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My Favorite Christmas Songs

I am so happy that 5 Fandom Friday has returned and this month we are going full blown Christmas. This week we are talking about our 5 favorite songs to get us into the Christmas spirit!


A little preface as to my favorite songs for this season – one I am a Christian so for me this season is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Two – I am a choral singer which means Christmas repertoire is near and dear to my heart. It’s not Christmas without Handel or Amy Grant in my dear opinion. Seriously though I cannot recommend Amy Grant’s first Christmas Album and the Trans Siberian Christmas album enough.

If any of these songs are new to you feel free to listen in my Spotify playlist… I will be adding some more of my favorites here!

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5 Things I am Nerding Out About on a Friday

Ok brunch babes! Here are the 5 things I am currently nerding out about.

1 // ROGUE ONE Teaser Trailer!


You have to live under a rock to not see the epicness that was dropped on us yesterday morning with the Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer! Talk about WOAH! I am already obsessed with the costumes and am seriously considering the above Jyn Erso costume (rumored gunner) for SDCC!! Imperial to me core!

2 // Dark Side Half Marathon

Star Wars Half Running

I am stoked that on Wednesday I leave for Florida to run the inaugural Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon! I will be earning my Kessel Runner Medal for tackling both the Dark Side Half and the Light Side I completed in January (above). Basically stoked!



Ok so technically it is called Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Hollywood Studios – but what a mouthful that is… The grand opening was this week and I will be rolling up to Hogwarts on Sunday – beyond excited to have Hogwarts in my back yard!!

4 // LITTLE MERMAID at the Hollywood Bowl

We are covering all the fanbases here Star Wars, Harry Potter and now Disney! Little Mermaid is having an amazing concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Rebel Wilson, Sarah Barellies, Darren Cris, and Titus (yes Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus) Burgess. I will so be there!

5 // The Minnie Mouse Collection at Sephora

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.20.32 AM

This is selling out but is sooooo cute! View it / take my money here!


What are you nerding out about?


Ok – so I am a little late to the party brunchers but last weeks 5 Fandom Friday was all about where to shop for geeky goods! We know I love to shop and I love all the things geek chic so why not join in on this fun.


TARDIS work outfit

I love everything Jordan puts out! Her tees are stylish, soft, and subtly nerdy. I have featured a few outfits on the blog with her designs and more will come!

Her Universe


I love Her Universe for various reasons. One being she makes super cute Star Wars clothes and secondly she championed female fans in the Star Wars Universe. I wear this cardigan A LOT but I have about a million other items from Ashley.

We Love Fine

We Love Fine is always a great place to find good and fashion forward geeky chic wears. I love the Miss Marvel tank that I have used and abused. I also love their Star Wars clothes – I wore this super cute Storm Trooper sweater to Star Wars Celebration!

Look Human


I love Look Human shirts, coffee mugs, and totes. I especially use Look Human for nerdy work out gear! You guys know I love me some running – and looking cute and nerdy while your doing it is best. Watch their site for sales to get some good deals!

Utinni Bikini

Utinni Bikini

I love this Etsy store! She makes darling and flattering Star Wars skirts, dresses and swim suits. She also makes darling baby’s leggings. She mainly makes Star Wars clothes but also has a few Disney designs that she is starting out! I have a super cute Mandalorian skirt that I wear to a lot of my dressier Star Wars events – because yes I have some of those.


Any other stores you love? Let me know in the comments!

Nerdy Tattoos I Love

Good morning and happy Friday brunchers! I am joining in again on the 5 Fandom Friday fun and this week we are talking nerdy tattoos. I have a big soft spot for nerdy tattoos. I like to think that if something means a lot to you then why not get one. Personally, I like understated small nerdy tattoos that feel like you have to be “in on it” to get. Also – I am all for being spontaneous, but would recommend that you do not put anything on your body that you have thought at least a year about. And yes I am speaking from experience here 😉

Nerdy TattoosI have thought and admired all of these tattoos over the years. While I would not necessarily run out and get all of these I do appreciate their meaning and beauty. I have also realized that I might be a nerdy hipster in this post.

DEATHLY HALLOWS // Let’s be real – this is the nerdy tattoo that fully sums up a journey that so many of us shared and that touched our lives so profoundly. I have many friends who have this tattoo and for each the reason is completely different yet all the same. We cannot deny that Harry Potter truly affected so many of us.

PETER PAN // What can I say I have loved the “off to Neverland” silhouette tattoo for a long time. Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite movies/books/musicals – ok so basically I love everything associated with Peter Pan. I love how small this is and that it can be easily hidden.

BAD WOLF // This is cute, small, is a type face tattoo and you have to know what Bad Wolf is to get it – and who would ever think that I like bad wolf…

COLORS OF THE WIND // Another typical saying I use is subtle disney. Basically we all know that I love the disney… but I like things that are a subtle hint and not screaming it out loud and this colorful and sweet colors of the wind tattoo. Pocahontas as I have shared before I probably my number one Disney lady – that girl knows whats up.

REBELS // I had to throw in a Star Wars tat in the batch and what can I say I love this feminine variation of the Rebel logo.

In case you are thinking of getting a new tattoo here are a few of my other tips:

  • Try drawing a version of it with sharpie on you to see if you like it.
  • Placement is just as important as what your tattoo is. If you need something that can be hidden try on various materials to see if it remains hidden enough for your liking. For example I have a thigh tattoo and tried on every pair of shorts I own and drew lines on my thigh where they landed. I figured out my shortest pair of shorts and when I went to get my tattoo I drew a line on my leg and was very specific to not cross.
  • Investigate where you want your tattoo parlor and artist based off what you want. If you are getting something like the colors of the wind tattoo then you want someone good with color over someone who is great with lettering.
  • Also it is good to note that this is not the time to save money… a good artist will cost you. You should look at this as art you have to wear everyday and you need to invest in good art.





What’s In My Purse?

Happy Friday Brunch Babes! Well I apologize for falling off the face of the blogging world. A two week international work trip followed by a week at Disney World to run the Princess Half kept me off the blog and focused on my job – but we are back again for another 5 Fandom Friday and today is the 5 Things Always in my purse!

5 purse

So whats in Bad Wolf Brunch’s bag?

I always have my sunglasses with me – normally at least 2 pairs. Right now I am loving my Kate Spade glasses I got over Christmas break!

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me know I love Disney and I always have my passes with me just in case anyone wants to go on a quick trip. Yes a little over kill but thats my Disneyland AP, DVC Card, Walt Disney World AP and Tables in Wonderland card. Not featured my mom’s Disneyland AP which I hold on to since she always loses it.

Other random necessities – hand sanitizer and an antibacterial wipe to keep things clean and my Sabine portable charger to keep my social media game strong!

I also always carry some kind of lip gloss and perfume. I love the Ulta Matte Lip Creams but am also known to have some Limecrime hanging with me too.

So excited to see what is in other ladies bags for 5 Fandom Friday because true like I am super nosey and find these posts fascinating…

5 Ways I Grew in 2015

getting personal

Happy Friday Brunchers! We are back with another 5 Fandom Friday and this week we are kicking off January right with the 5 ways we grew and changed in 2015. I actually love this prompt because so often with the new year we are looking forward to what we want to do better. It is always important to look back and reflect upon what you did right in the last year.

When I first moved to LA I put getting my careers and friendships developed in first priority. I have never been the kind of girl to really need a boyfriend, I just need a support system of great friends around me. But as I am getting older I really started to feel the pull to wanting a relationship. After some coaxing I decided to take matters into my own hands and start online dating. So I would say in 2015 I really put myself out there more and went on a lot of dates. So far no one has really stuck, but I am still going for it.

BloggingBadWolfBrunch Text copy I really grew my blog and readership in 2015. First off, I bought my URL, did a full blog migrate, and a great redesign. Also, I started meeting more and more of my fellow (and amazing) geek girl bloggers. Promoted my blog more and got my first sponsorships! I was much more consistent with posting in 2015 and want to continue working on that in 2016.

BWB-TravelsThis was my year of travel. I went to 5 countries, and between February to June was at the airport every other weekend going some place new. This was a bit exhausting but I loved every second of it.

My full travel breakdown:
Berlin (Feb) -> Florida (Feb) -> Las Vegas (March) -> El Paso (March) -> Wondercon (April) -> New York (April) -> Star Wars Celebration (April) -> Cannes (May) -> Spain (May) -> Italy (May) -> Ft Worth (June) -> Disneyland (July) -> San Diego Comic Con (July) -> D23 (August)

Cosplay & Sewing
I mentioned before that over the first weekend of 2015 I learned to thread a sewing machine and by the end of 2015 I was sewing a fully tailored jacket. I even started a Sew Wars section of my blog.


Upping my sewing game has really stepped up my cosplay. I am still mainly doing Star Wars costumes and Doctor Who every now and then, but I am so excited to see where my sewing goes in 2016. I already have some exciting sewing projects planned and in the works for 2016.

MALLORY 501st ID31589

Personal Growth
This year has been so amazing for me, but at the same time two of my very best friends moved away from LA. Realizing that I needed to make more new friends I had to put myself out there more. I became an officer of the LA Geek Girl Brunch and have met some amazing ladies through that who have become a great support system for me and my cousin has been my lifeline. I also am working hard to maintain my long distance friendships with Becca and Chris, which I would say has worked well!

GGB Jurrasic

I am so looking forward to all the goodness and growth that 2016 will bring!

Five Fictional Female Teachers

5 Fictional Feamle Teachers copy

Happy Friday brunch babes and welcome to another fun 5 Fandom Friday!
This weeks prompt is our favorite fictional teachers so today I decided to share the fictional women who have taught me the most. Some of this is fun, but a bit is serious because these women did impact my life so profoundly

Scandal OliviaOLIVIA POPE
If you read this post  you know that I love and think highly of Olivia Pope. Olivia came into my life at a time where I needed to be reminded that I was worth a whole lot. She reminded me to know my worth in both work and relationships – something 20-somethings living in the age of tinder need to be reminded of. We are all worth more than a swipe right! Plus “You Cannot Afford Me” is one of the best lines of all times.

Truthfully, Mindy came into my life recently and I now consider her one of my role models. Both versions of Mindy (real & fiction) are evident that confidence is key, and having a man in your life is not the be all end all. I also love Mindy Lahiri because she is a successful doctor and really represents being an adult, but not having it 100% figured out. Its ok to have most of it together and a few things a mess – that’s life. I am currently reading “Why Not Me” and loving the wisdom and truth Mindy Kaling pours onto the page. Plus her wardrobe is amazing!

Yes I am including Emily Thorne in this. I started watching Revenge literally right before my dad passed away and felt like I had a character to go through the loss of a parent with me. While the show did take some not so great turns, I still appreciate having a character that even in some small way I could relate to at that time.

Teachers Bad WolfROSE TYLER / BAD WOLF
This one character impacted me so much I named my blog after her. Rose was just an ordinary girl who decided that she wanted more. She went on adventures and ended up saving the doctor countless times. She is selfless, loyal, strong, and the kind of woman I strive to be. There was a time that I was wanting more out of life and I looked to what Rose did – she jumped in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and took a leap of faith to create the most amazing life. Thats what I did too, but without a blue box and the madman inside it.


If I am truthful with myself Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte all helped shape me into the woman I am today. There is a little bit of each of these women in me, even though I am mostly a Carrie. These women taught me the value of friendship, to never give up on love, to kick ass in the workplace, and to go after what you want most in life. Oh how I wish I had all four of these women around today to give all their points of view on the dating world in which we live. These women wore my friends, my teachers, and my inspiration.
“Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn’t fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.”

Bad Wolf’s Apocalypse Squad

For this week’s 5 Fandom Friday we are assembling the team we want to survive the apocalypse with. Strangely I actually talk about this (more in terms of earthquakes) with my friends a lot (after watching The Walking Dead).

Apocalypse squad

Katniss Everdeen
This girl can shoot, trap, and survive off the land. Plus bow and arrows are totally reusable.

Dean Winchester
Dean is funny but also he’s the kind of guy who will step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and is experienced with weapons. Plus a little man candy never hurt morale.

Emily Thorne
Emily from Revenge is a great addition to my Apocalypse squad. She is a highly trained ninja warrior, plus I just want to be her best friend.

Daryl Dixon
Daryl and Katniss share a lot in common. They are both archery pros, and can live off the land, but Daryl can also track. Bonus points – he knows how to kill walkers if it comes to that.

Hermione Granger
A little magic on our side never hurt… plus she is smart, thinks on her feet, and is always prepared… and again will become my best friend.

What are your squad goals for the apocalypse?


5 Things I Love About Fall

5 Things I love about Fall

Hello Brunch babes! Who is ready for fall… All of you should raise your hands because it is the greatest of all seasons. For this weeks 5 Fandom Friday we are all fangirling over fall and here are my five favorite reasons to love fall.

Halloween Movies

I love love love Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus is probably my second favorite film or all times (behind Empire Strikes Back). I can rewatch these films over and over again. Halloweentown is another favorite in my book. And before you ask yes I do own Halloweentown and Halloweentown 2 Kalabar’s Revenge on DVD. I mean come on guys “From now on each creature can create a portal. And each of us are own path decide.”


I am a total college football girl. I get together with my fellow alumni here in LA for every game. Sic Em Bears!


I live for my fall wardrobe. A sweater with leggings and boots is probably my favorite look of all times. I am also in favor of bringing back Uggs. I know there are haters but this is me watching them care…

It is so hard during the TV drought and after SDCC where they tease everything. All I want is some Dark Swan, some Scandal, a little bit of Winchester bros, maybe some #Olicity, and some Walkers in my life… weekly. Is that too much to ask? Also I am watching Fear the Walking Dead and kinda loving it. Are you?


A grande PSL please! ‘Nuff said. Oh and try this Pumpkin Butter from TJ’s – it might just change your life.
What do you love about fall?

Real Life Geeks that Inspire Me

Hola brunch babes another Friday – we made it! Time for some more 5 Friday fun and today is the real life geeks who inspire me!

AshleyEckstein Ashley Eckstein
She is the creator of Her Universe and all around goddess of the Star Wars fandom. She made liking Star Wars main stream for girls. She is also the voice of Ahsoka Tano aka the Fulcrum aka the coolest girl inthe Star Wars universe (as of yet). I have so much respect for her and the light she brings. She truly is a lovely and kind person and definition of a #GirlBoss


leandraLeandra Medine
I am going to go ahead and call Leandra aka the Man Repeller a geek – a big fashion geek. She is unapologetic for her love of fashion and does not care what anyone else thinks, if she likes it she wears it… Basically she is one of us and just doesn’t know it!


Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Dave-FiloniDave Filoni

Dave is the creator/director of Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. He loves the universe and every panel I have seen him on he has been great. I love that he has created a new world for us to explore and has brought in a whole new generation of Star Wars fans!


feliciaFelicia Day
What can I say… I kinda love this girl. She is Charlie on Supernatural (R.I.P.) and I love Geek & Sundry. She stands up for women in the nerd and gaming world. I loved her post during Gamer Gate and the stance she took. Also she throws sick SDCC parties.




Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook and author of Lean In (a game changer for me) this woman is who I look up to the most when it comes to my definition of a strong working woman. She believes is true partnership, women in the workplace, mothers in the workplace, and a million other amazing things. If I ever meet her I will thank her profusely for all she taught me.