Ok first off so sorry for missing last week – we had some technical difficulties over here at Bad Wolf Brunch… but we prevail! Welcome to the third week of the One Room Challenge!

Any ways here is what I was going to be sharing last week… my plan for the space. As you can see from my before post I am re working and updating a lot of my existing furniture.ORC Bedroom Style Board

As you can see navy will still have a large presence in my design. Like every blogger (and person) in the world right now I am loving banana leaf prints! I already picked up some large accent pillows for my bed in the Beverly Hills Hotel inspired signature banana leaf. Obsessed!

One of my main DIY projects is to make a faux campaign style night stand from the ever popular Ikea Rast dresser. I have already spray painted this bad boy gloss navy and added a layer of gloss Minwax sealant. I ordered my hardware from Ali Express at the very start of the ORC and just got it in! This new nightstand I already so much better than my old too tall white nightstand and I am so excited to install me new hardware.

My next main DIY project is my vanity area. I want to add a fun backdrop with renter’s removable wall paper. I am still deciding which on I like best… Let me know your thoughts in the comments. My vanity is one of my most used pieces of furniture in my home, so I am very excited to give this space a necessary update.

Wall Paper Opts

Finally, I will be working on my window treatments and possibly making some pelmet boxes for my windows. Thumbs up for actual window treatments!

Well fingers crossed for a very productive ORC weekend of thrifting, DIY-ing and not procrastinating! 

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  • Brenda A.

    I like where this is going!