getting personal

This post is a little bit out of the ordinary brunch babes… Today I am getting a little personal which is something I haven’t really done on here before.

As you all know I live in Los Angeles and like any big city you have the feeling of constantly being around people and being all on your own at the same time. With that you really cherish the friends you make… they become your lifeline and your chosen family to get you through the craziness that is this world.

Well this summer two of those people are moving and truthfully it really sucks. Its hard to lose the people you love and moving is one of those things that happens, especially when you live in such a transient place like LA. I am so happy for both of them as are going on to amazing things… but selfishly I would be happy if they just stayed put. 

My best friend Becca from Leather.Lace.andCupcakes is moving to San Francisco – which I am really excited to visit! She was that girl that I met in LA and asked how have I not known you my entire life. We even went to the same college and never met. She is truly someone that I can see God’s hand insert into my life – let’s just say we have gone through it together, but that is for another post…  

Chris, the Biker Scout frequently featured on my Instagram, and I have been friends for 8 years… thats along time. We met my freshman year of college and he moved out to LA about a year after I did. He is moving out of state for a new job. Chris is my ultimate Star Wars buddy, convention partner in crime, and frequent photographer for Bad Wolf Brunch. Some of you may have met him at SDCC “Game of Bloggers” meet up. He promises to return for SDCC, and Disney, and Ren Faire, and probably a lot other stuff too… But none the less he will be missed surely.

Mal & Chris

So what does this mean for me… Well it means I have to start putting myself out there again. I did this when I first moved to LA and I can do it again. I am excited because I do love a challenge and this is just that. A challenge to say yes to more drinks, seek out lunches and dinners with new people, try out new groups, take new work out classes, and really cherish the friends that I still have in LA.

I have made LA my home and for now at least, it looks like I will be here for the long haul.

Have you had to deal with friends moving? Any advice for getting out there and making new friends?

  • B.

    I say just get out there! Maybe join a few clubs? Check out the Geek Girl Brunch in your area? See if any Twitter friends or other bloggers want to meet up too!

  • You can do it!! Making friends as an adult is way harder, but totally worth it. Like B says you should try out Geek Girl Brunch. I haven’t been to one yet but I’m DYING to go!

  • Pam Measures Thomasson

    Join a choir-Mom

  • I’m here for ya girl!