5 Fandom Fridays – Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

TGIF Brunch babes! Alright, today on 5 Fandom Friday we are talking guilty pleasures… and most days I feel like my life is a guilty please. I mean come on 10 years of Supernatural… we all know there are great episodes and some roll your eyes “your so cute” Supernatural episodes. So today I tried to show you all my guilty pleasures outside my regular geeky life.

one // HGTV – I was seriously an interior designer in another life. I love HGTV.

two // Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration.
I am not a mom, but like seriously, this is a life goals kind of event. Thanks to my runDisney friends I know about this event and am abnormally jealous of them. I want to craft and dance with Mickey Mouse… but alas I have no kids. If you haven’t seen what this amazing event is just look at the hashtag #DisneySMMC and be ready to want to procreate. One day…

three // Fanfiction – So I am probably not the only bruncher with this on her list. Yes I do occasionally find myself reading some fan fiction… I will not tell you what…

four // HOCUS MOTHER F*CKING POCUS – ’nuff said.

five // Pocahontas
Yo Bad Wolf ain’t nothing guilty about loving Pocahontas. You are absolutely right… Unless you are like me and come home from a bar at 2:00am not completely sober and you rock out with your number one Disney lady (she is not a princess, she is a chieftain’s daughter). Poco and I have seen some things get real… Seriously that girl is deep.

Well I hope none of you think less of me now that you have seen my guilty pleasures.
So now in all fairness – what are yours?

  • B.

    I love HGTV too! I can get stuck on that channel all weekend.

  • HGTV is sooooo addicting! I have an apartment, but still, I watch it and I’m all, “Oh, yeah, I could totally make that happen…” HA!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Hocus Pocus YES!!!! I love that movie so so so much and I watch it at least once a year for Halloween. I finally got my husband to watch it and he secretly loves it – he never understood references I made to the movie and thankfully now he does :)

  • HOCUS POCUS!!!! 😀 And fan fic 😉


  • YES HOCUS POCUS!!! I freakin’ love that movie xoxo


  • I’m so addicted to HGTV! Especially House Hunters International!

  • Charlotte Roberts

    Ah we all have that one special movie we come home to. In the spirit of sharing our guilty pleasures mine is Legally Blonde.

  • Hocus Pocus is my favorite childhood movie!! I love it.

  • haha that disney mom’s thing sounds like fun! I am not a mom either though :/ and I love HGTV! For awhile it was all I watched because I just wanted to re-decorate and renovate EVERYTHING!! lol


  • Pam Thomasson

    You must share your pic with Billy one day when the best mom ever sent you bounding to the hall at WonderCon

  • I haven’t watched HGTV in years, but even so, I STILL LOVE IT. Fanfiction is huge to me, I read – and write! I wrote my own list, which is fanfiction, fandom beauty products and scents, DLC (downloadable content) for my favorite games, watching Let’s Play’s, and putting together fandom-y / geeky wishlists! I feel 0 guilt, so I just call these Little Fandom Pleasures. ^_^