SDCC 15 – 1 Month Out Prep

Cheers brunchers! We are just over a month out from San Diego Comic Con and for all my vets out there – you know now is the time to start planning! Our annual pilgrimage to Comic Con has always been an expensive venture – between badges, hotels, transportation, food, and all the amazing things you want to buy – your going to spend a pretty penny. So why not prep and buy things ahead of time so you have more cash for the fun stuff – right?

Good news is right now you are ahead of the game! At this point you should know if your going, where you are staying and if you have a parking pass. But there are a few more things you can think about too…

You still have time to put together a cosplay if you want. You could do a “casual cosplay” which is everyday clothes that look like a character. For the Disney world this is called Disney Bounding. Some great casual cosplay ideas are Doctor Who companions, Sam & Dean Winchester, and Emma from Once Upon A Time. But don’t fret – many full blown cosplays have been pulled together a weekend before.


Every SDCC vet knows that what is in your Comic Con bag can make or break a con! A dead cell phone or a hangry friend can kill a great day. Don’t even get me started on a Hall H Line kit… Your comic con pack starts with in fact your bag! I recommend a backpack but I have seen cross body messenger bags work well too. Personally I carry a Kate Spade backpack. It is small enough where it is not cumbersome, but holds all my necessities. (I will have a post coming soon about what is in this years bag!) Take a look at some of my recommendations below! I love the Herschel packs, and my Kate Spade bag, but how fun is the Union Jack Jansport – especially for a Doctor Who or Sherlock fan!

Having a calling card is a really great idea for SDCC. For bloggers it is a great way to promote your blog and share your site with new people that you meet. For cosplayers, it is great to give to photographers so they know what to tag you as and where to send final pictures. Even if you are not a blogger or cosplayer I think it is great to have a calling card because you will meet new people and it is awesome to continue those relationships online. I recommend you include all of your online presence including a website, email, twitter handle, instagram name, and Facebook – a picture of yourself or your logo never hurt either… Personally  I print my cards at Tiny Prints. There quality is amazing and they have great designs.

This is more for my newbies than the veterans out there, but it is a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of SDCC (which means San Diego Comic Con).
Starter Knowledge…
Petco Park – The ballpark close to the convention center where great off-site events happen
The Con Outside the Con – refers to all the amazing things that happen outside the actual convention, which you should check out and are amazing!
Hall H – the biggest hall at the convention center known for the massive lines, amazing debuts, camaraderie, and twitter account.
Ballroom 20 – second largest room at convention center that holds big TV panels

Keeping phones, cameras, and iPads charged is a necessity go ahead and get yourself a Mophie, a back up battery, or a charging case. You are guaranteed to find this cheaper before you hit the Con. I personally use a Mophie Powerstation Duo – which I got on Groupon! See early planning for lots of savings!

Finally – be in the know of what is going on. Stay up to date with the Toucan Blog and the Unofficial SDCC Blog. Until the next prep!