Nerdy Tattoos I Love

Good morning and happy Friday brunchers! I am joining in again on the 5 Fandom Friday fun and this week we are talking nerdy tattoos. I have a big soft spot for nerdy tattoos. I like to think that if something means a lot to you then why not get one. Personally, I like understated small nerdy tattoos that feel like you have to be “in on it” to get. Also – I am all for being spontaneous, but would recommend that you do not put anything on your body that you have thought at least a year about. And yes I am speaking from experience here 😉

Nerdy TattoosI have thought and admired all of these tattoos over the years. While I would not necessarily run out and get all of these I do appreciate their meaning and beauty. I have also realized that I might be a nerdy hipster in this post.

DEATHLY HALLOWS // Let’s be real – this is the nerdy tattoo that fully sums up a journey that so many of us shared and that touched our lives so profoundly. I have many friends who have this tattoo and for each the reason is completely different yet all the same. We cannot deny that Harry Potter truly affected so many of us.

PETER PAN // What can I say I have loved the “off to Neverland” silhouette tattoo for a long time. Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite movies/books/musicals – ok so basically I love everything associated with Peter Pan. I love how small this is and that it can be easily hidden.

BAD WOLF // This is cute, small, is a type face tattoo and you have to know what Bad Wolf is to get it – and who would ever think that I like bad wolf…

COLORS OF THE WIND // Another typical saying I use is subtle disney. Basically we all know that I love the disney… but I like things that are a subtle hint and not screaming it out loud and this colorful and sweet colors of the wind tattoo. Pocahontas as I have shared before I probably my number one Disney lady – that girl knows whats up.

REBELS // I had to throw in a Star Wars tat in the batch and what can I say I love this feminine variation of the Rebel logo.

In case you are thinking of getting a new tattoo here are a few of my other tips:

  • Try drawing a version of it with sharpie on you to see if you like it.
  • Placement is just as important as what your tattoo is. If you need something that can be hidden try on various materials to see if it remains hidden enough for your liking. For example I have a thigh tattoo and tried on every pair of shorts I own and drew lines on my thigh where they landed. I figured out my shortest pair of shorts and when I went to get my tattoo I drew a line on my leg and was very specific to not cross.
  • Investigate where you want your tattoo parlor and artist based off what you want. If you are getting something like the colors of the wind tattoo then you want someone good with color over someone who is great with lettering.
  • Also it is good to note that this is not the time to save money… a good artist will cost you. You should look at this as art you have to wear everyday and you need to invest in good art.





  • Kay

    So glad you mentioned the cost factor. I think tattooing is one of the instances where paying more money really does mean better quality. You definitely get what you pay for!

  • Cost. Oh my gosh yes. Really any big body modification, you DON’T want the cheap option (I did that for my industrial the first time around–huge mistake). And writing it on your body in sharpie is such a good tip. I did that for my first tattoo, too. Also? that Peter Pan tattoo is SO adorable. I love it!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Oh I really love that Peter Pan one :)

  • gamerwife

    That Peter Pan tattoo is everything. And good tips. I would also add that you should never ask a tattoo artist to try to emulate the style of another artist. Pick your artist based on their style, not what you want.

  • I adore the Peter Pan tattoo

  • Jen

    I absolutely love that Peter Pan Tattoo <3 Omfg! The Colors of the Wind one is adorable, as well!!

  • Great tat ideas and tips!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • BAD WOLF. <3 Also, the Colors Of The Wind tattoo is beautiful. I included a Harry Potter tat as well, not because it's my main fandom or one I am absolutely addicted to, but because it's how I met my wife. ♥♥ From 11-ish on, I read HP. I role-played. I am, proudly, a Hufflepuff. I wrote fanfiction. I read fanfiction. Etc. Etc. but nothing beats meeting your soulmate~!!

  • Love the design and placement of that Peter Pan tattoo. So lovely.

  • As a tattoo artist, I LOVE your tattoo tips to other enthusiasts & collectors <3

  • I LOVE the Bad Wolf idea!!! And that rebel one is so pretty!!! xx

  • Sam Smethurst

    I absolutely love the peter pan tattoo, but unfortunately both of my ears are tattooed and so it would have to go somewhere else! I’m keen to get one, but perhaps just peter flying. So cute!

    Sammy xo.

  • Love these tattoos! You’re not a nerdy hipster at all! The Peter Pan one especially is damn cool :)

  • Juliana

    love love love!

  • B.

    I think the Peter Pan tattoo is really dofferent!