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Ok – so I am a little late to the party brunchers but last weeks 5 Fandom Friday was all about where to shop for geeky goods! We know I love to shop and I love all the things geek chic so why not join in on this fun.


TARDIS work outfit

I love everything Jordan puts out! Her tees are stylish, soft, and subtly nerdy. I have featured a few outfits on the blog with her designs and more will come!

Her Universe


I love Her Universe for various reasons. One being she makes super cute Star Wars clothes and secondly she championed female fans in the Star Wars Universe. I wear this cardigan A LOT but I have about a million other items from Ashley.

We Love Fine

We Love Fine is always a great place to find good and fashion forward geeky chic wears. I love the Miss Marvel tank that I have used and abused. I also love their Star Wars clothes – I wore this super cute Storm Trooper sweater to Star Wars Celebration!

Look Human


I love Look Human shirts, coffee mugs, and totes. I especially use Look Human for nerdy work out gear! You guys know I love me some running – and looking cute and nerdy while your doing it is best. Watch their site for sales to get some good deals!

Utinni Bikini

Utinni Bikini

I love this Etsy store! She makes darling and flattering Star Wars skirts, dresses and swim suits. She also makes darling baby’s leggings. She mainly makes Star Wars clothes but also has a few Disney designs that she is starting out! I have a super cute Mandalorian skirt that I wear to a lot of my dressier Star Wars events – because yes I have some of those.


Any other stores you love? Let me know in the comments!

Where to Pre-Order Star Wars The Force Awakens


Ok brunchers – STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS comes on out DVD/Blu-Ray on April 5th. There are a variety of different exclusives available with different pre-orders so while I did my research I thought you might enjoy it as well. I have also included the E*Bates cash back rewards because every penny counts. If you are new to E*Bates sign up here and start saving money!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.12.52 PM

$24.95 – This pre-order comes with three limited edition posters. This offer is also available at Walmart, Best Buy for the digital version and other locations. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Target and Best Buy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.22.59 PM

Additionally Target has an exclusive cover version with 20 minutes of exclusive bonus content, including a never-before-seen interview with Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) and a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors trained for their incredible stunts and fight scenes, interactions between the new and veteran cast members, a closer look at how the props team designed and produced some of the film’s new weapons, and lots more. The combo pack also comes in an exclusive collectible package that folds out to show detailed character art. Also $24.99

THE DISNEY STOREScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.27.46 PM

$24.95 – Pre-Order the Blu-ray Combo Pack by April 4 and you will receive an Exclusive Lithograph set and get $10 off a future online purchase of $40.00 or more. The lithographs are exclusive to the Disney store. Ebates is currently offering 3% cash back at Disney Store.



$29.99 – The Steelbook edision of TFA is exclusive to Best Buy. Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at Best Buy.


The digital version available through Amazon Video will be available 4 days early to those who pre-order for $17.99 on April 1st and comes complete with deleted scenes and bonus featureless.

iTunes will offer the same early release and is currently available for pre-order


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.43.52 PMHot Topic has the super cool limited edition vinyl available for pre-sale now for $34.50. They were selling this same set at Wondercon for $50 (so glad I did not cave). Ebates is currently offering 4% cash back at Hot Topic.

Personally – I think I am going to be getting the Disney Store pre-order and the Hot Topic vinyl? What about you?

Great Race LA Race Recap

Hello brunchers! Another race and another recap… I am really going for it this year!
You may remember I shared my 2016 Race Schedule here – oops its already out of date. I added the Great Race of Agora Hills 10K at the last second.  The OG Ewok Crew (also commonly called my friends) were all running and invited me to join the fun.  I ran this race in 2014 and really enjoyed it then and was excited to get to run it again!

GREAT RACE wmI headed up to Agora Hills on Friday later afternoon after work… thankfully I got out a bit early and just ahead of the 5pm traffic. Agora Hills is about an hour away from where I live and work in LA. This is a lovely little area that I always adore visiting. Juli had gotten there first and we arranged that she could get all our bibs for us. Thanks Juli!!

We got a hotel (where we all bunked in) that was luckily right next door to a Trader Joe’s. We knew our room had a kitchen so we decided to cook dinner instead of going out which ended up being very entertaining for our crew. We made rice and pineapple chicken completely forgetting this race is sponsored by Dole – but we decided to think we totally planned this as a theme… right? Right! 2 bottles of wine and lots of water and Nuun later we were all rolling, Buffing, taping and stretching. Seriously I think between 4 of us we have every sports medicine tool known to man. We were knocked out by 10pm. Our runner sleepovers are THE BEST!

Saturday morning was not too early since we are accustomed to runDisney’s super early schedule. The great thing about this race is that it is affordable as very well organized. Our bus was outside the lobby ready to take us to the start. We all got a coffee and got on. Juli took an Uber since she was running the Pacific Coast Half but the rest of us got on our 10K bus.GREAT RACE START

We arrived with plenty of time to go to gear check, use the restroom and make our way to the start. We cheered on the Chesebro Half racers (yes thats two different halfs in one race event) and looked for me a trail runner dude… Single and shopping ladies and gentleman. After they all ran down the hill we made our way up to the top to find our runDisney friend Rudy announcing the start! This course is a great but hilly course through the horse community of Old Agora. I love anywhere I can run and look at horses (and talk to them like a crazy person). The very end is on a semi trail where I can be a badd ass #trailrunner (ok confession I think trail runners are super cool and I want to be one.)

From running this course before I knew after the trail it was a straight shot into the finish so I ran the end pretty hard. I had my sparkly new Garmin Vivo Active set on lap mood so I knew my miles were looking good – I had slowed a bit during the hilly section but thought I could have a good time in the bag. Turns out I did!


My chip time was 1:18:08 which is my fastest 10K time since 2013! I took 5 minutes off my course time from when I ran it in 2014 and got a new time to submit for corral placement! I was very pleased with my run! After the race the Great Race is known for their finisher party. I ate my free pancakes and Starbucks while I waited for Juli to cross the finish line.

After she finished we went back to the hotel for some pool time and lunch. It is becoming a tradition but we had some margaritas and medals to end the day!


This is seriously turning out to be one of my favorite races and will definitely be running it again!

I have also added a new page in my menu where my most up to date race schedule for the year will be!

Women's Running Community

Nerdy Tattoos I Love

Good morning and happy Friday brunchers! I am joining in again on the 5 Fandom Friday fun and this week we are talking nerdy tattoos. I have a big soft spot for nerdy tattoos. I like to think that if something means a lot to you then why not get one. Personally, I like understated small nerdy tattoos that feel like you have to be “in on it” to get. Also – I am all for being spontaneous, but would recommend that you do not put anything on your body that you have thought at least a year about. And yes I am speaking from experience here 😉

Nerdy TattoosI have thought and admired all of these tattoos over the years. While I would not necessarily run out and get all of these I do appreciate their meaning and beauty. I have also realized that I might be a nerdy hipster in this post.

DEATHLY HALLOWS // Let’s be real – this is the nerdy tattoo that fully sums up a journey that so many of us shared and that touched our lives so profoundly. I have many friends who have this tattoo and for each the reason is completely different yet all the same. We cannot deny that Harry Potter truly affected so many of us.

PETER PAN // What can I say I have loved the “off to Neverland” silhouette tattoo for a long time. Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite movies/books/musicals – ok so basically I love everything associated with Peter Pan. I love how small this is and that it can be easily hidden.

BAD WOLF // This is cute, small, is a type face tattoo and you have to know what Bad Wolf is to get it – and who would ever think that I like bad wolf…

COLORS OF THE WIND // Another typical saying I use is subtle disney. Basically we all know that I love the disney… but I like things that are a subtle hint and not screaming it out loud and this colorful and sweet colors of the wind tattoo. Pocahontas as I have shared before I probably my number one Disney lady – that girl knows whats up.

REBELS // I had to throw in a Star Wars tat in the batch and what can I say I love this feminine variation of the Rebel logo.

In case you are thinking of getting a new tattoo here are a few of my other tips:

  • Try drawing a version of it with sharpie on you to see if you like it.
  • Placement is just as important as what your tattoo is. If you need something that can be hidden try on various materials to see if it remains hidden enough for your liking. For example I have a thigh tattoo and tried on every pair of shorts I own and drew lines on my thigh where they landed. I figured out my shortest pair of shorts and when I went to get my tattoo I drew a line on my leg and was very specific to not cross.
  • Investigate where you want your tattoo parlor and artist based off what you want. If you are getting something like the colors of the wind tattoo then you want someone good with color over someone who is great with lettering.
  • Also it is good to note that this is not the time to save money… a good artist will cost you. You should look at this as art you have to wear everyday and you need to invest in good art.





30 By 30 / / Update at 27


Alright brunch babes Happy Birthday to me! Here it is another year and another update to my 30 by 30 list. Essentially these are my goals to hit by the time I turn 30! You can read my 26 update here. So lets see what I have accomplished since starting my list!


2 // Visit the Colosseum in Rome. – My mom and I went on our amazing European adventure last summer where we did go to Rome (among other places.) It was a blast and a dream come true!

3 // Learn to sew. – Officially crossed off – I know I checked it off at 26 but I have now sewn a tailored jacket (which you will see more of soon)! I can officially sew!

13 // Finish and submit my Mara Jade for 501st approval – Mara did not get finished but my Juno Eclipse is approved and I will be sharing my second costume soon! Mara is still on the bucket list as I want to learn to sew with spandex!501st approved

15 // Eat at Club 33!! – Wow this one just made it! If you follow me on instagram you saw that I went to Club 33 for the first time this weekend – it was amazing and a full post will come!!



7 // Buy a new car. – This is currently in the works to be completed sooner, rather than later…


1 // Watch & Re-Watch the American Film Institute’s 100 Years of 100 Movies List!
Need to make some serious headway on this one next year…

6 // Lose 40 pounds (and keep it off). – My main focus for the next few months – lets do this!

20 // Ride a trolley in San Francisco. – Now that one of my best friends lives in San Francisco – this has to happen!!


Run my second marathon – adding this to the list as I have gotten more serious about running since the first list was made.

Be a better blogger – seriously been weighing on my soul… I miss you blog and I will be better :)


Coaster Run 10K Recap

Well brunchers – another fun race recap! On Sunday (March 6th) Juli and I ran the Coaster Run 10K through Knotts Berry Farm!


We had a very wet and rainy start to the race as we drove from LA to Buena Park. It rained all night and all morning right up until the race start. We came prepared with rain jackets and Scotch Guarded our socks and shoes before we left. This Scotch Guard method seemed to really work. We were early enough to not have traffic but accounted for the fact that LA has no idea what to do when it rains – so we gave ourselves a little extra driving time.

We got to the race, parked, suited up and went to grab our bibs. We ran into our friend Greg and then pretty much went to the corrals to start.

We first ran through Knotts Berry Farm. This was actually my first time being here… ever. I now know what it feels like to not be a Disney usual when running through the park. I wanted to be sure to use a real restroom while I had the chance but had no idea which was the last one… so I just picked one. I was impressed that there was one character stop for this race with Charlie Brown and Lucy (with like noline) so of course I stopped!

After our time in the park we ran through Soak City waterpark – another first – before we hit the streets. This course actually went by pretty quick. I started slowly to avoid slipping but as the roads dried and I got in my groove I picked up the pace! My last two miles were sub 13 minutes which is really good for me.

Juli finished ahead of me and got me a peace of pie so I didn’t have to wait in line. Every finisher gets a medal and Knott’s signature boysenberry pie.

MEDALSeeing as we were minutes from Disneyland – we stopped at Starbucks changed into clean clothes and went to Disney for a few hours to grab lunch and some Star Wars action.



Bad Wolf Brunch Racing Schedule

Hey Brunchers! So this month I am recommitting to my blogging effort. Trust me being away from the blog as basically worn on me – for me my blog is an outlet to express a different kind of creativity that the my work. For March I am going to really try to stick to 2 posts a week!

I promise Bad Wolf Brunch isn’t becoming a full time running blog – but ’tis the running season… Have no fear March will be filled with some nerdy goodness but for now another running post.

BWB RacesI have big plans for 2016/2017 running and I wanted to share them with you… My big announcement will come later this year (if I get enough courage to actually do it) but for now here is my racing schedule for the next couple months.

March 6 – Coaster Run 10K

March 12 – Race for the Cure 5K with the Force for the Cure Team

April 9 – Santa Anita Derby Day 5K

April 17 – Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

June 5 – San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon

September 3 – Disneyland 10K