SDCC Recap Day 3 – Saturday

Hola brunch babes! Well day 3 aka Saturday has come to a close and only one day is left…

Today was Star Wars day for me aka get dressed up like Mara Jade and rock it.
My friend and commonly the Bad Wolf Brunch photographer debuted his new mandalorian armor today so we had “fun” getting that all together and navigating the con floor.

We made our way to Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina to get some Comic Con exclusives in the game – oh and take this sick picture.

Star Wars The Old Republic


After that we took a break to get out of our gear and sit down for lunch and some wine. One thing I learned this year is I need breaks… I actually left on my own a bit to sit down and get away for a bit. Expectations versus realities sometimes you have to get away from your group and go chill.

After some wine it was time to take on some walkers at the Fear the Walking Dead experience. If you follow me on Snapchat I took you all the way through and got up close and personal with a walker!

Fear the Walking Dead

I am really excited for this new series Fear the Walking Dead. One to see how people will react as the pandemic happens and spreads. Two – see how the crazy people of LA will react and I have a feeling it will not be pretty.

That night our fav queen of Comic Con Felicia Day threw a Pop Up Geek and Sundry Party! This was the highlight of my Con last year and once again it did not disappoint. Felicia came and partied with us and I am telling you she has the best DJ at SDCC. There is nothing better to rocking out to Mortal Kombat and Sailor Moon mixed with EDM Рtruly the best. Geek & Sundry surprised us on twitter with the party and this was obviously my plan for the night!



My final day of SDCC recap will come this week with my own surprise!