Harry Potter Skate Night

Hello my lovely mimosa drinking brunchers! Well if I haven’t said it before Southern California is the greatest place on Earth to be a nerd. Why – we get the big stuff (SDCC, SWCA, etc.) but we also get little gems like the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army 4th Annual Harry Potter Skate Night.

Harry Potter, skating, and a bunch of people who absolutely love everything wizard related – what else could a girl need? It was so fun to attend this night of Harry Potter fun – and it was PACKED!

The films were playing on the screen in the rink as you skated, butter beer was on the menu, and a small selection of Harry Potter related merchandise was for sale. It was a great night to be a Harry Potter fan!

I decided to rep my house, Slytherin, with my socks and shorts I bought from my trip to Wizarding World in February. I of course, carried my wand with me as well!

The only thing that could have made this night more fun was… well, Accio Rollerblades! What can I say I come the ‘blading generation. Anyone remember Brink!?! Until next year Harry Potter Skate Night!!

  • Omg this is the best idea ever!! I wish we had that where I live!

  • This sounds like such a neat event! I haven’t been up on a pair of roller skates in nearly two decades though, so I’d be clinging to the wall.

  • This looks like it was so much fun, I had it bookmarked to think about trying to organize something like this in Austin.