STAR WARS Celebration Recap

Hello my brunching rebels, jedi, and troopers!
I have just finished up quite possibly the greatest fangirl experience of my life (so far)!
I went to STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim!!



Essentially, this is a 4 day convention only for and about Star Wars – and can I tell you it was a magical place.
I once over heard at a con someone ask “well what do you like”? The person replied “Star Wars” and their friend replied “that doesn’t count everyone likes Star Wars”…
Well my friends some people like it more and this weekend showed that.People traveled from EVERYWHERE for this event. I met and made friends with prop builders from Belgium, Rebel Legion members from Australia, seasoned 501st troopers from Mississippi, and of course some of my favorite people from the Southern California area. This is the first con I had been to where the majority of attendees were not from SoCal and it was awesome!
Mara Jade in Mandalorian Jail


So how does a STAR WARS Celebration work? Just like any other con – we have 4 days worth of panels, convention floor merch, parties and lines.
Of course you have to live under a rock to not know about Thursdays huge trailer and cast announcements – but did you also know that the Star Wars Battlefront game trailer was announced, Capt Rex from Clone Wars is alive, and their may have been a leaked teaser to Rogue One!!
Overlooking the Front of the Convention Center
I also attended fun panels like prop building – which was all about building guns and armor for Star Wars “cosplay” and Shakespeare Star Wars! Both were smaller panels but gems none the less.


The convention floor is amazing at Celebration. First of all there is tons of merch for sale but we also have a tattoo pavilion where you can ink yourself with your Star Wars love! Another true gem is the 501st Legion Belgium Prop Team. These guys from Belgium literally build the most screen accurate sets then ship them over for photo opps. This year they built an Endor set with a speeder bike, the new speeder from the trailer, and several other sets!

Mara Jade getting “caught” by some scout troopers… Set by the Belgium 501st Team!

The parties were also great! I love that the Anaheim Convention is flanked by hotels so the Marriott bar becomes the place to be! This was true of Wondercon as well… We went there on Friday night and on Saturday night we had the Celebration fan meet up and then Club Cosplay at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Star Wars, wine and new friends make for a great combo!

The costumes were of course amazing. I rocked Mara Jade on Saturday for my photo opps but you always have the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs for great costumes but some of the mash ups were great!

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Club Cosplay & Lightsaber Dancing

Come on Hans “let it go” already

Overall this was the greatest weekend ever!! The next Star Wars Celebration will be July 2016 in London – well gang lets see how many frequent flyer miles I have by then… Until then I will hang here with Jabba and wait for Luke…

PS – A little Star Wars Celebration giveaway will be coming to the blog this week!
Be on the look out!!

  • awesome post-this looks like so much fun! Ralph and I gotta come to a Con with you two soon

  • Jealousssss can't wait to see the giveaway. :)

  • Looks like you had an absolutely blast. I love conventions, so I would go to all of them if I could!