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Real Life Geeks that Inspire Me

Hola brunch babes another Friday – we made it! Time for some more 5 Friday fun and today is the real life geeks who inspire me!

AshleyEckstein Ashley Eckstein
She is the creator of Her Universe and all around goddess of the Star Wars fandom. She made liking Star Wars main stream for girls. She is also the voice of Ahsoka Tano aka the Fulcrum aka the coolest girl inthe Star Wars universe (as of yet). I have so much respect for her and the light she brings. She truly is a lovely and kind person and definition of a #GirlBoss


leandraLeandra Medine
I am going to go ahead and call Leandra aka the Man Repeller a geek – a big fashion geek. She is unapologetic for her love of fashion and does not care what anyone else thinks, if she likes it she wears it… Basically she is one of us and just doesn’t know it!


Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Dave-FiloniDave Filoni

Dave is the creator/director of Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. He loves the universe and every panel I have seen him on he has been great. I love that he has created a new world for us to explore and has brought in a whole new generation of Star Wars fans!


feliciaFelicia Day
What can I say… I kinda love this girl. She is Charlie on Supernatural (R.I.P.) and I love Geek & Sundry. She stands up for women in the nerd and gaming world. I loved her post during Gamer Gate and the stance she took. Also she throws sick SDCC parties.




Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook and author of Lean In (a game changer for me) this woman is who I look up to the most when it comes to my definition of a strong working woman. She believes is true partnership, women in the workplace, mothers in the workplace, and a million other amazing things. If I ever meet her I will thank her profusely for all she taught me.


getting personal

This post is a little bit out of the ordinary brunch babes… Today I am getting a little personal which is something I haven’t really done on here before.

As you all know I live in Los Angeles and like any big city you have the feeling of constantly being around people and being all on your own at the same time. With that you really cherish the friends you make… they become your lifeline and your chosen family to get you through the craziness that is this world.

Well this summer two of those people are moving and truthfully it really sucks. Its hard to lose the people you love and moving is one of those things that happens, especially when you live in such a transient place like LA. I am so happy for both of them as are going on to amazing things… but selfishly I would be happy if they just stayed put. 

My best friend Becca from Leather.Lace.andCupcakes is moving to San Francisco – which I am really excited to visit! She was that girl that I met in LA and asked how have I not known you my entire life. We even went to the same college and never met. She is truly someone that I can see God’s hand insert into my life – let’s just say we have gone through it together, but that is for another post…  

Chris, the Biker Scout frequently featured on my Instagram, and I have been friends for 8 years… thats along time. We met my freshman year of college and he moved out to LA about a year after I did. He is moving out of state for a new job. Chris is my ultimate Star Wars buddy, convention partner in crime, and frequent photographer for Bad Wolf Brunch. Some of you may have met him at SDCC “Game of Bloggers” meet up. He promises to return for SDCC, and Disney, and Ren Faire, and probably a lot other stuff too… But none the less he will be missed surely.

Mal & Chris

So what does this mean for me… Well it means I have to start putting myself out there again. I did this when I first moved to LA and I can do it again. I am excited because I do love a challenge and this is just that. A challenge to say yes to more drinks, seek out lunches and dinners with new people, try out new groups, take new work out classes, and really cherish the friends that I still have in LA.

I have made LA my home and for now at least, it looks like I will be here for the long haul.

Have you had to deal with friends moving? Any advice for getting out there and making new friends?

Cross Overs That Would Make My Heart Melt

Cheers brunchettes! Ok so truthfully I am not really a crossover person. I have never read crossover fan fiction so this took a bit of racking of the brain but I had fun with it!

Elsa and Jack

one // Jack Frost & Elsa – Basically I would love to Elsa get hers and who else than with Mr. Frost himself… 

Sam and Buffy

two // Sam Winchester & Buffy Summers – I feel like if Buffy was going to go for one of the Supernatural boys it would definitely be Sam – the all american good boy with the Vampire killing cheerleader… I would watch that!

OUAT and Merlin

three // Merlin & Regina & Emma – Non Romantic but these three can kick some serious magical ass, plus I think it would be hilarious seeing these two mom types handle an uber powerful teenage Merlin.

kermit yoda

four // Yoda & Kermit – Again non romantic but “easy it is not to be green” I feel like Kermit the frog and Yoda would just have a wonderful time together singing Rainbow Connection and wielding lightsabers.

doctor and alice

five // Alice & the Doctor – I feel like Alice would make the best and completely crazy companion for the Doctor… We’re all mad here… where ever we are in time and space.

Geek Chic with Underoos

Rise and shine all my Bad Wolf Brunchers! Today we are just going to hang in bed for a bit – geek chic style. Just because it is time for bed (or a Netflix marathon) does not mean we cannot show off our cute geeky pride. 

Underoos Bed

I am so excited that the Original Underoos are back and even for us adults! You all know I love me some Star Wars and my favorite droid R2-D2 makes the perfect companion for a slow morning. My mean, weekends were basically made for Underoos (especially in the heat LA has been having).

Underoos SetFear not they also have a Harley Quinn set for those of you who love Mista J.

I seriously love that they kept their retro packaging and so does my Ewok Princess Neesa. 

Underoos packaging

Do you want some awesome fun Underoos? Enter the code BADWOLFBRUNCH  for $5 off any order. I am also giving away a set of your choice of Underoos. Just enter the giveaway below.

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Surviving Jurassic World in Heels

Cheers brunchettes! I think it is fair to say that a lot of us loved Jurassic World. The one question that remained unanswered in the film though that I could not let go was – girl, do your feet hurt? Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire’s shoes have been the topic of many conversations about Jurassic World. Is it degrading to women that she wears heels the whole movie? Does it show that she is a strong female character? Literally anything and everything about the shoes have been talked about – except could that average girl actually run from dinosaurs in these shoes?

At Bad Wolf Brunch we like to unravel mysteries of the universe so I am giving it a go and finding out if I could survive Jurassic World in Clair’s shoes…

JURASSIC High Heels copy

The Shoes
Claire wears the Sam Edelman Nude Camdyn Pump with a 3.5” heel. I found the exact shoes she wears in the film in my size on Ebay. A few clicks and they were on their way to California to start running from dinos.

Initially they are really comfortable. I wore them to work just like Claire’s character would to break them in a bit before I started the experiment.

The Running

Jurassic SHoes

Just like Claire I decided to try the heels on different surfaces: concrete and grass.
I ran, walked, stood around, and ran some more to try and recreate as much of what Claire went through as possible – fortunately no dinos actually showed up to chase me…

The Result

Jurassic World Heels Back

Turns out that just like surviving Jurassic World, surviving it in heels is tough, not impossible but certainly not easy. The Sam Edelman heels are comfortable enough, stay on your feet, and do help you feel grounded, but just like any heels you are gonna sink in the soft spots in grass. I find that focusing on distributing your weight fully when standing and staying on your toes for running were the keys to surviving some dinos on the loose.

You can say whatever you like about a character (who works a corporate job) surviving a theme park overrun by a genetically enhanced dino on the loose but I personally think she is a badass and was happy to spend a day in her shoes!

D23 Expo Recap – 2015

Good morning brunchers! Well this weekend I had the opportunity to attend the amazing D23 Expo in Anaheim where we celebrated all things Disney. This was my third time to attend and I thought that this was the best D23Expo yet!

D23 Expo Recap

Friday kicked off with a bang with the Disney Legends Panel where the new legends were inducted in. Legends like George Lucas, Johnny Depp, composer Danny Elfman, and animator Andreas Deja were present to accept their place into the Disney Legends.

Also on Friday was the Disney Animation panel. I was not at this panel but my cousin was and she reported that we will all cry our eyes out in The Good Dinosaur and that people lost it when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out for Moana.

Saturday was an early morning for the Bad Wolf Brunch team as we got up and got in line for the ever popular live action panel. I loved how D23 did their line system this year.

Hall D23

You could pick the section that you wanted to sit in and got a wrist band that guaranteed you were in. After you got the wristband we were able to go out and grab coffee and breakfast for everyone while some held our spot in line. We waited inside in cues where they had TV’s playing Disney short film and fun clips. Outlets and charging stations were available for use. They frequently came over the loud speakers with updates and alerted everyone when it was time to take chairs and anything else back to the car. I don’t think any convention has really figured out the solution to the epic live problems we are having but I will say D23 was more comfortable and more informative than SDCC. Also speaking of cons – the new hall at the Anaheim Convention Center is amazing and holds more people than Hall H…

For the live action panel Disney made us bag up our phones and cameras. We saw a concept art sizzle piece for Doctor Strange and some AMAZING footage of Captain America: Civil War (like mind blowing). Seriously this is going to be dope.

The live action version of Jungle Book gave us a first look at footage and it looks great. I am so excited for this new adaptation. We also got a glimpse of the live action Beauty & the Beast which is a confirmed musical! OMG Hermione as Belle, my life is made!

My biggest fangirl moment (until the big one that left me screaming) was the announcement that Orlando Bloom will be back in the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise!! I literally screamed!!

Then it was time for STAR WARS! Finally this year I made it into a freaking Star Wars panel! We screamed when Harrison Ford came out but then everyone got literally kicked off the stage for Bob Iger to come on. You know when Bob comes on stage it is going to be big. Then they dropped the bomb I had been hearing rumors about for forever… STAR WARS LAND! (Photo is from Disney Parks Blog)

We will be getting two Star Wars lands in both California and Orlando at Hollywood Studios! The Disneyland addition will be 14 acres and the largest single land expansion ever! We have been promised a Millennium Falcon attraction where guests will be behind the controls of the famed ship. Additionally a cantina was discussed… Take my money now please! Literally this left me screaming I am so freaking excited.


In the next panel, Parks and Resorts, they went further into the Star Wars additions to the park. While we wait for our lands we will get the Star Wars Launch Bay later this year! We will also be getting Season of the Force at both parks in early 2016 which will be a special seasonal Star Wars celebration with special entertainment, themed food (yes!) and at Disneyland a special temporary wrap on Space Mountain making it Hyperspace Mountain. They also announce a new destination will be added to Star Tours from The Force Awakens – basically it is a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

Take a moment and process all of that…

D23 Broadway

Next up for us was one of my favorite panels of all times – The Disney Broadway Originals Panel! Disney brought us three of their Broadway stars to perform a few select songs from all of their original productions. This is something that is so special because it is real broadway and a total highlight! No other con offers this and is truly just utterly amazing! The singers featured were Ashley Brown (who originated Mary Poppins on Broadway), Tony Award Winner James Monroe Iglehart (who originated the Genie in Aladdin) and Josh Strickland (the original Tarzan on Broadway). Talk about talent.

D23 SingersOf course there is the convention floor which is also very unique at D23 Expo. It is extremely curated with destinations for every aspect of Disney. This year there was a large presence for Disney Consumer Goods aka what you can buy. I mean look at this Elsa wedding dress.

ELSA Wedding

They showed off some of the new goods for Star Wars and had some TFA Stromtroopers out! Force Friday on September 4th will mark the arrival of all the new toys, collectibles, books and apparel surrounding The Force Awakens with many stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars. I also got to see the costume exhibit from The Force Awakens that I missed at Star Wars Celebration – thanks Disney!

As you can tell there was a lot to see at D23Expo and a lot of amazing announcements! I am so excited for all the new and amazing fun coming from Disney and am so appreciative that they put on this event where fans truly feel part of the Disney family!

Five Favorite Fandom Phrases

Hola brunch babes! We are back with another Five Fandom Friday and this week we are talking our favorite fandom phrases.

Five Fandom Phrases

one // May The Force Be With You – the customary greeting among those who consider themselves fans of the Wars.

two // Doctor Who – depending upon which Doctor who personally read fan fiction about you have your own personal saying to alert others that you are, in fact, a Whovian. Without saying here at Bad Wolf Brunch we say Allons-y.

three // Zetus Lapetus – an alternative curse word used by those who frequently viewed the Disney Channel in the 90’s. Alternative: Zoom Zoom Zoom make my heart go Boom Boom

four // I Am Sherlocked – simply put you liketh what Sherlock is serving up. Secondly, A Scandal in Belgravia may be my favorite episode of Sherlock, with The Woman originating the SHER-locked password.

five // Bippity Boppity Boo – a magical phrase that can fix anything in the Disney World and also give you good girly luck when running the Princess Half Marathon (insert tears here) -> Even miracles take a little time.

Bad Wolf’s Guide to the D23 Expo

BWB guide to D23 expoCheers brunch babes! Sorry for the delay in posts but this bad wolf got pretty sick… Not to fret we are back feeling better and getting ready for an amazing weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo! This will be my third D23 Expo and it is an amazing weekend full of all things Disney.

What is D23 Expo? Well every other year Disney puts on its very own convention in Anaheim full of film news, tv updates, park reveals, and even broadway fun. Disney is great about really bringing out all the stops. What you can expect from D23? Lots of big name cast – last time we saw Angelina Jolie, Idina Menzel, Chris Pine, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and a live sing-along to Lets Go Fly a Kit with Richard Sherman (insert tears here).


Fun fact – D23 Expo 2011 was my first convention EVER! Look how young I was…


So what are somethings you can expect for D23 Expo and how is it different from other cons?

STAGE PASS: For the two smaller stages (Stage 23 & Stage 28) the Expo offers a Fastpass to the panel. You sign up for a Stage Pass on the Hall floor starting at 9am for panels s from 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and at 12:30pm for panels from 3pm and later. Of course first come first serve.

Hall D23: AKA the big bad Hall where all the main presentations happen. Here you are coming for a large chunk of time where a whole section of Disney will be presented. For example live action movies will be all the live action movies. You cannot choose Marvel or Star Wars or Disney – you get them all. Same for animation and parks. Also worth noting this room is cleared after every major panel.

STORE PASS: New this year because D23 is a shopping paradise! Like Stage Pass you can sign up for a 30 minute shopping window at the Disney Dream Store, Disney Store, and Mickey’s of Glendale on the Expo floor. Lines for this are long and the merch is good!

For more info on the 2015 D23 Expo check out the official site.

Currently Craving – Workout Edition

Hello brunch babes! Well I have been on a bit of a health kick lately. Training for my next round of half marathons begins in September but I have been stepping up my workout games the last couple of weeks. I have fallen in love with barre class and have seen more changes in the body with this than I ever have with running.

currently craving - workout

Water Bottle // Barre Whore // Dance Pants // Another Night at the Barre // Troopers // Barre Socks

Since it is very clear I have a shopping problem I am currently craving all new workout gear to fuel my newest addiction. A few of these items will be coming home with me, but I have set limits. For example that Barre Whore tank will be headed my way when I check off 20 Pop Physic classes! How cute is that Look Human Another Night at the Barre tank!

Look Human is one of my favorite sites for funny workout and nerd shirts and Bad Wolf Brunch readers can get $5 off their first purchase here!

What workouts are in your routine?