SDCC Recap Day 1 – Thursday

Hello my best brunch friends! Let’s raise a glass to Comic Con. I am wrapping up day one and all of the Con glory!

SDCC Day1 Outfit

First things first – last night was preview night and the wonderful Game of Bloggers Meetup hosted by Tony from Crazy for Comic Con. Well I most definitely had a blast and loved seeing my blog friends and meeting so many new people as well.

Bloggers Are Coming

So back to today! We woke up early and headed straight to the convention floor to get the con started. We lucked into some awesome Star Wars Petco pets swag. I got my puppy Chloe an awesome Chewbacca chew toy and some Yoda ears! Great swag find!
The convention floor is always my favorite part of Comic Con and I love checking out all the booths and stores. Today was just my preliminary walk through before I seriously dig into what all the vendors have to offer.

We headed over to Petco Park for Nerdist Conival and we some the first people in the gate. Conival is amazing and is a joint event between Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. By getting there early we got to do so much with hardly any lines. The highlights were the ever popular Nerdist Laser Tag (which my team won) and the Dragon Ball Z Frieza Force Galactic Army Boot Camp.

Nerdist Laser tag

At Frieza Force you do three tests for energy, agility and strength to determine your power level. The strength test was fun because you get to punch something! In the words of Vegeta “It’s over 9000!” – so I think I did pretty good!

Frieza Force

We watched Eli Roth talk about THE GREEN INFERNO releasing September 25th in the US, then made our way to grab some lunch. After lunch it was back to the exhibit floor and we ran into some of our Star Wars friends up at the 501st costume booth.

After that I had some work things to do and wrapped up with dinner. Now as I push publish we are headed to the Nerd HQ Party! Be sure to follow along on twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to see all the fun. If you like fun videos of me being crazy at Comic Con be sure to follow me on Snap Chat – Username: MalloryannTX.

Until tomorrow have sweet nerdy dreams!!