Where to Pre-Order Star Wars The Force Awakens


Ok brunchers – STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS comes on out DVD/Blu-Ray on April 5th. There are a variety of different exclusives available with different pre-orders so while I did my research I thought you might enjoy it as well. I have also included the E*Bates cash back rewards because every penny counts. If you are new to E*Bates sign up here and start saving money!


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$24.95 – This pre-order comes with three limited edition posters. This offer is also available at Walmart, Best Buy for the digital version and other locations. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Target and Best Buy.

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Additionally Target has an exclusive cover version with 20 minutes of exclusive bonus content, including a never-before-seen interview with Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) and a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors trained for their incredible stunts and fight scenes, interactions between the new and veteran cast members, a closer look at how the props team designed and produced some of the film’s new weapons, and lots more. The combo pack also comes in an exclusive collectible package that folds out to show detailed character art. Also $24.99

THE DISNEY STOREScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.27.46 PM

$24.95 – Pre-Order the Blu-ray Combo Pack by April 4 and you will receive an Exclusive Lithograph set and get $10 off a future online purchase of $40.00 or more. The lithographs are exclusive to the Disney store. Ebates is currently offering 3% cash back at Disney Store.



$29.99 – The Steelbook edision of TFA is exclusive to Best Buy. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Best Buy.


The digital version available through Amazon Video will be available 4 days early to those who pre-order for $17.99 on April 1st and comes complete with deleted scenes and bonus featureless.

iTunes will offer the same early release and is currently available for pre-order


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.43.52 PMHot Topic has the super cool limited edition vinyl available for pre-sale now for $34.50. They were selling this same set at Wondercon for $50 (so glad I did not cave). Ebates is currently offering 4% cash back at Hot Topic.

Personally – I think I am going to be getting the Disney Store pre-order and the Hot Topic vinyl? What about you?

  • It’s interesting to see what different stores in different countries are offering. The Disney Store in the UK are half price Funko with the pre-order.

    • Very cool! Yeah this was more for me to figure out where I was going to get it and I thought maybe this should be a post…

  • Juliana

    I did a Target pre-order a few months ago that includes a $5 dollar gift card (and add that with the Red card and ebates it was a good deal!). can’t wait to watch it next week!

  • Danielle Knapp

    So hard to decide which one to go with! Normal to just pre-order from Amazon but there are clearly perks to buying elsewhere.

  • I want the Amazon version with the bonus content, but I don’t want a digital copy, I need a DVD. *pouts*