Best Apps for SDCC

Hey Brunch Babes! We are getting so close to SDCC and I am so excited. This year looks to be amazing and I hope all your planning is going well. We all know our cell phones are our lifeline at Comic Con and today I wanted to share some apps that help me while I am there.Best SDCC AppsOpen Table – I touched on this earlier but this is how I make restaurant reservations and can easily cancel and change them while at Comic Con. It can also make great recommendations when you are not sure where to go.

Tile – I purchased a Tile for $20 and plan to keep it in my Con backpack at all times. With this you basically low-jack your item and can track them on your cell phone or see where they last appeared. This is great for piece of mind or in case you misplace something.

Power Save App – I use “Save Power” for Android but there are several apps. You need something to shut off all the applications running in the background to save your battery life.

Uber – We use uber a lot at SDCC. Getting to the con in the morning and going home afer late nights in the gas lamp district uber is a saving grace!

The Official Comic Con App – For schedules and maps!

Instagram & Twitter – These are pretty obvious but ways to keep in touch and share all the fun you are having… or what fun your friends are having! Follow me on Instagram at BadWolfBrunch and twitter @malloryann11.

BONUS: Snapchat! What a fun way to capture small moments from SDCC and share them with friends. I will be Snapchat-ing from Comic Con all 4 days! Make sure to follow along for fun!





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    What an awesome list! We used Uber a ton last year!