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5 Things I Love About Fall

5 Things I love about Fall

Hello Brunch babes! Who is ready for fall… All of you should raise your hands because it is the greatest of all seasons. For this weeks 5 Fandom Friday we are all fangirling over fall and here are my five favorite reasons to love fall.

Halloween Movies

I love love love Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus is probably my second favorite film or all times (behind Empire Strikes Back). I can rewatch these films over and over again. Halloweentown is another favorite in my book. And before you ask yes I do own Halloweentown and Halloweentown 2 Kalabar’s Revenge on DVD. I mean come on guys “From now on each creature can create a portal. And each of us are own path decide.”


I am a total college football girl. I get together with my fellow alumni here in LA for every game. Sic Em Bears!


I live for my fall wardrobe. A sweater with leggings and boots is probably my favorite look of all times. I am also in favor of bringing back Uggs. I know there are haters but this is me watching them care…

It is so hard during the TV drought and after SDCC where they tease everything. All I want is some Dark Swan, some Scandal, a little bit of Winchester bros, maybe some #Olicity, and some Walkers in my life… weekly. Is that too much to ask? Also I am watching Fear the Walking Dead and kinda loving it. Are you?


A grande PSL please! ‘Nuff said. Oh and try this Pumpkin Butter from TJ’s – it might just change your life.
What do you love about fall?

Morning Routines with Mal

Rise and shine brunch babes! Ok I will admit it, I am a new convert to the YouYube Vlog-a-sphere… and I kind of love all the makeup/lifestyle vloggers morning routine videos, which inspired me to share my morning routine with you. Only difference, mine is going to be real… Fair warning I am not a morning person.

Morning Routine

7:30am – Alarm goes off, hand instinctively hits snooze. Repeat 3-4 times. Curse my ancient iHome.

8:00am – Decide to start to wake up… Reach directly for my phone and scroll Instagram for a disturbingly long time. Go down a random black hole of Instagram and try not to accidentally like any photos for 52 weeks ago.

8:27am – In need of coffee. Grab ridiculously large and glittery Tinkerbell mug and insert K-cup. While brewing I do 10 inclined push ups on my counter, no idea why… K-cup is done! Add one packet of Stevia in the Raw (healthy!) and a bunch of Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Creamer (chemicals!) go back to room.

8:33am – Lets make me pretty! Start with a few drops of Eminence Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum, which is the only thing that keeps the skin clear and pretty and Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer. Yay for healthy skin! Continue to drink coffee.

8:36am – Daily make up routine. Oh look… I look alive now. Send thanks for eye liner and mascara to the Sephora gods. Then realize hair is cray cray today.

8:42am – Run ridiculous pink straightener quickly through my hair to smooth my slept on hair.

8:45am – Spritz some Jo Malone (my favorite) in Blackberry and Bay on. I like perfume and Jo Malone is my favorite. Currently I have 5 options.

8:50(ish) am – Get dressed. Decide that all black is a good idea for today. Look at the clock, realize I am probably going to be late… frantically rush to car and hope for no traffic. Don’t worry I still had time to take a photo.

So that’s my morning in a nutshell. What do you do in the morning? Are you an amazing early riser that completes beach side yoga with monks and then makes your own green juice or are you like me… wondering if yoga pants are acceptable for business casual?

Bad Wolf is Getting Fit

getting personal

Good morning brunch babes! Well I am going to have some real talk with you fine ladies (and gents). Over the last few months I have really shifted my priorities. I am still nerding out, but right now I am really nerding out about fitness.

I joined Class Pass a little over 2 months ago and have really upped my work out game. I am routinely working out 4-5 times a week now with everything from ballet, to aerial silks, to pilates. If you want to follow my fitness journey specifically I have created a new instagram account @badwolffit.

I am still running and today is actually day 1 of my Star Wars Half Marathon – Light Side training! Woo Hoo! Light side you ask? Oh yes… as of this morning it is official I am a Kessel Runner. This means I am running both the light side and dark side half marathons at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I am so excited to be running this with my cousin!


Fitness is really taking up a lot of my time and headspace right now. But I am going to continue to press on blogging! I still have fun to share with you all!


FORCE FRIDAY HEADERHello Brunch Babes! As you probably know last Friday thousand of voices all cried out at once for FORCE FRIDAY!! 

This was such a fun day and felt like the Black Friday of Star Wars. I went to the only L.A. Target offering a midnight release party. I showed up at about 11:20pm after seeing a few twitter fans reporting from the line. Chris Hardwick aka Nerdist was “hosting” the event and said hi to literally everyone (proof). Pretty cool of him!

We waited for 12:01am and made our way to the super secretive curtained off area to get our Star Wars goodies.

Force Friday

Once inside we were greeted with apparel, home goods, and kids accessories. Toys were in a separate line you joined once making it through the tented room. I bought an amazing women’s THE FORCE AWAKENS shirt, a Vader coffee mug, and some “Come to the Dark Side” womens PJs. I also collect the ladies of Star Wars figurines so I needed to add a Rey to my collection. I tagged teamed with my mom in Texas to score that one since her lines were shorter. Thanks mom!

Lost StarsThe next day I did my online shopping which for me was all about Lost Stars the new Star Wars Young Adult novel. Thats right! I will be reading this week and next and will do a write up on it! I also plan to read Aftermath and Moving Target but those will probably be a holiday reads for me.

Oh and if you are wondering I did not get the BB-8 Sphero droid… But I am sure I can find one to play with!

Did you shop Force Friday? What goodies did you get?