Ok I adore Halloween, remember #Basic&Proud! And naturally my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus (with Halloweentown coming in close second.)
What? You love Hocus Pocus too? Well pour yourself a glass of wine and pop in your copy… seriously you can find the drinking game here.

It seems like every year more and more people remember their love of this film. Social media has exploded with love for this cult classic and well I cannot think of a better way to celebrate October than with the Sanderson Sisters!


Coffee Cup | Sarah’s Song Pillow | Black Flame Candle Door Mat | Sweatshirt | Jordandene Spell on You Tank

Here are some of my favorite Sanderson Sister finds across the internet – all are great for the upcoming weeks of Halloween goodness! What is your favorite?

  • I love all of this! The Hotel Transylvania movies have weaseled their way into my heart, but I’m always going to hold a (black) flame for Hocus Pocus.

  • Every October, I at least need to watch Hocus Pocus ONCE within the month, haha. LOVE all of this! Especially the welcome mat & mug!


  • You know, I can’t honestly remember if I watched this movie or not. That sounds funny, but it’s so prevalent that I know the characters, etc. Is it on Netflix? Maybe I should be adding this to my queue ASAP :)

  • Ohhhhh I love Halloween! Mostly because I love dressing up though aha! GlamAndGeek X

  • OMG!!! That mug is just perfect!!!