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Season of the Force at Disneyland

With the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this Friday (but let’s be real we are going to see it Thursday night) I had to share the fun happening at my home away from home – Disneyland! Apologies in advance – this is a long post but there is just so much amazingness to cover!


I have been so excited SEASON OF THE FORCE since it was announced at D23 earlier this year.
Tomorrowland in Disneyland has be taken over by all things Star Wars and let me be clear this is an amazing thing. I kind of lost it a bit when I saw it the first time… which is another reason to follow me on SnapChat (malloryanntx). From the shopping to the food and oh yeah the freaking rides Season of the Force is a win!


Woah Nelly… I cried the first time I got to ride this. Legit tears. You enter HyperSpace Mountain (hopefully with a fast pass) to find Admiral Ackbar giving you orders. Thats right – we are going into a space battle to take down a Star Destroyer! The original ride we know and love now features the amazing Star Wars music and effects, a trip through light speed, and a projection on the walls of the battle you are in. Yes you are in a battle – complete with laser cannon fire. This is probably the most amazing thing I have seen at Disneyland in a while, I really lost my stuff.
Pro Tip: Get your Fast Pass for this ride first thing as you enter the park!


Also worth noting STAR TOURS added a new scene from The Force Awakens into the rotation with BB-8 and John Boyega’s character Finn!



Path of the Jedi is a sort of “catch up” to The Force Awakens taking through the Star Wars story. I thought it was really well done how the cut the original trilogy with episodes 1-3 to tell the story that leads up to essentially a version of The Force Awakens trailer. It is located in the old Honey I Shrunk the Kids/Captain EO theater right next to Hyperspace Mountain. I would recommend hitting this up in between Fast Passes and really is a great show. Try not to miss this!



Star Wars Launch Bay is so much fun! Located in the old Innoventions building, Launch Bay is a themed area for character meet and greets, photo opps, display from The Force Awakens, and everything Star Wars video game related. Darth Vader and Chewbacca are in themed meet and greet areas and sometimes Boba Fett is lurking in the cantina for photos. Launch Bay opens at 10am, but I would suggest checking it out in the afternoon as the lines do die down. Also to note this is not open all night (I believe it closes at 8pm) so aim for late afternoon, not late night.



The Jedi Training academy got a few updates for Season of the Force as well. Padwans now use light up sabers versus the old wrist flick saber of my youth and face a new villian, The Seventh Sister. If you aren’t watching Star Wars Rebels you should because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is voicing this sassy Sith – and I am obsessed! Also worth noting that the process of becoming a padwan has changed. You now sign up by Launch Bay and it starts as soon as the park opens, so I would be sure and get over to the registration in the morning. There is more of a storyline to the Trials of the Temple as the padwans are completing the trials to become Jedi. It is pretty adorable watching a bunch of kids use the force.



As you can probably imagine shopping is not lacking in Seasons of the Force. Star Traders, the main store by Space Mountain, is now fully converted to sell only Star Wars merchandise. There is expanded clothing options and tons on Her Universe and Lounge Fly available. You can still build your own lightsaber in the back as well. In addition to Star Trader, there is a shop inside Season of the Force selling more collectible items and a place to customize phone cases.


Tips and Tricks

I thought I would leave you with a couple of my tips and tricks from visiting Season of the Force a few times now.

  1. Get there early (aka Rope Drop this) – If you want to accomplish all of Season of the Force you are going to need to get up and get there.
  2. Go straight to Hyperspace Mountain and get yourself some Fast Passes – then get in the stand by line. If you are there early enough you will be able to ride it quickly, then go again.
  3. If you have padwan who wants to face the Trials of the Temple head to sign up next!
  4. Breakfast is great at Galactic Grill where they have Star Wars themed food. I mean Bantha Bread french toast – yes please!
  5. After your Hyperspace Mountain Fast Pass expires get a Star Tours one.
  6. Enjoy Path of the Jedi and Launch Bay after lunch. It will be less crowded.
  7. If you want a fancy name tag with your name in aurebesh go to the small gift shop opposite Launch Bay (under the old People Mover). The later you go the faster they will be made.

I hope you get a chance to experience Season of the Force yourself and May the Force be with you!

2015 Geeky Gift Guide – Doctor Who

Holiday Gift Guide Banner

Continuing on our Holiday Gift Guide we are moving on to another fandom I love – Doctor Who! Whovians will love getting some Doctor this holiday season.

Doctor Who Gift Guide

I am absolutely loving the new line of Doctor Who clothes from Hot Topic and Torrid. This capelet is great for an every day cosplay… plus it is super cute!

Every companion will want to cuddle up with k-9 and these slippers will keep you warm while you watch the Doctor on his adventures… they are actually probably warmer than the real K-9.

A great stocking stuffer for your favorite Whovian is the Bad Wolf tea from Geeky Teas.

I love the entire Black Milk Doctor Who line, but this Dalek swimsuit is a standout for sure.

Now we know I love my Her Universe and her Doctor Who lines does not disappoint. This Union Jack sweater reminds me of “The Doctor Dances” episode which I love. Plus this is on sale!

Anglophile and a Whovian – then you will want to get the T.A.R.D.I.S tea pot to brew up a cup and watch your favorite Christmas specials.

Finally, who wouldn’t want a life size Tennant for their house… I mean is this even a question.


2015 Geeky Gift Guide – Star Wars

Holiday Gift Guide Banner

Hello Brunch Babes! As we make our way towards Christmas I wanted to share this years geeky gift guide! This year I will be sharing a different fandom guide each day to ensure all the nerds on your list are covered! Happy Shopping!

All of my frequent readers know I love Star Wars and there is no denying this time of year we are winning! So why not kick off the gift guide with some force-ful gifts!


Why not toast your New Years Resolutions in something a little nicer this year like the Limited Addition Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set.

The force is strong with anyone who gets the Star Wars fan in their life the BB-8 Droid from Sphero (especially if they didn’t already buy it).

The Dark Lord approves this uber comfy pullover guaranteed to keep fangirls warm this winter (or in a movie theater) from Her Universe.

If you have a serious Star Wars fan in your life – get them a saber they can actually use from Ultrasabers – they are customizable and battle ready.

Everyone loyal to the Empire will want a screen accurate Imperial Officer hat.

Or if you have a runner in your life for the first time runDisney is offering race gift cards – sign them up for the Dark Side half!

Lastly to capture all the memories you will make you will need this Chewy inspired camera strap. Now go get some gift and may the force be with you!


Blacklight Run – Race Recap

Hey Brunchers… well another race recap and this time it isn’t a Disney run. Juli and I ran the Blacklight Color Run a few weekends ago in Irvine. Now, this isn’t the most “runner” type a race… this is a party race.

Blacklight Run Jules and Mal

We arrived in Irvine geared up in our white Sparkle Athletic skirts and changed into the race shirt in preparation to get colored. We also went to the dollar store and found some awesome white sunglasses and plenty of glow bracelets. Even though the race was at night we wanted to make sure we did not get any of the colored powder in our eyes so we pulled them on just to go through the color zones.


How did this race work? Well it all starts with a pre-party. It was still light outside so the DJ was getting everyone ready and they started throwing out the first color packets. We stood towards the back since the high school age kids were getting crazy. This was the first and only race where Jules and I looked at each other and went to the bar for a pre-race drink. Also worth noting there is in fact a full service pre race bar…

Nice and Clean

Once it got dark enough they encouraged us to head to the “corrals” which was basically a long shoot. We knew this was never going to be a true running 5k, but did not want to get completely caught so we lined up pretty early. We were in the second wave released and went off on our “5k”… The only thing that worried me was the back of the course was so dark we were running by the light of Juli’s phone. Oh pro tip – bring ziplock bags to protect your phone!

After the first mile we were doing zig zags in a parking lot which was terribly boring but this was where all the color zones were. Basically red bull infused teenagers throw colored powder on you… which lets face it is pretty fun. Since this was the Blacklight Race the powder lit up with black lights all along the course.

light it up

All in all the course ended up only being 2.5 miles and by the time we finished not everyone had even started… I think some never did the run and just stayed at the party.

After the run we made our way back to the party where we got our dousing of glowing colored powder and made our way back to the car where we were prepped with trash bags, towels for the car, baby wipes and a change of clothes.

Final thoughts the Blacklight run is not something you want to take even remotely seriously, but it did end up being a pretty fun 2.5 mile training run.