – here is my last minute plan for how to prep for SDCC! Here is what I am thinking about this weekend to get ready for next week!

Good news – you haven’t missed anything yet… unless you wanted to go to the 501st Party… The full SDCC schedule is up and waiting for you. Take a half hour to really look at what you would like to accomplish.

Sample SDCC Schedule

I develop my schedule 2 ways… I start with my full wish list. I put it all in an excel spread sheet, then I highlight my really try for, and finally go with a plan b option as well.

Don’t just start your packing list… start packing!

Following my spread sheet I write down everything I will need outfits for… things like “Full Con Day”, “501st Bash”, and “Geek Girl Brunch Happy Hour”. From their I can decide what I need to wear and pack it all up accordingly.

SDCC Outfit planning



Word to the wise bring at least one full extra outfit, pack a swimsuit, and always bring an extra pair of tried and true shoes. Bad shoes will kill a Con faster than anything else.

Got your outfit list together? Good! You still have the weekend if you need to run to Target or Hot Topic for a final accessory or if you are me to pick up some white sneakers.

What is going with you to the Con everyday is your lifeline! There are numerous articles written on this but it boils down to a few essentials: Hydration, Fuel, Hygiene, and Power.

SDCC 16 PAck



My pack is a black small backpack and my friend Chris uses the Think Geek Con Survival Bag. We both always have hand sanitizer, portable batteries for our phones, and charging cables. My pack includes Wet Wipes, a water bottle, make up for touch ups, and my blog business cards. Oh and some snacks – always have snacks!

Cosplay is a choice… even now in the height of costuming you can still have an awesome experience at SDCC without a costume! The one thing I actually did do was finish a new costume for SDCC – stay tuned!! If you are cosplaying be sure to check everything a few times. Make sure your have safety pins, extra velcro, bobby pins – you know EVERYTHING you will need!

501st Shoot - Con Woman Photography

Want to watch me prep for SDCC – head over to my SnapChat where all weekend I will be covering my SDCC Prep!!




Hey Brunchers! So I am a little late on starting this years SDCC Prep but honestly I have written so much on the prep for SDCC over the years.

Last year I wrote my ultimate SDCC prep post and shared my favorite apps for SDCC!

Something I haven’t written on before it what you need to do before the Con – which does not involve packing… do your research and sign up for stuff. Ok well consider me doing your research for you!

Most SDCC Vets will share a love on Nerd HQ! Its a great place to explore “outside the con” and has some pretty epic dance parties. Be sure to register before you go here! This year you can even reserve game play opportunities in advance! Last year we got to test out Star Wars Battlefront early! Also stellar are the Conversations for A Cause which bring panels to you with tickets! No waiting in line, but getting those tickets are not easy.


Nerd HQ will be back at the New Children’s Museum this year!

Another favorite of mine! Adult Swim On the Green is a free “carnival” themed with all your favorite [adult swim] shows and is located behind the convention center. They ask you to RSVP here – you will still have to wait in line (but a shorter one). Sometimes I wonder if I should even share this stuff…


Nerd Out App
Seriously if you need to know where to go for all the fun at Comic Con get the Nerd Out App on your phone! Awesome events including probably the biggest database of Cosplay Meet Ups are all on the app. To see the SDCC activity download the app and go to Calendar > California > San Diego. Then you can hit the drop down at the top and selection Conventions. From there you can view all the events happening during San Diego Comic Con! You will be glad you did!

I will be coming out with more unique prep posts as I think of them (it’s getting real over here) but if you want to relive the glory days of SDCC 2015 you can read last years re-caps below:

Day 1 – Wednesday Night Parties and Nerdist Conival
Day 2 – Nerd HQ Daytime Fun
Day 3 – Fear the Walking Dead, Star Wars Cantina, and Geek & Sundry Party Time
Day 4 – Last day, wrapping up

WONDERCON 2016 Recap

WONDERCON HEADERHello brunchers! Another Wondercon has come and gone. This year Wondercon was held in Los Angeles over its usual home of Anaheim while the Anaheim Convention Center is under renovation.

I think all the veteran attendees have different feeling for what the change in location meant and how it effected our Con going experience.  Personally this year Wondercon was right in my backyard – well a backyard with traffic. Traditionally, I attend two full days of WonderCon when it was located in Anaheim, but this year I only made it down to the con on Saturday. I did think the panel schedule was a little lack luster compared to previous years, so this year I spent most of my time on the exhibit hall.

One thing I am learning currently is how to balance my 501st activity with my usual favorite things to do while attending a con. I have absolutely loved my experiences with the 501st and constantly want to be helping out and involved but I think I learned that for SDCC I really need to schedule myself to experience everything I want to see. But I mean how badass do we look…

501st Shoot - Con Woman Photography

So onto Wondercon… I had to get there early for our official 501st photo & legion parade. My mom did not have a badge this year so she came to see the shoot and all the activity going on in the lobby. After this her and I went to brunch at LA Live then I went back to the con on my own.

I hung out at the 501st booth for a while then when nerdy girl shopping with my fellow female 501st girls. Michelle came by and said hi – you should check out her amazing Nerd Out app for all your nerdy events!!

After my long day at the con we had a wonderful Geek Girl Brunch at Rosas Mexicano. This was our one year anniversary of the LA Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch and we had an amazing turn out. I got to meet some amazing new people and hang out with old friends as well – oh and margaritas were involved.


Needless to say I am ready for SDCC – big panels on my favorite shows and movies, more amazing times with friends, and the build up to all of it. What are you looking forward too?

Season of the Force at Disneyland

With the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this Friday (but let’s be real we are going to see it Thursday night) I had to share the fun happening at my home away from home – Disneyland! Apologies in advance – this is a long post but there is just so much amazingness to cover!


I have been so excited SEASON OF THE FORCE since it was announced at D23 earlier this year.
Tomorrowland in Disneyland has be taken over by all things Star Wars and let me be clear this is an amazing thing. I kind of lost it a bit when I saw it the first time… which is another reason to follow me on SnapChat (malloryanntx). From the shopping to the food and oh yeah the freaking rides Season of the Force is a win!


Woah Nelly… I cried the first time I got to ride this. Legit tears. You enter HyperSpace Mountain (hopefully with a fast pass) to find Admiral Ackbar giving you orders. Thats right – we are going into a space battle to take down a Star Destroyer! The original ride we know and love now features the amazing Star Wars music and effects, a trip through light speed, and a projection on the walls of the battle you are in. Yes you are in a battle – complete with laser cannon fire. This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen at Disneyland in a while, I really lost my stuff.
Pro Tip: Get your Fast Pass for this ride first thing as you enter the park!


Also worth noting STAR TOURS added a new scene from The Force Awakens into the rotation with BB-8 and John Boyega’s character Finn!



Path of the Jedi is a sort of “catch up” to The Force Awakens taking through the Star Wars story. I thought it was really well done how the cut the original trilogy with episodes 1-3 to tell the story that leads up to essentially a version of The Force Awakens trailer. It is located in the old Honey I Shrunk the Kids/Captain EO theater right next to Hyperspace Mountain. I would recommend hitting this up in between Fast Passes and really is a great show. Try not to miss this!



Star Wars Launch Bay is so much fun! Located in the old Innoventions building, Launch Bay is a themed area for character meet and greets, photo opps, display from The Force Awakens, and everything Star Wars video game related. Darth Vader and Chewbacca are in themed meet and greet areas and sometimes Boba Fett is lurking in the cantina for photos. Launch Bay opens at 10am, but I would suggest checking it out in the afternoon as the lines do die down. Also to note this is not open all night (I believe it closes at 8pm) so aim for late afternoon, not late night.



The Jedi Training academy got a few updates for Season of the Force as well. Padwans now use light up sabers versus the old wrist flick saber of my youth and face a new villian, The Seventh Sister. If you aren’t watching Star Wars Rebels you should because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is voicing this sassy Sith – and I am obsessed! Also worth noting that the process of becoming a padwan has changed. You now sign up by Launch Bay and it starts as soon as the park opens, so I would be sure and get over to the registration in the morning. There is more of a storyline to the Trials of the Temple as the padwans are completing the trials to become Jedi. It is pretty adorable watching a bunch of kids use the force.



As you can probably imagine shopping is not lacking in Seasons of the Force. Star Traders, the main store by Space Mountain, is now fully converted to sell only Star Wars merchandise. There is expanded clothing options and tons on Her Universe and Lounge Fly available. You can still build your own lightsaber in the back as well. In addition to Star Trader, there is a shop inside Season of the Force selling more collectible items and a place to customize phone cases.


Tips and Tricks

I thought I would leave you with a couple of my tips and tricks from visiting Season of the Force a few times now.

  1. Get there early (aka Rope Drop this) – If you want to accomplish all of Season of the Force you are going to need to get up and get there.
  2. Go straight to Hyperspace Mountain and get yourself some Fast Passes – then get in the stand by line. If you are there early enough you will be able to ride it quickly, then go again.
  3. If you have padwan who wants to face the Trials of the Temple head to sign up next!
  4. Breakfast is great at Galactic Grill where they have Star Wars themed food. I mean Bantha Bread french toast – yes please!
  5. After your Hyperspace Mountain Fast Pass expires get a Star Tours one.
  6. Enjoy Path of the Jedi and Launch Bay after lunch. It will be less crowded.
  7. If you want a fancy name tag with your name in aurebesh go to the small gift shop opposite Launch Bay (under the old People Mover). The later you go the faster they will be made.

I hope you get a chance to experience Season of the Force yourself and May the Force be with you!

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal – 2015 Recap

halloween horror nights

Are you ready for Halloween brunch babes? You know I am.
One of my favorite things to do in LA this time of year is go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. I was so excited to go with several of Team Bad Wolf Brunch (aka my friends) to experience all the latest scares and checking off escaping walkers on my fall to-do list.


I always like to go to Saddle Ranch at City Walk first to get some food and some drinks. We had a late lunch there to make sure we were powered up for our night.
We got there right when the non-publicized early entry started and went straight to The Walking Dead maze, which always builds up the longest line.  We were one of the firsts in line to escape the Walkers and other surprises… ugh Terminus is creepy.


After The Walking Dead maze we made our way to the other mazes in the lower lot which were things like Alien vs Predator, Crimson Peak and my favorite This Is the End where we laughed as much as we screamed.

The “Terror Tram” is always a favorite at Halloween Horror Nights and this year we all were invited to a Purge Party to observe the annual Purge that our new founding fathers have put into place.


Well no surprise but we were not going to celebrate the purge but become victims – to bad my survival skills are on point! We survived to get the home of Norman Bates, who I found surprisingly attractive… Oh well, this crew always loves a photo op!

BWB TeamLook at our awkward family photo – I am about to be murdered!

We finished the night with some tacos, a few more mazes including the awesome Michael Myers maze , and a trip to Jurassic Park where we screamed our heads off.  Definitely git up the Halloween maze if you go! All is all it was another great year at Universal Halloween Horror Nights!


Halloween at Disneyland

Happy October brunch babes! It is officially Halloween season (for the rest of the world). If you didn’t already know I am obsessed with Halloween and always have been. The costumes, the decor, the parties, the movies… everything about it is great. I have so many fun things planned to share with you this month as we celebrate my favorite time of year.

Halloween at DIsneyland

You all know I love Disney and Disney Parks do Holidays right! Halloween is no exception and keeping with tradition is my favorite holiday at the parks. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, but I feel like Halloween kicks off the season of holiday celebrations.

Halloween DL entry

Disneyland gets fully decked out for Halloween with amazing decorations all around the parks. My cousin and I went down to Anaheim for a Halloween day where we wanted to experience all the spooky goodness.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

First and foremost, Jack Skellington “wrecks the halls” of the Haunted Mansion when the Nightmare Before Christmas takes over. This amazing overlay celebrates when two holidays collide. Disneyland aficionados will note that there are a few new surprises every year in the overlay and a new gingerbread house in the ghost dance party scene. Bonus it smells like gingerbread.

ginhou982628-613x409 copy

In addition to the overlay at The Haunted Mansion… Space Mountain gets to join in on the fun with Ghost Galaxy. Basically a space ghost is chasing you around outer-space. It is very fun and always something we look forward to every year.

If you roll with my crew at Disney then you know that food and drinks are just as important as the rides. The Spooktini available at Carthay Lounge and Cove Bar was on our Halloween hit list especially since it comes with a poison apple. Sorry Snow – this time we are siding with the villains because this is awesome.


I will have so much more fun to share with you as we near the night of all hallows eve. But a few sneaks include Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, and a few more tricks up my sleeve.

Let me know in the comments what you have planned for October?


FORCE FRIDAY HEADERHello Brunch Babes! As you probably know last Friday thousand of voices all cried out at once for FORCE FRIDAY!! 

This was such a fun day and felt like the Black Friday of Star Wars. I went to the only L.A. Target offering a midnight release party. I showed up at about 11:20pm after seeing a few twitter fans reporting from the line. Chris Hardwick aka Nerdist was “hosting” the event and said hi to literally everyone (proof). Pretty cool of him!

We waited for 12:01am and made our way to the super secretive curtained off area to get our Star Wars goodies.

Force Friday

Once inside we were greeted with apparel, home goods, and kids accessories. Toys were in a separate line you joined once making it through the tented room. I bought an amazing women’s THE FORCE AWAKENS shirt, a Vader coffee mug, and some “Come to the Dark Side” womens PJs. I also collect the ladies of Star Wars figurines so I needed to add a Rey to my collection. I tagged teamed with my mom in Texas to score that one since her lines were shorter. Thanks mom!

Lost StarsThe next day I did my online shopping which for me was all about Lost Stars the new Star Wars Young Adult novel. Thats right! I will be reading this week and next and will do a write up on it! I also plan to read Aftermath and Moving Target but those will probably be a holiday reads for me.

Oh and if you are wondering I did not get the BB-8 Sphero droid… But I am sure I can find one to play with!

Did you shop Force Friday? What goodies did you get?

D23 Expo Recap – 2015

Good morning brunchers! Well this weekend I had the opportunity to attend the amazing D23 Expo in Anaheim where we celebrated all things Disney. This was my third time to attend and I thought that this was the best D23Expo yet!

D23 Expo Recap

Friday kicked off with a bang with the Disney Legends Panel where the new legends were inducted in. Legends like George Lucas, Johnny Depp, composer Danny Elfman, and animator Andreas Deja were present to accept their place into the Disney Legends.

Also on Friday was the Disney Animation panel. I was not at this panel but my cousin was and she reported that we will all cry our eyes out in The Good Dinosaur and that people lost it when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out for Moana.

Saturday was an early morning for the Bad Wolf Brunch team as we got up and got in line for the ever popular live action panel. I loved how D23 did their line system this year.

Hall D23

You could pick the section that you wanted to sit in and got a wrist band that guaranteed you were in. After you got the wristband we were able to go out and grab coffee and breakfast for everyone while some held our spot in line. We waited inside in cues where they had TV’s playing Disney short film and fun clips. Outlets and charging stations were available for use. They frequently came over the loud speakers with updates and alerted everyone when it was time to take chairs and anything else back to the car. I don’t think any convention has really figured out the solution to the epic live problems we are having but I will say D23 was more comfortable and more informative than SDCC. Also speaking of cons – the new hall at the Anaheim Convention Center is amazing and holds more people than Hall H…

For the live action panel Disney made us bag up our phones and cameras. We saw a concept art sizzle piece for Doctor Strange and some AMAZING footage of Captain America: Civil War (like mind blowing). Seriously this is going to be dope.

The live action version of Jungle Book gave us a first look at footage and it looks great. I am so excited for this new adaptation. We also got a glimpse of the live action Beauty & the Beast which is a confirmed musical! OMG Hermione as Belle, my life is made!

My biggest fangirl moment (until the big one that left me screaming) was the announcement that Orlando Bloom will be back in the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise!! I literally screamed!!

Then it was time for STAR WARS! Finally this year I made it into a freaking Star Wars panel! We screamed when Harrison Ford came out but then everyone got literally kicked off the stage for Bob Iger to come on. You know when Bob comes on stage it is going to be big. Then they dropped the bomb I had been hearing rumors about for forever… STAR WARS LAND! (Photo is from Disney Parks Blog)

We will be getting two Star Wars lands in both California and Orlando at Hollywood Studios! The Disneyland addition will be 14 acres and the largest single land expansion ever! We have been promised a Millennium Falcon attraction where guests will be behind the controls of the famed ship. Additionally a cantina was discussed… Take my money now please! Literally this left me screaming I am so freaking excited.


In the next panel, Parks and Resorts, they went further into the Star Wars additions to the park. While we wait for our lands we will get the Star Wars Launch Bay later this year! We will also be getting Season of the Force at both parks in early 2016 which will be a special seasonal Star Wars celebration with special entertainment, themed food (yes!) and at Disneyland a special temporary wrap on Space Mountain making it Hyperspace Mountain. They also announce a new destination will be added to Star Tours from The Force Awakens – basically it is a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

Take a moment and process all of that…

D23 Broadway

Next up for us was one of my favorite panels of all times – The Disney Broadway Originals Panel! Disney brought us three of their Broadway stars to perform a few select songs from all of their original productions. This is something that is so special because it is real broadway and a total highlight! No other con offers this and is truly just utterly amazing! The singers featured were Ashley Brown (who originated Mary Poppins on Broadway), Tony Award Winner James Monroe Iglehart (who originated the Genie in Aladdin) and Josh Strickland (the original Tarzan on Broadway). Talk about talent.

D23 SingersOf course there is the convention floor which is also very unique at D23 Expo. It is extremely curated with destinations for every aspect of Disney. This year there was a large presence for Disney Consumer Goods aka what you can buy. I mean look at this Elsa wedding dress.

ELSA Wedding

They showed off some of the new goods for Star Wars and had some TFA Stromtroopers out! Force Friday on September 4th will mark the arrival of all the new toys, collectibles, books and apparel surrounding The Force Awakens with many stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars. I also got to see the costume exhibit from The Force Awakens that I missed at Star Wars Celebration – thanks Disney!

As you can tell there was a lot to see at D23Expo and a lot of amazing announcements! I am so excited for all the new and amazing fun coming from Disney and am so appreciative that they put on this event where fans truly feel part of the Disney family!

Bad Wolf’s Guide to the D23 Expo

BWB guide to D23 expoCheers brunch babes! Sorry for the delay in posts but this bad wolf got pretty sick… Not to fret we are back feeling better and getting ready for an amazing weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo! This will be my third D23 Expo and it is an amazing weekend full of all things Disney.

What is D23 Expo? Well every other year Disney puts on its very own convention in Anaheim full of film news, tv updates, park reveals, and even broadway fun. Disney is great about really bringing out all the stops. What you can expect from D23? Lots of big name cast – last time we saw Angelina Jolie, Idina Menzel, Chris Pine, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and a live sing-along to Lets Go Fly a Kit with Richard Sherman (insert tears here).


Fun fact – D23 Expo 2011 was my first convention EVER! Look how young I was…


So what are somethings you can expect for D23 Expo and how is it different from other cons?

STAGE PASS: For the two smaller stages (Stage 23 & Stage 28) the Expo offers a Fastpass to the panel. You sign up for a Stage Pass on the Hall floor starting at 9am for panels s from 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and at 12:30pm for panels from 3pm and later. Of course first come first serve.

Hall D23: AKA the big bad Hall where all the main presentations happen. Here you are coming for a large chunk of time where a whole section of Disney will be presented. For example live action movies will be all the live action movies. You cannot choose Marvel or Star Wars or Disney – you get them all. Same for animation and parks. Also worth noting this room is cleared after every major panel.

STORE PASS: New this year because D23 is a shopping paradise! Like Stage Pass you can sign up for a 30 minute shopping window at the Disney Dream Store, Disney Store, and Mickey’s of Glendale on the Expo floor. Lines for this are long and the merch is good!

For more info on the 2015 D23 Expo check out the official site.

Five Things I Bought At Conventions & Swag Giveaway

Today’s Five Fandom Friday is probably my favorite topic… shopping! Truthfully I love shopping at Cons and finding fun little gems that are totally geek chic – and sometimes just flat out nerdy. Oh well I love it!

5 things I bought at conventions

one // The only thing I had on my must buy list for SDCC was the Loungefly Comic Con Exclusive Pink Stormtrooper Wristlet. I adore this little guy. It’s great! Normally at work I leave my purse at my desk when I run out for lunch and now I just strap on my wristlet and have all my necessities to buy and enjoy lunch… oh and he is adorable! I also love my Loungefly R2D2 Coin purse that is still available!

two // This was actually a gift but my mom got me this amazing animator sketch of Alice having tea at the last D23. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney animated films and I loved having it framed next to my computer in my office.

three // This was another gift. My Kotobukiya Star Wars: Mara Jade ArtFX Bishoujo Statue was given to me during Comikazee for pulling a midnight costume fix for my friends biker scout on Halloween. Actually it was a blast. I ordered pizza, watched the Scream marathon, and sewed… plus got a sick Mara Jade as a thank you gift. She sits on my bookshelf now.

four // I am in love with my Star Wars ring that I bought at Star Wars Celebration. I love wearing jewelry and having this piece really helps me share my Star Wars love when I am geek chic or just wearing my normal work clothes. It is nice to always have a bit of the force with me!

five // Not what you were thinking but yes wine – and lots of it! Literally chardonnay gets me through a Con and you know I like to support local business and all…

Hey brunchers – as promised, you know I look out for you at SDCC and was sure to grab some swag for you.

swag giveawayThe SDCC Swag Bag includes nail appliques, Penny Dreadful Flash tats, 2 kick ass TMNT masks, some awesome Star Wars bracelets, sunglasses, buttons, and a tote. Want in just apply below!
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