Hi Everyone and welcome to my first every One Room Challenge! I am so excited to be taking part in this challenge as a guest participant for the first time. The ORC is an online, bi-annual event that brings together 20 bloggers who have a love of design and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish and document the process… in only 6 weeks!

ORC GUest Participant - GOLD

If you are new to my blog… welcome! My name is Mallory and I am an (older) 20-something living in LA. By day, I work in international marketing & publicity and am a blogger by night. My little slice of the internet is Bad Wolf Brunch and I am excited to be adding more design to the blog with this one room challenge!

For this challenge I am going to be re-doing my master bedroom. To give some context I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I do need to abide by rental procedures. I also (sadly) have no boy in my life so (happily) I can re-do this room any way that I like. Here are the before pictures.


When I first moved into my apartment 4+ years ago I concentrated most of my time and money on making my living room the best it can be… With that my bedroom became sort of a design catch all for leftover art and hand me downs. I am so excited to finally give this space the love it deserves.


I did invest in a nice bed and a really nice mattress so I will be keeping those items. My bedroom is also where I get ready everyday so having a vanity is crucial for me. My current set up is an old piece I got from a former roommate, but I have out grown it.


So here is the really not cute part… my overrun vanity and the awkward alcove space where I currently keep my TV. Working on this area will be a crucial part of my One Room Challenge makeover. Beyond that I will work on the window treatments and culling down some of the furniture.


I can’t wait to go along this process for the next 6 weeks and create a beautiful bedroom!
Are you participating in ORC? Let me know in the comments what room you are (or want to) makeover!

  • Emma

    Good luck! This sounds like it could be a really exciting project. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • i really like all the blue! so i hope you keep some of it :) xo jillian