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Perhaps in Slytherin You’ll Make Real Friends

Good morning brunchers! We are still celebrating Potter Week and today we are talking houses! Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff – and I promptly exited Pottermore.

Clearly the bad wolf is a Slytherin. Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. Yeah obviously…  What can I say, I am goal oriented, resourceful, and a leader – those all sound like great things to me.

Knockturn alley

My friend often joke that I was Draco’s girlfriend at Hogwarts… But we broke up. Mainly because he is evil, but also because he is a coward. Again, not my fault I like overly ambitious guys.

To top it off I look great in green.

Sparkly Snape and Other Ponderings

Good morning brunchettes! We continue onward and upward in #PotterWeek and today we are pondering all things Potter. I had the unique joy of being of reading the Harry Potter books as they came out, which meant waiting for Harry Potter books to come out. During that down time between releases like all Harry Potter readers I wondered what would happen… And I present to you my mostly wrong favorite Harry Potter theories.

I solemnly swear I thought Snape was a vampire…


From the very beginning Snap is described as a pale, thin man with sallow skin who always wore black. He is noted as looking like an “overgrown bat” in his large robes, with his black hair greased back. So… check mark for looking like a vampire and comparing him to a bat. Snape, as we know, taught potions at Hogwarts… which was held in the dungeon. Obviously vampires hang out in dungeons. He was a potions master so surely he figured out a way to stay in the sun and he hated werewolves.  Oh yeah then Lupin made his class write an essay on vampires after Snape lectured on werewolves. Blow for blow boys.

And then there was that whole garlic thing
Fred and George believed that Quirell’s turban was stuffed with garlic to ward off vampires. Quirell and Snape not really besties so why not try to ward off that vampy potions master.

So forgive me for this one… but the facts added up and I really thought Snape was a vampire.

Neville’s Parents and all the Anagrams


I don’t think I was alone in this one… We all know JK has a thing for anagrams and I thought that there were hidden literary clues all through the books in the form of anagrams. Neville’s parents were held at St. Mungos and they would pass chewing gum wrappers of Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum which is an anagram for “Gold bribe below St. Mungo’s” – I so wanted Neville’s parents to be trying to communicate that they were held there against their will… but that never came to be sadly.

Did you have any crazy theories about Harry Potter? Let me know in the comments below!

What’s In Hermione’s Bag?

Good morning brunches! Today we are clinking our butter beer over champagne again as we celebrate all things Harry Potter. Today’s prompt for Potter Week is all about characters.

Now, I know we can discuss the importance of Hermione as a central female character in literature and in life. I could write a pseudo feminist manifesto on the importance of Hermione as a smart, ambitious girl in a boys world… in a time with over saturated weak female characters in co-dependent relationships.
But instead I though I would decide what would be in Hermione Jean Granger Weasley’s handbag today, as a modern witch in the modern world. If you need a refresher after the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione went back to Hogwarts to complete her education, then began working with the  Ministry of Magic, furthering the cause for the better treatment of house-elves, before being promoted to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Hermiones Bag

So what does Hermione’s bag contain…

The Bag // I like to think of Hermione as a fashionable lady but one that appreciates style and function. Loving the old world charm with modern sophistication I like to think she would opt for a brown leather tote like this one.

Wand // Obviously she carries her wand with her at all times.

Time Turner // Old habits are hard to break and being a working mom is tough… Sometime you just need a little extra time to get it all done. Oh she also carries a Remembrall too – mom brain.

iPhone with House Case // Ok I have been to Diagon Alley and they do in fact sell Hogwarts house cell phone cases. So why wouldn’t we assume that Hermione being the muggle appreciative witch she is would not be up with modern times. Come on Apple is pretty close to magic anyway…

The Tales of Beedle the Bard // I like to think that Hermione kept the copy she received from Dumbledore’s will close to her. She later went on to translate and publish a new edition including Dumbledore’ notes.

Necessities // Every girls got those things she just needs for Hermione it’s The Daily Prophet, her Ministry of Magic ID, Scrolls to be sent off to Hugo and Rose at Hogwarts, and some Berite Bott’s Every Flavor Beans just because Ron and Harry are always asking her for them.

What else do you think Hermione would carry in her bag?

The Greatest Lessons Dumbledore Taught Me

Greatest Lessons Dumbledore Taught Me

Hey Brunch Babes! Well accio me some mimosas because it is Potter Week hosted by The Common Room. As you know, I love Harry Potter and am looking forward to sharing my favorite memories with you this week as we take a walk down Diagon Alley and look forward to what is to come.

I think many of you will agree that Harry Potter was more than just a book series or movie franchise. They were our friends, teachers, and adventures. JK Rowling said it best: You got the letter. You went to Hogwarts. We were all there together.


I loved so many of the characters in Harry Potter, but now as an adult I find myself returning to the wise words from Professor Dumbledore more and more. The first prompt for PotterWeek is Potter Verse dealing with words from Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s words have guided me in more ways than one… Here are the greatest lessons Dumbledore taught me.

Happiness can be found

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Lumos! We will all go through trials and tribulations in life and I am no exception to that. I have returned to this quote more times than you will ever know because I refuse to be anything but happy. I have had sadness, I have felt pain, but I continually choose joy… I turn on the light. I truly appreciate that JK Rowling knew we, as the Harry Potter generation, would have to face thing that would be dark. Death, betrayal, and loss – she wanted us to have a place to turn in those times and Dumbledore was for me that place.
I have even found myself sometimes saying “lumos” as a way to remind myself that I can turn on that light and I can find happiness and joy even in the darkest of times. So I encourage you to choose joy, yes sometimes you have to fake it… but if you fake it long enough eventually it become real!


“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
I think as an adult this quote now applies differently to me. My dreams are purposeful and planned and – quite frankly – great. But all those plans without action behind them will never be more than just dreams. You have to live them out everyday. Wake up and decide I will not just plan to be somewhere in 5 years, but live that life now — even if you are just starting to figure it all out. We will not always always be perfect but we can work to achieve what we would want to see in the mirror of Erised. We not forget to live out our dreams.

Inside your head

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
I think this is exactly what JK was trying to tell us. Of course these books exist in our imaginations and hearts – but why should that mean they are not real.
If it impacted you, moved you, or changed you… well then it is real, isn’t it!

Dumbledore’s words can continue to teach us and remind us who we really are and what we want to do with that. They also can change meaning as we get older because words, of course, are our most inexhaustible source of magic.

What quotes from Harry Potter impacted you the most?

Be sure to check out the rest of PotterWeek here on Bad Wolf Brunch and at The Common Room.


So I Joined the Cult of Kon Mari

Good morning brunchers! Well I have officially joined the cult of Kon Mari aka a Konvert. If you haven’t heard of her she is the author/guru behind the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and well magic it is!

The-Life-Changing-Magic-of-Tidying-Up-453x680Image Credit

I found Mari’s book when I was looking into solutions for why I would pick up my house only to find it in shambles again days later. Her answer – that I was just organizing and moving clutter. I bought her book, devoured it in two days, and took to the blogosphere for inspiration.

The first thing Kon Mari asks you is why you want to tidy and what do you want your life to look like… She wants you to sit down and think about what your ideal life looks like before you ever discard an item. She gives a beautiful example of a girl who said she wanted her life to be feminine. Her client wanted pink bedding and a life full of bubble baths, aromatherapy, and yoga. None of that had to do with keeping a tidy house and it all did at the same time.

So I thought about what I wanted my life to be. If you haven’t guessed from this blog I am a perfectionist and a designer. When I think about the kind of life I want and the person I want to be my imagination conjures up a dream of a girl who has it all together. She is always put together, curates a perfect home, has both a successful career and blog, and effortlessly glides between her workouts and drinks with friends. In a nutshell she is organized and perfect. You know me… setting realistic expectations all the time.

The next step to tidying magic is to let things go. The main idea is to tidy all at one instead of little by little. She has you discard items by category rather than room so that you know if you have duplicates of things in various places.

Kon Mari Book Case copy

Her order is clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous (think kitchen wear, and electronics), ending with mementos.  She has you start with the things easier to discard and move to the harder items with more attachment. Personally, books were an easier start for me than clothes so that is where I started, then moved to the clothes. You remove all items from that category from every room and bring them to one place, then take each item in your hand and ask “does this spark joy?” – if it does it stays. At the end of it your home will be filled with only the things that bring you joy! How beautiful is that!

Kon Mari Jewlery

To keep things nice and tidy she suggest you treat your belongings with thanks and give them each a home to rest at when not in use. This is your way of thanking your handbag for carrying your necessities, or your blouse for making you feel beautiful. Mari also has a precise way of folding clothes – I found goops tutorial the most helpful.

I got off work early on Friday and started to tackle my clothes… of which I have an embarrassing amount. I did my first sorting of items to keep, donate, and consign/ebay then headed off to dinner with Becca from Leather.Lace.&Cupcakes. Becca came back to my house after dinner and helped me go through my keeps pile even further. It is great having fashion friends who understand your style. In the end I was left with only beautiful clothes that really help me put my best foot forward.

I asked myself if an item sparked joy and kept it if it did. Some items did not spark joy but I was able to say thank you to them and release. Personally, I found items that sparked joy were classic and tailored or very sequined. One thing Mari does not speak about but I think is worth noting is to really think about your style before you go through your clothes. You should have a defined style that is true to you. My style is quite preppy and conservative. I also have enough evening dresses to go black tie every night for a week – but sometimes I do so…

The rest of my weekend was sorting, folding, and giving my loved items their home! As a final closing act and to reset my new tidy apartment I did a smudge on my home with sage. Since actually burning sage can be a bit of a chore I used Species by the Thousands White Magic Spray – Sage to purify and cleanse my space of negative and stagnant energy.

I still have more to do but plan to do a six month check up to see if this magic really holds are Marie Kondo suggests.

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Do you want to see more posts on my tidying up?

Five Things I Bought At Conventions & Swag Giveaway

Today’s Five Fandom Friday is probably my favorite topic… shopping! Truthfully I love shopping at Cons and finding fun little gems that are totally geek chic – and sometimes just flat out nerdy. Oh well I love it!

5 things I bought at conventions

one // The only thing I had on my must buy list for SDCC was the Loungefly Comic Con Exclusive Pink Stormtrooper Wristlet. I adore this little guy. It’s great! Normally at work I leave my purse at my desk when I run out for lunch and now I just strap on my wristlet and have all my necessities to buy and enjoy lunch… oh and he is adorable! I also love my Loungefly R2D2 Coin purse that is still available!

two // This was actually a gift but my mom got me this amazing animator sketch of Alice having tea at the last D23. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney animated films and I loved having it framed next to my computer in my office.

three // This was another gift. My Kotobukiya Star Wars: Mara Jade ArtFX Bishoujo Statue was given to me during Comikazee for pulling a midnight costume fix for my friends biker scout on Halloween. Actually it was a blast. I ordered pizza, watched the Scream marathon, and sewed… plus got a sick Mara Jade as a thank you gift. She sits on my bookshelf now.

four // I am in love with my Star Wars ring that I bought at Star Wars Celebration. I love wearing jewelry and having this piece really helps me share my Star Wars love when I am geek chic or just wearing my normal work clothes. It is nice to always have a bit of the force with me!

five // Not what you were thinking but yes wine – and lots of it! Literally chardonnay gets me through a Con and you know I like to support local business and all…

Hey brunchers – as promised, you know I look out for you at SDCC and was sure to grab some swag for you.

swag giveawayThe SDCC Swag Bag includes nail appliques, Penny Dreadful Flash tats, 2 kick ass TMNT masks, some awesome Star Wars bracelets, sunglasses, buttons, and a tote. Want in just apply below!
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SDCC Recap Day 4 – Sunday

Goodbye sdcc


Another great year has ended and while I did not get to see everything I wanted to see this year I did meet more people and see more friends then I had in any year past. Every year Comic Con brings a new blessing into your life and for me this year it was a bunch of new friends!

Day 4 was truthfully a short one for me. Just one last walk on the floor and some final comic book purchases. I picked up then next Star War’s Leia comic and Bitch Planet which I quickly devoured after so many recommendations.

I made the trek back to Los Angeles and all that Comic Con traffic. And now it is time to start the SDCC detox. Shower and sleep are imperative for all – but for me a hair mask, a deep cleaning facial treatment followed by a mask and a little extra healthy eating are on the menu to get my body over the con.

As a special surprise for my readers since I know you couldn’t all come… Well I grabbed enough swag for you too and am putting together an awesome SDCC SWAG GIVEAWAY that will launch this week… Come on you know you want all the amazing freebies that were going on at the con and the parties. Keep you eyes peeled!

SDCC Recap Day 3 – Saturday

Hola brunch babes! Well day 3 aka Saturday has come to a close and only one day is left…

Today was Star Wars day for me aka get dressed up like Mara Jade and rock it.
My friend and commonly the Bad Wolf Brunch photographer debuted his new mandalorian armor today so we had “fun” getting that all together and navigating the con floor.

We made our way to Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina to get some Comic Con exclusives in the game – oh and take this sick picture.

Star Wars The Old Republic


After that we took a break to get out of our gear and sit down for lunch and some wine. One thing I learned this year is I need breaks… I actually left on my own a bit to sit down and get away for a bit. Expectations versus realities sometimes you have to get away from your group and go chill.

After some wine it was time to take on some walkers at the Fear the Walking Dead experience. If you follow me on Snapchat I took you all the way through and got up close and personal with a walker!

Fear the Walking Dead

I am really excited for this new series Fear the Walking Dead. One to see how people will react as the pandemic happens and spreads. Two – see how the crazy people of LA will react and I have a feeling it will not be pretty.

That night our fav queen of Comic Con Felicia Day threw a Pop Up Geek and Sundry Party! This was the highlight of my Con last year and once again it did not disappoint. Felicia came and partied with us and I am telling you she has the best DJ at SDCC. There is nothing better to rocking out to Mortal Kombat and Sailor Moon mixed with EDM – truly the best. Geek & Sundry surprised us on twitter with the party and this was obviously my plan for the night!



My final day of SDCC recap will come this week with my own surprise!

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SDCC Recap Day 2 – Friday

Hello brunchers well we have survived day 2 of San Diego Comic Con!

SDCC Day 2 outfit

Today I rocked a Geek Chic Imperial Officer inspired outfit. My black romper is super comfortable and from Old Navy, and the cardigan is from my favorite lady’s store Her Universe, my hat was custom made for my 501st costume, and the ever popular Stormtrooper Star Wars x Vans sneakers!

Today we started our morning on the convention floor as usual and then tried our fates to get into the Game of Thrones and Star Wars panels – but were not successful sadly. Oh well we recovered and moved on. Even though we missed the surprise Star Wars concert…

We went back over to Nerd HQ to try out Star Wars Battlefront and can I say the game looks amazing from our test run. While I am not the best gamer I can totally respect the art and storytelling involved in the game. I even got the hang of it after a while and did so well that they let me ride a speeder bike! Thats me kicking ass and taking names for the Empire!


Highlight of Nerd HQ – I finally got a Diet Coke with my name on it! You have no idea how long I have looked for a #ShareACokeWith Mallory and now I have my very own – that I got to create!!!

Share A Coke WithWhile at Nerd HQ we also picked up a copy for X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut which came with an awesome limited edition X-Men 15 Year Anniversary lithograph.

We ended the night by going to Mashable’s first ever #MashBash / #MashCon!
This was such a fun event! Elijah Wood has the guest DJ and they had free nail wrap manicures and flash tats… You know I got both done!!

Mashable Party

I mean seriously I had so much fun! Before we went to the event – I went back to the hotel and changed into a simple black dress that was perfect. Note girls – alway bring some dressier clothes that can be dressed up or down with you to Comic Con… Especially if the dress code for the event isn’t clear.

So excited for Saturday – just another day at the con – but in full Star Wars regalia!
Sweet nerdy dreams!



SDCC Recap Day 1 – Thursday

Hello my best brunch friends! Let’s raise a glass to Comic Con. I am wrapping up day one and all of the Con glory!

SDCC Day1 Outfit

First things first – last night was preview night and the wonderful Game of Bloggers Meetup hosted by Tony from Crazy for Comic Con. Well I most definitely had a blast and loved seeing my blog friends and meeting so many new people as well.

Bloggers Are Coming

So back to today! We woke up early and headed straight to the convention floor to get the con started. We lucked into some awesome Star Wars Petco pets swag. I got my puppy Chloe an awesome Chewbacca chew toy and some Yoda ears! Great swag find!
The convention floor is always my favorite part of Comic Con and I love checking out all the booths and stores. Today was just my preliminary walk through before I seriously dig into what all the vendors have to offer.

We headed over to Petco Park for Nerdist Conival and we some the first people in the gate. Conival is amazing and is a joint event between Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. By getting there early we got to do so much with hardly any lines. The highlights were the ever popular Nerdist Laser Tag (which my team won) and the Dragon Ball Z Frieza Force Galactic Army Boot Camp.

Nerdist Laser tag

At Frieza Force you do three tests for energy, agility and strength to determine your power level. The strength test was fun because you get to punch something! In the words of Vegeta “It’s over 9000!” – so I think I did pretty good!

Frieza Force

We watched Eli Roth talk about THE GREEN INFERNO releasing September 25th in the US, then made our way to grab some lunch. After lunch it was back to the exhibit floor and we ran into some of our Star Wars friends up at the 501st costume booth.

After that I had some work things to do and wrapped up with dinner. Now as I push publish we are headed to the Nerd HQ Party! Be sure to follow along on twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to see all the fun. If you like fun videos of me being crazy at Comic Con be sure to follow me on Snap Chat – Username: MalloryannTX.

Until tomorrow have sweet nerdy dreams!!