SEW WARS – Sewing Station

Cheer fellow brunchers! As I shared yesterday I would be starting my new series SEW WARS. My chronicles in sewing for the Star Wars universe. This may be costumes for the 501st Legion, fun & easy sewing projects, or whatever else Lord Vader I mean, I want to sew.


Today I am sharing the best place to start – my sewing station. Living in an apartment means I do not have the luxury of having a designated sewing space and my previous storage system was leaving my house a mess when I was working on a project. So I came up with my small space sewing station. I can leave this in my kitchen all the time or I can simply wheel into a closet or my bedroom if I want to move it out of my way for a party or guests coming over.

I made my sewing station from an Ikea Raskog utility cart and the only modification I made was to flip the top shelf over to give me a solid work table to sew on.

On the first shelf I am keep all of my sewing necessities that I need at a arms reach like straight pins, scissors, a seam ripper, thread, and bobbins. I also am able to keep things here that I need for my specific costume needs like a leather punch and leather needles, pins, and ample amounts of velcro.


For anyone that is interested I sew on a Singer Talent and have had nothing but good luck with this machine – see I haven’t gone to the dark side just yet. I am so looking forward to sharing up coming projects with you and hopefully inspiring some of you to take part in the SEW WARS and do your part for the Empire!

Do you sew or craft? Do you have to do it in a small space? I would love to hear about it in the comments section!