Surviving Jurassic World in Heels

Cheers brunchettes! I think it is fair to say that a lot of us loved Jurassic World. The one question that remained unanswered in the film though that I could not let go was – girl, do your feet hurt? Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire’s shoes have been the topic of many conversations about Jurassic World. Is it degrading to women that she wears heels the whole movie? Does it show that she is a strong female character? Literally anything and everything about the shoes have been talked about – except could that average girl actually run from dinosaurs in these shoes?

At Bad Wolf Brunch we like to unravel mysteries of the universe so I am giving it a go and finding out if I could survive Jurassic World in Clair’s shoes…

JURASSIC High Heels copy

The Shoes
Claire wears the Sam Edelman Nude Camdyn Pump with a 3.5” heel. I found the exact shoes she wears in the film in my size on Ebay. A few clicks and they were on their way to California to start running from dinos.

Initially they are really comfortable. I wore them to work just like Claire’s character would to break them in a bit before I started the experiment.

The Running

Jurassic SHoes

Just like Claire I decided to try the heels on different surfaces: concrete and grass.
I ran, walked, stood around, and ran some more to try and recreate as much of what Claire went through as possible – fortunately no dinos actually showed up to chase me…

The Result

Jurassic World Heels Back

Turns out that just like surviving Jurassic World, surviving it in heels is tough, not impossible but certainly not easy. The Sam Edelman heels are comfortable enough, stay on your feet, and do help you feel grounded, but just like any heels you are gonna sink in the soft spots in grass. I find that focusing on distributing your weight fully when standing and staying on your toes for running were the keys to surviving some dinos on the loose.

You can say whatever you like about a character (who works a corporate job) surviving a theme park overrun by a genetically enhanced dino on the loose but I personally think she is a badass and was happy to spend a day in her shoes!

  • B.

    Claire is amazing and everyone who disagrees can go away.

  • Ha brilliant! This is actually the first I heard about the shoes. I can just about run in trainers, so hats off to her. ;D

  • This is amazing! Loved the post! Also, the beauty of heels is that they double as weapons. After the rubber on the heel has disappeared from all the multi-terrain running, you can use it a shanking device if you find yourself too close to a creature trying to eat you!

  • We need to do the Las Vegas High Heel Sprint Run…