Sew Wars: Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

Hello Brunch Babes! How many times do you want to make a geek chic outfit but feel all you need is a nerdy scarf? Well look no further than the next installment of Sew Wars because today I am making a totally Star Wars Easy Infinity Scarf!

Easy Star Wars Infinity Scarf

To infinity and beyond… oh wait wrong galaxy…

I found this Star Wars fabric at my local JoAnn’s remnant section and it was the perfect amount to make an infinity scarf. I started with stitching up the sides with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.


Then matching the wrong¬†sides (see above) I sewed a straight stitch along the long side to create a a tube. With the wrong side facing out, reach into the sleeve and grab the seam and pull the right side in. Matching the two ends right to right at the seam, I sewed the circle shut. I left about 3 inches to pull the right side through and finished the seam on the sewing machine… which is totally in incorrect way to do it but hey I hate hand stitching.

Loving the way this turned out and can now add a bit of Star Wars flair to even normal clothes… That sounds pretty Bad Wolf Brunch to me. Until the next Sew Wars remember the dark side is tempting but the light side of the force will always sew straight!


  • Yours came out awesome! Maybe I can borrow my moms sewing machine and give this a shot.

    • Thanks! Sewing is such a fun thing to do and easy to start. My mom taught me the basics and then I learned from blogs and youtube – give it a go!

  • Adorable! I’m obsessed with infinity scarves, so I need to give this a try!

  • Awesome! I use scarves a lot too. I wonder if I can find cool fabric nearby… Hmmm That might be a challenge…