COMICS Marvel’s Star Wars

Hey Brunch Babes!

Today I am talking comics that I love – and while I do not consider myself comic connoisseur –  I have a few that I enjoy.
Deadpool and Walking Dead are two that I have read plenty of… but today I am talking the new Marvel Star Wars comics!

First off – you all know I love Mara Jade which began with the Dark Horse comics about her. These are now considered “Star Wars Legacy” aka a slate wiped clean for J.J. Abrams. Sad to say but I fear I may loose my Mara to the new stories. Shall we take a moment…

Ok… but something that is really exciting are the new Star Wars Marvel comics. It started with the new Star Wars #1 and we are following the old gang on new adventures! Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and our favorite droids are off to fight the empire!

Since the launch of Star Wars #1 we now have individual character stories. I am hooked on Princess Leia’s story with her new X-Wing pilot friend Evaan. Basically 2 bad ass ladies dealing with the destruction of Alderaan – their home planet, off to fight the empire on their terms. I always gravitate to females kicking butt and taking names and Leia and Evaan are really doing it! Plus I think they have some amazing outfits!

Other individual story lines include Darth Vader and Kanan: The Last Padawan, neither of which I have read both get great reviews as well. I am very excited that in July we will be getting a Lando storyline as well!

Have you read any of Marvel’s Star Wars? Any other comics I should check out?