Staying Healthy at Comic Con

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Raise that mimosa brunch babes you are going to need that vitamin c!
In all actuality though Comic Con is the perfect place to get sick. With over 130,000 people attending germs are as plentiful as long lines at comic con, but there are a few things you can do to defend against the con crud.

Stay Healthy SDCC

Prevention is Key!
Wash your hands! I know you will hear it over and over again but it really is the sure way to keep healthy. Also hand sanitizer better be on your person at all times.
Use your hand sanitizer after you touch anything because 50,000 people have also touched it.

Try and Eat Healthy!
I know we all say pack healthy snacks… not because we are all on a diet kick but because you need some fresh food in your life to stay healthy. Apples are easy to pack provide energy and vitamins.
Other easy ideas are bananas, carrot stick packs, frozen grapes, and trail mix. Not only will this be cheaper than what you can get at the con, but it will be healthier as well.
Water is another essential. Con goer can not live on Red Bull alone. Now I am the first to say guilty as charged on this one… I grab Diet Coke over water all the time but you need to stay hydrated.
Water fountains are readily available around SDCC so bring a refillable bottle or freeze one the night before. I also like to add Emergen-C or Berocca to my water to give it an extra nutrient kick as wall as some flavor.

Treat Your Feet
Health is not just avoiding the Comic Con Crud but also protecting your feet and skin. Your feet will take a beating at SDCC so be sure to wear broken in shoes that you know will not give you blisters.
It is always smart to have some blister bandaids at your hotel as well. Even if you plan on spending your day in Hall H you will probably still want to pack some sunscreen. As a girl I am lucky that my foundation has SPF 30, but you boys should not forget to protect yourself from the sun, especially if you are fair skinned.

Catch Some ZZZs
Finally try and get adequate sleep. Nothing will wear you down more than being tired, so at least try to recharge your batteries every other night.

Stay healthy my friends so you can have an amazing time!

  • B.

    I think the main thing is to remember to eat. Period. I know there have been many times where it’s almost dinner time and I realize I hadn’t had anything to eat all day! Make sure to make time for food!

    • Very good point! I tend to be with boys at SDCC so I make them eat or they become angry hulks… actually I probably become the angry hulk.
      Will you be at SDCC?

      • B.

        HANGRY is real! I won’t be there this year :(