Coaster Run 10K Recap

Well brunchers – another fun race recap! On Sunday (March 6th) Juli and I ran the Coaster Run 10K through Knotts Berry Farm!


We had a very wet and rainy start to the race as we drove from LA to Buena Park. It rained all night and all morning right up until the race start. We came prepared with rain jackets and Scotch Guarded our socks and shoes before we left. This Scotch Guard method seemed to really work. We were early enough to not have traffic but accounted for the fact that LA has no idea what to do when it rains – so we gave ourselves a little extra driving time.

We got to the race, parked, suited up and went to grab our bibs. We ran into our friend Greg and then pretty much went to the corrals to start.

We first ran through Knotts Berry Farm. This was actually my first time being here… ever. I now know what it feels like to not be a Disney usual when running through the park. I wanted to be sure to use a real restroom while I had the chance but had no idea which was the last one… so I just picked one. I was impressed that there was one character stop for this race with Charlie Brown and Lucy (with like noline) so of course I stopped!

After our time in the park we ran through Soak City waterpark – another first – before we hit the streets. This course actually went by pretty quick. I started slowly to avoid slipping but as the roads dried and I got in my groove I picked up the pace! My last two miles were sub 13 minutes which is really good for me.

Juli finished ahead of me and got me a peace of pie so I didn’t have to wait in line. Every finisher gets a medal and Knott’s signature¬†boysenberry pie.

MEDALSeeing as we were minutes from Disneyland – we stopped at Starbucks changed into clean clothes and went to Disney for a few hours to grab lunch and some Star Wars action.



  • Emma

    I’m so jealous that you can just casually pop into Disneyland for coffee – dream life right there! I’m also incredibly impressed, you wear me out with all the races you do, i can’t even run outside for more then 5 minutes without wanting to throw up.

  • nevie brooks

    How fun! I visited Knotts Berry Farm probably two decades ago when my grandparents stilled lived in SoCal and it would be so fun to run a race through it. What a treat to meet Charlie Brown and Lucy and then just pop over to Disneyland! I love the 10K distance – raced one myself this weekend – congrats on a great race!

  • Kay

    So great! Scotch Guarding shoes…that is brilliant. I’m getting new running shoes this week and I will have to try it! Running in spring in NH is always so wet as all the snow melts.

  • Juliana

    so much fun!! I loved the part when we were on the streets but the park was super slow moving. and the incorrect mile markers was crazy!