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Welcome to Bad Wolf Brunch – a lifestyle blog all about living life to the fullest! Here we celebrate healthy living, travel, fashion, entertaining, and living life a little outside of the box…

My name is Mallory and I founded Bad Wolf Brunch at the end of 2013. I am a 20-something living in Los Angeles, California who is originally from Texas. I like to hold onto my Texas/Southern upbringing, but have mixed in a bit of the Southern California lifestyle as well. I am an avid runner, world traveler, lover of great interiors, hostess with the mostess, and aspiring Martha Stewart (plus a former intern of hers).

Here at Bad Wolf Brunch we celebrate living the good life and whatever little quirks come along the way! Currently we publish three posts a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


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I shoot all the images for my blog on a Samsung WB2200F – this is a great starter camera for people looking to step up their photography game without committing to a costly dSLR. I also shoot photos with my iPhone 6s.

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Bad Wolf Brunch is happy to do sponsored posts of products, companies and brands in the health, beauty, geekery, gaming, health, fitness and interiors industries. The post will be written with my true opinion & thoughts. Please email me at malloryann11@gmail.com for more information.