5 Ways I Grew in 2015

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Happy Friday Brunchers! We are back with another 5 Fandom Friday and this week we are kicking off January right with the 5 ways we grew and changed in 2015. I actually love this prompt because so often with the new year we are looking forward to what we want to do better. It is always important to look back and reflect upon what you did right in the last year.

When I first moved to LA I put getting my careers and friendships developed in first priority. I have never been the kind of girl to really need a boyfriend, I just need a support system of great friends around me. But as I am getting older I really started to feel the pull to wanting a relationship. After some coaxing I decided to take matters into my own hands and start online dating. So I would say in 2015 I really put myself out there more and went on a lot of dates. So far no one has really stuck, but I am still going for it.

BloggingBadWolfBrunch Text copy I really grew my blog and readership in 2015. First off, I bought my URL, did a full blog migrate, and a great redesign. Also, I started meeting more and more of my fellow (and amazing) geek girl bloggers. Promoted my blog more and got my first sponsorships! I was much more consistent with posting in 2015 and want to continue working on that in 2016.

BWB-TravelsThis was my year of travel. I went to 5 countries, and between February to June was at the airport every other weekend going some place new. This was a bit exhausting but I loved every second of it.

My full travel breakdown:
Berlin (Feb) -> Florida (Feb) -> Las Vegas (March) -> El Paso (March) -> Wondercon (April) -> New York (April) -> Star Wars Celebration (April) -> Cannes (May) -> Spain (May) -> Italy (May) -> Ft Worth (June) -> Disneyland (July) -> San Diego Comic Con (July) -> D23 (August)

Cosplay & Sewing
I mentioned before that over the first weekend of 2015 I learned to thread a sewing machine and by the end of 2015 I was sewing a fully tailored jacket. I even started a Sew Wars section of my blog.


Upping my sewing game has really stepped up my cosplay. I am still mainly doing Star Wars costumes and Doctor Who every now and then, but I am so excited to see where my sewing goes in 2016. I already have some exciting sewing projects planned and in the works for 2016.

MALLORY 501st ID31589

Personal Growth
This year has been so amazing for me, but at the same time two of my very best friends moved away from LA. Realizing that I needed to make more new friends I had to put myself out there more. I became an officer of the LA Geek Girl Brunch and have met some amazing ladies through that who have become a great support system for me and my cousin has been my lifeline. I also am working hard to maintain my long distance friendships with Becca and Chris, which I would say has worked well!

GGB Jurrasic

I am so looking forward to all the goodness and growth that 2016 will bring!

  • Congrats on all your accomplishments from 2015 – especially 1 and 5. I’m feeling the same things about 1, but I haven’t quite worked up the energy and nerve to put myself out there, and with 5, it’s tough when your best friends are far away (which luckily for me is *not* the case at the moment) and making new ones can be hard! Will be trying to make it out to some more Geek Girl Brunches in 2016. Happy New Year! :)

  • Danielle Knapp

    Sounds like 2015 was a fantastic year. I really, really need to jump on the sewing bandwagon. I can thread the needle on the machine but really that’s about it :p

    • Thats literally where I started – I made pillow cases and just built on from there. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and decided to take the mindset of just figuring it out as I went along. You can do it! xoxo

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are amazing girl and I cannot wait to have a very amazing GGB on Sunday!! xoxo

  • Leah Chiasson

    I tried sewing and promptly broke my machine. Don’t know if I have it in me. I’m impressed with what you have done!

  • These were so exciting to read. I especially love your travel itinerary. As some of those are on my to list as well. Dating I felt the same way but have yet to try online. And congrats w/ all the things that happened to your blog. that is motivating. Glad you had a great 2015 and best wishes for 2016 :]

    • Thanks @Ja@Jasmine – Superheroes.xyz:disqus!! Online dating definitely has its ups and downs but at least we are trying :/ thats what I keep telling myself! xoxo

  • TK

    I am so jealous of the travel you did in 2015. How do you manage to travel that much?

    • It wasn’t easy but I just recognize that it is a blessing to be able to go places!

      • TK

        Very true. Due to the good graces of a friend, I was able to go to Japan last year. This year, due to the good graces of another friend, I’ll be able to go to Italy. If it wasn’t for those friends, I’d never see either of those places. Definitely a blessing.

  • B.

    That’s a ton of travel! I’m jealous!

  • Congrats, your list is awesome! I’m still not brave enough for online dating though :)

  • Liz Keysmash

    Congratulations on a great 2015! Can’t wait to see how your 2016 is going. Being an officer of GGB is so rad – I’m an officer for the fairly new Milwaukee branch – and I’m hoping we can get a bunch of people together at some cons for a “brunch” meetup!

  • gamerwife

    Sounds like you had quite the year of traveling. Can’t say I’m not jealous. And that Imperial Officer uniform. Wow.

  • Your cosplay is AMAZING. I’m so envious of your travels! ENJOY online dating – I dated on OkCupid for over 2 years before I met my boyfriend (online!) and it can be SO MUCH FUN – way I always see it is, the first time you meet isn’t really a “date” but “meeting up” and getting to know someone – before you decide to date them! Good luck and Have Fun! Dating can be such fun!

  • I hope to travel like you did last year! I very recently went on a plane for the first time and now that I know I can handle it (I have weird anxieties sometimes), all I want to do is travel.

    Your Star Wars costume is awesome. I’m always in awe of the craftsmanship that any 501st member puts into their costume, and yours is no exception! They always look like they’ve just stepped off a movie set.