Sparkly Snape and Other Ponderings

Good morning brunchettes! We continue onward and upward in #PotterWeek and today we are pondering all things Potter. I had the unique joy of being of reading the Harry Potter books as they came out, which meant waiting for Harry Potter books to come out. During that down time between releases like all Harry Potter readers I wondered what would happen… And I present to you my mostly wrong favorite Harry Potter theories.

I solemnly swear I thought Snape was a vampire…


From the very beginning Snap is described as a pale, thin man with sallow skin who always wore black. He is noted as looking like an “overgrown bat” in his large robes, with his black hair greased back. So… check mark for looking like a vampire and comparing him to a bat. Snape, as we know, taught potions at Hogwarts… which was held in the dungeon. Obviously vampires hang out in dungeons. He was a potions master so surely he figured out a way to stay in the sun and he hated werewolves.  Oh yeah then Lupin made his class write an essay on vampires after Snape lectured on werewolves. Blow for blow boys.

And then there was that whole garlic thing
Fred and George believed that Quirell’s turban was stuffed with garlic to ward off vampires. Quirell and Snape not really besties so why not try to ward off that vampy potions master.

So forgive me for this one… but the facts added up and I really thought Snape was a vampire.

Neville’s Parents and all the Anagrams


I don’t think I was alone in this one… We all know JK has a thing for anagrams and I thought that there were hidden literary clues all through the books in the form of anagrams. Neville’s parents were held at St. Mungos and they would pass chewing gum wrappers of Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum which is an anagram for “Gold bribe below St. Mungo’s” – I so wanted Neville’s parents to be trying to communicate that they were held there against their will… but that never came to be sadly.

Did you have any crazy theories about Harry Potter? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Mal you have blown my mind. I fancy myself a very arrogant HP fan 😛 And I never knew that Drooble’s theory. Loving it.
    Also yeah, I’ve heard of the Snape Vampire theory, but the evidence is pretty cool to read about. Fantastic post lady :)