5 FANDOM FRIDAY // Magical Items

one // A Lightsaber – a weapon for a more civilized age
two // A Time Turner – get more things done just like Hermione
three // A Broom Stick – so I can wreck the quidditch field
four // A Glass Slipper – because shoes can change your life
five // A T.A.R.D.I.S. – so I can explore all of time and space with the Doctor

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for hosting as always!!

  • The time turner and TARDIS ended up on my list as well. Great picks.

  • Tardis is an absolute must!

  • First thought that pops into my head? Me riding a broom while wielding a lightsaber….now that's an accident waiting to happen. Haha

  • A lightsaber! Yes!!!

  • I love that in the new Cinderella movie the Fairy Godmother added that the slippers would be incredibly comfortable:)