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Cross Overs That Would Make My Heart Melt

Cheers brunchettes! Ok so truthfully I am not really a crossover person. I have never read crossover fan fiction so this took a bit of racking of the brain but I had fun with it!

Elsa and Jack

one // Jack Frost & Elsa – Basically I would love to Elsa get hers and who else than with Mr. Frost himself… 

Sam and Buffy

two // Sam Winchester & Buffy Summers – I feel like if Buffy was going to go for one of the Supernatural boys it would definitely be Sam – the all american good boy with the Vampire killing cheerleader… I would watch that!

OUAT and Merlin

three // Merlin & Regina & Emma – Non Romantic but these three can kick some serious magical ass, plus I think it would be hilarious seeing these two mom types handle an uber powerful teenage Merlin.

kermit yoda

four // Yoda & Kermit – Again non romantic but “easy it is not to be green” I feel like Kermit the frog and Yoda would just have a wonderful time together singing Rainbow Connection and wielding lightsabers.

doctor and alice

five // Alice & the Doctor – I feel like Alice would make the best and completely crazy companion for the Doctor… We’re all mad here… where ever we are in time and space.

Five Favorite Fandom Phrases

Hola brunch babes! We are back with another Five Fandom Friday and this week we are talking our favorite fandom phrases.

Five Fandom Phrases

one // May The Force Be With You – the customary greeting among those who consider themselves fans of the Wars.

two // Doctor Who – depending upon which Doctor who personally read fan fiction about you have your own personal saying to alert others that you are, in fact, a Whovian. Without saying here at Bad Wolf Brunch we say Allons-y.

three // Zetus Lapetus – an alternative curse word used by those who frequently viewed the Disney Channel in the 90’s. Alternative: Zoom Zoom Zoom make my heart go Boom Boom

four // I Am Sherlocked – simply put you liketh what Sherlock is serving up. Secondly, A Scandal in Belgravia may be my favorite episode of Sherlock, with The Woman originating the SHER-locked password.

five // Bippity Boppity Boo – a magical phrase that can fix anything in the Disney World and also give you good girly luck when running the Princess Half Marathon (insert tears here) -> Even miracles take a little time.

Five Things I Bought At Conventions & Swag Giveaway

Today’s Five Fandom Friday is probably my favorite topic… shopping! Truthfully I love shopping at Cons and finding fun little gems that are totally geek chic – and sometimes just flat out nerdy. Oh well I love it!

5 things I bought at conventions

one // The only thing I had on my must buy list for SDCC was the Loungefly Comic Con Exclusive Pink Stormtrooper Wristlet. I adore this little guy. It’s great! Normally at work I leave my purse at my desk when I run out for lunch and now I just strap on my wristlet and have all my necessities to buy and enjoy lunch… oh and he is adorable! I also love my Loungefly R2D2 Coin purse that is still available!

two // This was actually a gift but my mom got me this amazing animator sketch of Alice having tea at the last D23. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney animated films and I loved having it framed next to my computer in my office.

three // This was another gift. My Kotobukiya Star Wars: Mara Jade ArtFX Bishoujo Statue was given to me during Comikazee for pulling a midnight costume fix for my friends biker scout on Halloween. Actually it was a blast. I ordered pizza, watched the Scream marathon, and sewed… plus got a sick Mara Jade as a thank you gift. She sits on my bookshelf now.

four // I am in love with my Star Wars ring that I bought at Star Wars Celebration. I love wearing jewelry and having this piece really helps me share my Star Wars love when I am geek chic or just wearing my normal work clothes. It is nice to always have a bit of the force with me!

five // Not what you were thinking but yes wine – and lots of it! Literally chardonnay gets me through a Con and you know I like to support local business and all…

Hey brunchers – as promised, you know I look out for you at SDCC and was sure to grab some swag for you.

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5 Fandom Friday – Favorite Aliens

5 Favorite Aliens

Ok so when I originally saw this prompt I wasn’t to sure. I have never really been into aliens, but actually found this to be my favorite 5 Fandom Friday yet! How fun our these guys!

one // Yoda – The Master Jedi and the wisest of all “aliens”.

two // The Toy Story Squeaky Aliens – The worship the claw and we all love them and their comic relief. Plus they are so stinking cute!

three // The Doctor (specifically the 10th Doctor) – It is hard to count all the reasons I actually love the Doctor. I guess I love that he never gives up and that he believes that every life is worth fighting for because we all impact history, if even in a small way.
“I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demigods and would-be gods. Out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing – just one thing – I believe in her.” – The Doctor

four // Ahsoka Tano – The Padawan, The Fulcrum, The one who lived. Ahsoka is a tagruta who we first met in Star Wars: Clones Wars and discovered is alive in Star Wars: Rebels. More than that Ahsoka has brought a strong female character to the Star Wars universe that is not just Leia. She has made Star Wars accessible to a whole new generation and Ahsley Eckstein is a wonderful spokeswoman for all geek girls and Star Wars fans.

five // Stitch – Cute and dangerous, my favorite combination. He loves to surf and loves Elvis.

5 Fandom Fridays – Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

TGIF Brunch babes! Alright, today on 5 Fandom Friday we are talking guilty pleasures… and most days I feel like my life is a guilty please. I mean come on 10 years of Supernatural… we all know there are great episodes and some roll your eyes “your so cute” Supernatural episodes. So today I tried to show you all my guilty pleasures outside my regular geeky life.

one // HGTV – I was seriously an interior designer in another life. I love HGTV.

two // Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration.
I am not a mom, but like seriously, this is a life goals kind of event. Thanks to my runDisney friends I know about this event and am abnormally jealous of them. I want to craft and dance with Mickey Mouse… but alas I have no kids. If you haven’t seen what this amazing event is just look at the hashtag #DisneySMMC and be ready to want to procreate. One day…

three // Fanfiction – So I am probably not the only bruncher with this on her list. Yes I do occasionally find myself reading some fan fiction… I will not tell you what…

four // HOCUS MOTHER F*CKING POCUS – ’nuff said.

five // Pocahontas
Yo Bad Wolf ain’t nothing guilty about loving Pocahontas. You are absolutely right… Unless you are like me and come home from a bar at 2:00am not completely sober and you rock out with your number one Disney lady (she is not a princess, she is a chieftain’s daughter). Poco and I have seen some things get real… Seriously that girl is deep.

Well I hope none of you think less of me now that you have seen my guilty pleasures.
So now in all fairness – what are yours?

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Magical Items

one // A Lightsaber – a weapon for a more civilized age
two // A Time Turner – get more things done just like Hermione
three // A Broom Stick – so I can wreck the quidditch field
four // A Glass Slipper – because shoes can change your life
five // A T.A.R.D.I.S. – so I can explore all of time and space with the Doctor

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for hosting as always!!

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Fangirl Moments

We are back again this week with the 5 Fandom Friday hosted by The Nerdy Girlie.
This week we are talking our 5 Fangirl Moments…
Now working in film I really don’t freak out over actors but I did freak out these times:
one // The new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer – fangirl all over the place
two // The first time I saw Hogwarts – jaw drop and endless smiles
three //  Stan Lee’s Easter Egg in Big Hero Six – so cute and so amazing
four // Announcing the STAR WARS HALF MARATHON – just let the wookie win
five // Every single time I get the confirmation on my SDCC badge – I dance (seriously)

5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Comfort Films

Hey Brunchers! I am jumping back on the 5 Fandom Friday trail and this week we are talking about our comfort films. We all have those movies we turn back to time and time again that can soothe our souls. Most of mine beckon back to my childhood and films that I associate emotion with. I grew up in a movie house! Maybe thats a little meta but hey – I did end up working in film!

one // STAR WARS

Wow – what a shocker here, but for some reason returning to Star Wars is so peaceful for me. Each film holds a different truth, a different memory, and a different story. My parents raised me on these films.


Literally my favorite “classic” film. I return to this film whenever it is rainy outside and I am feeling a bit dreary. Scarlett is the epitome of strength and the score for this film is amazing. My mom and I share a special bond with this film… I even picked my new apartment because of how close it is to Tara. My small piece of the south right here in SoCal.

three // PETER PAN

My favorite animated movie. I am a lover to escapist film and there is no greater escape than Neverland. I can completely quote every line of this film and Tinkerbell is my spirit animal.


As you wish… enough said. This was my car ride movie. My dad knew all the words and had never seen it until I was in elementary school. Andre the Giant and Buttercup where 2 of my very favorite friends!

five // GREASE

True story – I let my mom pick my last movie… and I quote “you wore out 2 vhs tapes”
I also went around saying a hickey from kenickie as a very young child… totally oblivious to what it meant.

FANDOM FRIDAY // Gateway Fandoms

Megan from The Nerdy Girlie along with Super Space Chick have started 5 Fandom Friday where we all share a little bit about our fandoms and who we are!
 This week we are talking gateway fandoms – what led me to become the fangirl I am today…
1 // My Parents – Yep we are going to start with them, because thats where it all started. My mom made me a Disney child from birth and my dad instilled Star Wars in me from about age 5. Sorry mom and dad, this was all you!  And see I was into cosplay before it was a thing. This is my dad and I as Princess Jasmin and the Genie in the early 90’s.

2 // Disney – OK so Disney was probably my first fandom starting about at age 2 (my mom may say earlier.) VHS tapes, costumes, Walt Disney World – all of these things we ingrained in me. I watched the Disney Channel everyday and Vault Disney every night – what I would do to bring that back!! Here I am in the Beauty and the Beast days! Adorable I know…

3 // Star Wars – Star Wars was all my dad’s doing… But my mom likes it a lot too. I remember the first time I saw the original episodes was when I was 5. We had just moved from Houston to Miami and did not have the cable set up yet and one of the 5 free stations we had showed one every night. That was my indoctrination to the Wars. Then came the re-mastered versions in the late 90’s where I saw them in theaters and then Episodes I-III. It just kept building and it still will. Living in Florida we always went to Star Wars weekends at Disney World. My dad would be so proud of my 501st efforts!

4 // Harry Potter – Harry Potter was the next mainstay. I like to say that Harry Potter was my childhood… I graduated from high school when the final book came out and graduated from college when the final film was released. I think I started reading the books in 1999. These friends, because yes they were my friends meant so much to me. I also think that Harry Potter made “nerdy” things a bit more mainstream. I will never forget when Deathly Hallows Pt1 came out when I was in college –  Our little movie theater had it on every screen and I think every Frat boy was there… everyone loved this story and it all started way before it became a “geek” thing.

5 // True Blood – True Blood was probably the first “nerdy” TV show I got really into. I watched and read everything having to do with Sookie. From True Blood, I then gave into SUPERNATURAL and the rest was history… I started to fan-girl all over the place.

Now – thats where I started! But as you know I now watch Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Green Arrow, Star Wars (anything), The Walking Dead and anything else I can really get my hands on. Fangirl on my friends!